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Comico and Amilla were both shocked that they saw each other. Amilla cried and looked into Comico's face. "This can't be, Comico I thought that you was my friend". Ichigo and Berry looked at each other. Egma looked first into the eyes of Sven, then he saw that Comico had tears in his eyes.

"Comico defeat Sven, I will attack Amilla". Before Comico said something Egma already attacked Amilla, Amilla couldn't dodge the attacks. "I thought for an enemy you would be stronger, but actually you are very weak!", said Egma.

Meanwhile Ichigo and Berry were following the battle "Ichigo we must help that girl", whispered Berry to Ichigo. "I know but Sven is also our enemy", whispered Ichigo.

Sven looked into the eyes of Comico, then he turned around to the Mew Mew's and attacked them. Ichigo responded fast and dodged the attack. "Even if you are the enemy of Egma we are still enemies".

"For the sake of the world... I'll fight with all my might!", said Berry. Berry went to Sven and attacked him, Sven dodged the attacks and tried to hit Mew Berry with a spear. "It's your time to be tested", said Sven. "Don't think about it Mew Ichigo help that girl". Mew Ichigo nodded and leaved the fight to Mew Berry. Sven hitted Berry with his spear. "Pathetic, you are no match for me". He used his spear to stab Mew Berry in her stumach. Mew Berry screamed of pain. She tried to stand but Sven used his spear to prevent it. "Mew Mew, you are really silly I already won you are no match you failed for the test".

Meanwhile Egma fought with Amilla. Amilla tried to hit Egma with her fire spells, but it didn't hitted Egma.
"H- How did you blocked my attacks?". Egma looked to Amilla. He hitted her with a few magical spells.

"Icezero!". Egma shooted an attack to Amilla, Amilla couldn't dodge the attack and screamed of pain. Mew Ichigo joined the battle.

"How can you attack an innocent girl, I'll be of Service ~Nyan!".

"So Mew Ichigo this time there wouldn't be a blue knight who will help you", said Egma. Egma attacked her with his staff, Ichigo barely dodged the attacks. Ichigo rushed to Egma and tried to attack him, but the attacks didn't hit him. "H- How?". Egma laughed very evily and attacked Mew Ichigo. Mew Ichigo couldn't response and was hitted by the ice spell. "Cold.. Very cold".

Masaya tried to look for a clue. "Nothing here, maybe in the kitchen". He walked further and saw an unconscious man. Masaya rushed to the man. Masaya put his hand on the face of the man and give him some of his energy.

"Don't worry about him, he will recover we must help the Tokyo Mew Mew". Masaya looked and saw Zekrom.

"Zekrom do that never again", said Masaya.

Zekrom roared and a little ray of electricity went to another location.

"What are you doing?", asked Masaya.

"Blue knight follow that path that will take you to Ichigo and the others they need your help", said Zekrom.

Masaya nodded and followed the electricity.

Zekrom didn't follow the electricty and went to the Defending Classroom.

So this is the Defending Classroom, Ichigo and the Blue Knight are always talking about the Defending Lessons maybe I can find something for Arend.

Zekrom looked for something, he saw an wooden spear, an wooden sword and a lot of danger signs. Then his eyes caught something.

This is exactly what Arend need for his next step.

Meanwhile Team B founded the shelter.

"Here are the people behind that big iron door", said the troll. His finger pointed to the door, they could see from the window a bit of steam.

"There are people inside we need to safe them", said Mew Zakuro.

"Don't think about it Mew Mew", said a mysterious voice.

"Who's there?", asked Mew Mint.

Sabre Tooth Tiger appeared before Mew Zakuro. He roared and looked all the Mew Mews into their eyes. "Troll defeat the Tokyo Mew Mews"

"What are you waiting for attack them or I will defeat you and the Mew Mews", said Sabre Tooth Tigre.

The troll shaked his head. "No, I won't allow that"

"What did you said I heard you won't allow that?", said Sabre Tooth Tigre.

"Yeah you heard it right!", the troll rushed to Sabre Tooth Tigre and hitted him with his club. Sabre Tooth Tigre was sended into the wall and the rocks falled on his head. Sabre Tooth tried to stand up and roared again.

"You have a lot of nerve to attack an someone who is higher then you", said Sabre Tooth Tigre.

"Ultimate Attack, sabre sword attack!". The ultimate attack of Sabre Tooth Tigre hitted the troll. The troll was digged into the ground.

"That will learn you to attack an higher person", said Sabre tooth tigre when he roared again.

"Mew Mews we need to defeat Sabre Tooth Tigre and safe the people inside", said Mew Zakuro.

Mew Mint nodded "Okay it's time to defeat that Tiger".

Mew Mint, Zakuro, Pudding and Lettuce rushed into Sabre Tooth Tiger.

"Hmm so you think you can defeat the mighty Sabre Tooth Tiger, let's start". Sabre Tooth Tiger dodged all the attacks of the Mew Mews. He hitted Mew Mint with his claw and roared a lot of times. The Mew Mew's couldn't even hit him he was to fast.

"He is stronger then the last time", said Mew Lettuce.

"Agreed Mew Lettuce, even Pudding's special couldn't trap it", said Mew Pudding.

"Okay Pudding because you are fast and little you need to do this, when we attack Sabre Tooth Tiger you must safe the people behind him, we'll defeat them and then they are all safe", said Mew Zakuro.

Everyone of team nodded and did Mew Zakuro's plan. Zakuro, Lettuce and Mint attacked Sabre Tooth Tigre. Pudding rushed to the door.

"Stupid Mew Mews do you think you can defeat me", said Sabre Tooth Tiger.

"We'll defeat you", said Mew Mint.

"Haha you and which army?", said Sabre Tooth Tiger.

Someone behind Sabre Tooth Tiger tapped on his back. "Ultimate Attack Giant Club!", screamed the troll.

The Troll's club become 10 times bigger then normal and he hitted Sabre Tooth Tiger with full power. Saber Tooth Tiger was sent into the wall. "Mew Mews defeat them with your special attack".

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!"

"Ribbon Mint Echo!"

"Ribbon Zakuro Spear!"

Sabre Tooth Tiger screamed and teleported away. Mew Lettuce walked to the troll.

"Thank you", said Mew lettuce.

"No problem rescue your friends I will follow you", said the troll. A few seconds later Mew Pudding leaved the room with the teachers and students. They all followed Mew Zakuro the exit.

Meanwhile Masaya followed the ray of electricity.

Huh this is going to the Principal's office. Masaya entered the room and saw Mew Ichigo and Mew Berry on the ground. "Mew Ichigo, Mew Berry what happened with you?"

"Look who we have here, the little disturber the Blue Knight", said Egma.

Sven went to Amilla and gived her a candy. "Eat this candy it will heal you, you have a lot of problems because of Comico but don't worry he isn't bad", said Sven.

Amilla nodded and eated the candy. Comico was still lying on the ground and barely caught some breath.

"Watch out Blue Knight he will attack you!", said Mew Ichigo.

"Don't worry about it I'm prepared to defeat Egma", said Blue Knight.

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