A/N: I've got another one followers! Another story inspired by (and I hope my grandma doesn't read this) my very fast, over the limit ride back today from work. It's Friday and the road was clear, empty and straight. I just HAD to put my foot down. But it got me thinking… (when I slowed down again) I've tried making Sesshomaru OCC so now let's try making Rin OCC. As Guest said on Lady Rin, I always make Rin a kind hearted innocent little girl. I'm going to try and change that. I might (and probably will) fail but I want to try.

(Add on) I'm also gonna try putting those detailed names which you have to go and look up just to see what the writer actually means. E.g. instead of 'Car' I'll put 'Chevrolet Camaro ZL1' and so on. Enjoy.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you;

Left in The Dust

By Story Lady 35

The phrase 'left in the dust' didn't even cover it.

The dust had settled by the time the second driver crossed the line to a trickle of cheers. As his car cut out, he climbed out and looked over at the victor. "You cheated."

"I thought we agreed it was rule less."

"There are still some rules! Like no trying to kill me!"

The victor raised one eyebrow and smirked. "Oh please, I've seen rougher over taking on the highway." He leant off his 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and stepped over to the man, towering over him in both size and station. "If you can't stand losing, don't race but never accuse me of cheating."

The man cowered for a moment then turned away, climbed back into his car and sped off, leaving the group of around fifty, many of them scanty dressed female, with the men near fast, growling cars as they prepared to race.

As the victor collected his winnings, many of the women went to him, hanging off him and his car. He paid little attention to them, looking for his next race, the adrenaline already wearing off. Many of the racers wouldn't meet his eye, knowing that was as good as accepting the challenge.

His eyes went over the cars, thinking about their specs and how he'd beat it. As he looked over them, a new car pulled up, growling and revving to get everyone's attention and make them clear a path.

A Ford Shelby GT500? Unusual for a race like this. But who's driving?

The car stopped right before him and a figure stepped out. The man blinked. "Who the fuck are you?"

"My name's not important. But am I too late for the race?" The woman stared at him, looking him over. "Sorry I'm late, it took me a while to find this place."

"This race is invitation only."

She grinned and pulled out a small green card from her tight shorts pocket. "Like this one?"

His eyes narrowed. "Who gave that to you?"

"Why do you care? I got one, I can race."

"This is my race. I organised it."

Her eyes narrowed on him. "Sooo you must be the Champ I've heard so much about." She grinned and nodded back towards her car. "Shall we?"

"I have no idea who you are." His eyes scanned her suddenly, not bothering to be gentlemanly. Her shorts showed off some sweet legs and her shirt didn't hide her very round breasts. She was sweet… but her eyes and smile was over confident. "Why should I race you?"

The woman shrugged one shoulder, walking over to the driver's door, opening it slowly. "Because you're a racer."

She slid inside and closed the door but the man walked over and opened it roughly. "Now listen here, I'm not playing. Race is two hundred entry. Win, you get twenty."

She was busy looking over the inside of the car, fiddling with dials and switches. "Nice."

"No rules."

"Just how I like it."

"No special features on the cars."

"Fine with me."

He stared at her for a moment then felt a smile tug at his lips. "You're on." He slammed the door just before the smile became visible. Her car burst into life and he felt it through his legs and into his chest as he jogged to his and slid in, staring at the woman through the screens just before she backed up and turned to the start line, the crowds gathering around to watch, cheering at the top of their lungs for them.

The champion huffed and started his car, the growl overtaking hers easily. But he had to admit, he was curious. But as they rolled to the line, he huffed. Time to show this confident little slut who's in charge around here.

He looked over at her as they prepared to race, her eyes shifted to him with a cocky smile. He kept his face cold and instead looked over her car.

"Let's see if you can drive it."

Her smile grew as if she could hear him but then her eyes turned away to the empty road, looking up at the track. A woman was stood with a small white cloth, holding it above her head.

The two engines growled and prepared to go.

The flag dropped and… she shot off first! He only just kept on her tail as she shot off down the tarmac track, drifting and sliding down the road, narrowly avoiding oncoming innocent traffic. The Champion kept his eyes on the road, the other cars and his opponent but she was fast and when he got close, he saw that smirk. Shit… she's good. He grinned a little, seeing an opportunity. He tried to cut her off but she managed to keep one step of ahead of him. She even had time to give him the finger then vanished again.

The wheels smoked and screamed as the two cars passed the line, the smoke hiding the two for a moment then settling. The man jumped out of his car and stared at the woman as she climbed out as well, rubbing her hand back in her hair. "Oh man, that was good!"

