Author's Note: This is a sort-of sequel A Valentine to Remember. sprog101 asked to see Mia's reaction to James walking, so here it is. It's simple, short fluff that I wrote this morning.
Disclaimer: Don't own Star Wars.

Hope you all enjoy.

My Baby's Smile

I lay on the couch, nibbling on a cracker while trying to keep myself from thinking of anything that could have me bolting for the bathroom. My stomach was threatening to revolt against me. I swear that this new baby doesn't like me… at all.

I groaned as my belly did a flip and I tried to ignore the burning sensation in my throat from the last time I had I thrown up.

Oh god, how was I going to survive seven more months of this? And don't give me that it all gets better after the first trimester because it doesn't. I had morning sickness – HA! Morning sickness, how about all day sickness! – right up to the day I gave birth to my gorgeous one year old.

Speaking of my gorgeous one year old.

I looked in the direction of my little son who was sitting on a rug, playing with blocks and soft animals, making soft little noises as he moves them around on his rug.

I smiled at him, loving him so much that I think my heart might just explode.

"James." I say and he looks up at me, his mouth twisted in a wide smile.

"Mama." He waves a soft green Turtle toy at me before he turns his attention back to his toys and I try to pay attention to Star Wars: A New Hope.

"Oh Sweetie," I groan as I rub my belly, "settle down." God what it going to be like when this one starts moving about? I don't know if I'll be able to survive.

I wish Michael could be home with me but he had work today. So did I actually, but after reading a single legal document and throwing up soon afterwards, I felt I would spend some time trying to get my baby settled down before I try to do anymore work.

My eyes start to feel heavy and I think I actually fall asleep when I feel a tiny little hand pressing against my cheek.




I jump slightly on the couch and look down to where my son is standing, well leaning against the couch, looking up at me with his bright grey eyes. I glanced at the TV; Star Wars had finished sometime during my sleep and was softly playing its main menu over and over again.

"What's wrong sweetie?" I asked as I settled myself back down on to the couch and ran a finger over his cheek. He just smiled up at me and patted my cheek. I smiled back at him.

"Are you worried about Mummy?" I asked him and he nodded his head vigorously, causing his thick brown curls to bounce around his head.

"Mummy's fine, just not feeling well in my belly." I say patting my belly.

I watched with interest as his little face turned into a frown before my mouth dropped as he staggered, without holding onto the couch or onto me, to be level with my belly and gave it a kiss.

I gapped at him.

"Since when can you walk?" I asked him and he beamed back at me as his staggered back so that he was once more level with my head. Yeah, ok so it was only a few steps but… wait.

I looked over to where his rug and toys were, over on the other side of the TV room. Had he crawled over to me or had he walked…

"James, can you walk?" I ask him and he simply smiles sweetly up at me.

I swing myself cautiously into a sitting position and stand up slowly, testing that I wasn't going to throw up.

I walked over to where James's toys were before I turn back to where he is still standing by the couch watching me with a slight pout on his lips.

"Mama." He whined bouncing up and down from where he was still holding on to the couch.

"Come on, Sweetie." I say. I sit down with his toys and picked up the green turtle whom he loved.

He let out another little whine before he took a small step towards me and then another and another and then he was walking straight towards me. He was wobbling slightly but compared to when Rocky was trying to walk, James was a pro.

"Oh, who is the cleverest boy ever? Huh, who? Who?" I say as I scoop James into my arms, cuddling him close to me and making him giggle and laugh.

I vaguely heard the front door of the apartment open and close but I pay it no heed, too enthralled I was in playing with my darling little boy.

"I thought you weren't well." I jumped slightly as Michael suddenly crunched down beside me causing James to squeal out in surprise and delight.

"Hey Buddy." Michael said as he tickled James belly as he gave me a warm kiss.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Nauseous, but not as bad as I felt before. What are you doing home?" I ask as lean against him, James hugged closely to my chest.

"I finished talking to all the people I needed to talk to so I came home for lunch." I grinned in delight before remembering why I was so insanely happy.

"He walked."


"He walked, across the room, to me." I say feeling happy and smiling like an idiot. Michael shook his head laughing.

"What? I'm allowed to be happy about him walking." I say, punching his shoulder lightly. James wiggled in my arms for me to let him go, so I helped him out of my lap and held his hands as he stood up. He held onto my hands for a moment before he waddled slowly back over to his toys before dropping to all fours and crawled the rest of the way.

I rolled my eyes before shrugging. It was a start. But then he beamed back at me and my heart melted.

Michael hugged me close to his chest as we move t sit with James on his rug, playing with him, him to smiling and laughing all the while.

I leant back into Michael's chest watching James taking great care in his building of his block tower, building homes for his toys, smiling in triumphant when all his building stayed up. He smiled in delight at Michael and me and we smiled widely back at him.

My beautiful baby's smile. I love him so much.