He huffed and looked over the crowds as they cheered and ran over to them. But it was the woman most went to.

And the champ knew from the past, when you win, everyone wants to be near you.

He crossed his arms and leant on the car. "Fuck."

She stared over at him, pushing away from the street racers and walking over to him, putting a hand on his bare arm. "Now, don't get upset." She grinned and shrugged. "You've been racing all night… you're tired. Slows you down."

Eyes narrow in frustration. "Bitch." His hand reached out to grab her but she slid out of his grasp and grabbed his neck and holding it tight.

He stared at her. Her eyes had gone from cocky to plain dangerous. She squeezed with incredible strength. "I was trying to compliment you." Her grip released and her eyes went over those around. With a blink, her eyes changed and became playful again. "Umm… sorry about that." She turned back to her car, climbing in quickly and drove off, revving to make the people move.

As she vanished, the Champ was joined by a lanky teen with big round glasses. "Who was that mi lord?"

"No idea. Find out."

"I'll do what I can."

He starred out into the night for a moment but was torn from his thoughts by the warning shouts and sirens. Everyone scrambled and shot to their cars. The champ took a moment to allow his geek to join then shot off.

-(-)-Left In The Dust-(-)-


"Umm… I'm afraid… nothing."

"Nothing?" The man leant forward over his desk. "Nothing? Her name?" He laced his fingers. "Where she's from?" One hand became a fist. "Fuck, I'll take her age! And you give me… nothing!"

"Her car was found two nights ago."

"She dumped it?"

"I dunno." The geek looked down at a phone in his hand. "It was in a bad state, stripped down. Maybe she was jumped."

Champ lifted his hand and took hold of the phone, looking down at the pictures. "Where was it?"

"Down on fourth."

He blinked. "That would be Fox territory."

"Maybe she was his."

"Hum…" The champ past the phone back. "Ask around. I want to know who she is." He sighed softly and looked down. "And pull another race together but number the invites. I wanna see who her contact is."

"How do you know she'll even turn up mi lord?"

The man grinned. "As she said, I'm a racer. And so is she. She'll show."

-(-)-Left In The Dust-(-)-

The Champ growled to himself as he punched into another gear. The whole race… although fun and profitable… hadn't drawn the one person he wanted out. He punched the car higher, the speed taking away his frustration.

One race with this woman…

He cursed and narrowly avoided hitting another car.

That bitch… she could have at least turned up. He slammed his hand into the wheel. Bitch, slut… that… that…

He blinked as a car cut him off.

A bright red Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder speed in from a side street and slowed to be by his side. The driver stuck out her tongue playfully then shot off again. He glared at her tail lights. "Not this time."

He glared as he shot forward, following her.

She gave him two fingers over her shoulder but soon she turned off the main road and slowed down.

He blinked and looked at the speedometer. It was nearly dead.

30mph? What the fuck?

She continued at a legal limit for a little longer then pulled off… indicating as she did… into a car park and stopped her car, climbing out and leaning on the bonnet. The Champ climbed out and stormed over to her. "What the fuck bitch?!"


"What you trying to pull?" He stared at her and tried to fight an urge. "Speed limit? Indicating? What kind of racer are you?"

"What? You're on my case cause I obey the rules sometimes?" She laughed and stepped right up to him. "And fuck, I came all the way out here to see you."

"To see me?" He sucked on his tongue a little.

"Heard about your little race. I was insulted in not getting an invite."

He grinned and leant over her, putting a hand either side of her waist, forcing her to sit back on the car and pinning her down. "Well, you're hard to get hold of."

She stared at him and shifted her legs to wrap around his hip. "I don't like to be cornered."

"Your name."


"Give me your name."


"That's mine."

"No way it's your real name." She pressed her leg into him a little more and felt his reaction. "Tell me yours… and I'll tell you mine."

He growled softly and stared at her. "Bitch."

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? What… is… your name?"

His eyes locked into hers, his teeth ground for a moment. "Sesshomaru."


He leant forward suddenly and pressed his forehead into hers, grabbing her by the throat. "Bitch, that's not fair."

The woman's eyes narrowed and he swore they physically changed. For a moment the brown became red but soon changed back. As her eyes changed, his hand was grabbed with that same cold strength as before, twisting his hand off her and pushed him away. "Well, maybe next time you'll be smart enough to send me an invite to your race!" She stared at him and jumped into the car, revving it up once more, spinning it around and kicking up dust into his eyes.

The man sighed as she went off again, vanishing into the traffic. "Gemstone." What a stupid name.

-(-)-Left In The Dust-(-)-

Pushing his food away, he looked over at his guests as they stared at him confused. "Excuse me, my appetite appears to have left me."

"My lord?"

"Tell me… do any of you know of a racer called 'Gemstone'?" The table occupants suddenly looked over each other with disbelief. Sesshomaru frowned at their reaction. "You do know, don't you?"

"My lord, with all… respect… its more that you don't know her."

"She's famous?"

"Very. And for more than her driving."

The leader frowned. "Meaning?"

"She…" one man started then stopped, looking down at his food. "Has very unusual habits."

"With men."

"And cars."

"And racing."

"But she's incredible."

"In all aspects."

Sesshomaru rubbed his bottom lip for a moment. "Where do I find her?"

"Find the gem?" One man laughed. "Boss, you'd do better looking for a ruby than The Gem."

"So you can't find her?"

"She comes and goes when she wants."

"It's impossible to find her."

"But if she wants to race…"

"She'll show."

One man nodded. "She'll defiantly show at the desert next week."

"Yeah, she always turns up to the big events."

"How come I haven't heard of her before?"

"She probably only just came back."


"She travels the country, going from race to race. Eventually she comes full circle. Takes her about three years."

Their leader grinned. "I better get practicing them."

"Boss, are you thinking of taking her on?"

"Why not? I'm not gonna let that little slut upstage me in my own town."

The men exchanged looks before they swallowed as he went off, out of the room. Once gone their eyes widened a little. "How come the boss didn't know about Gem?"

"Well, he's never been one for the women. Only the cars."

"But if he goes up against her…"

They shuddered and feared for their boss.

-(-)-Left In The Dust-(-)-

"Yo, Champ!"


"Look who's just pulled up." The man nodded over the crowded park, the sun burning over them.

Sesshomaru looked over and grinned.

A light blue Nissan Skyline GT-R with custom paint and design was growling over to them, purring over the beat of music coming from the other cars. The driver stepped out and smiled at him.

He smiled as she slammed the door and swaggered over. "Gemstone."


The crowd hissed and murmured but the man just huffed. "So you turned up."

"I'm sure you've done a bit of research on me now. You knew I would." Her head turned backward to look at her car. "So… up for a race?"

"You know I am."

"Not too tired today." He grinned and pulled quickly at the back of her ponytail. "Ah!" She screeched, turning back to him, walking backwards. "I'll make you pay for that."

"Get in your car."

She grinned and did so, lighting her car up and rolling off down to the starting line, joining the line of racers. He joined her in his Nissan 350Z NISMO Type 380RS 2007 and rolled down the window as they waited in the queue. "Gem… how about a wager?"

"Like what?"

"I win, you tell me your real name."

Her eyes widened as she lifted a pair of sunglasses. "I've never told anyone my name." she turned away. "Then again, I've no intention of losing to you."

"We're on?"

They were silent at they moved up to the line. "What do I get?"

He thought for a moment, thinking about what he knew of her. "Car of your choice."

Her eyes lit up even behind the glasses. "You're on."

They rolled slowly up to the line and heard everyone prepare to cheer them on. Gemstone grinned as the orange shirt official lifted the green flag above his head.




The back wheels of both cars smoked as they shot off from the starting line, speeding off down the track, the roar of their engines the only sound. As the turn came into sight, the two cars pulled into the outside and drifted around the bed, the two drivers battling for control as they straightened out. The main camp sight came into view, the hundreds of cars glinting in light. But they didn't have time to admire the view.

The Champ spared a moment to look to the left where The Gem was and grinned before kicking his car up again and shooting forward, passing her.

In the review mirror, he noticed her pulling down her glasses to look over them, smiling. She pushed them back up just before the finish line, half a car behind the Champ.

As the dust settled, she stared at the people, her face cold and bitter and her eyes with a red glint in them. But then it faded and she climbed out, turning to the victor and smiled. "Well done."

He walked over to her and stared into her eyes. "Deals a deal… name?"

They glinted red again but then settled down into brown. She smiled and blinked. "It's Rin." She looked away then reached into her denim pocket and pulled out a small square of paper, holding it in two fingers. "Here. Something extra."

"What is it?"

"My number." She tucked it neatly into his shirt pocket. "So the next time you have a race, you can invite me." She smiled again then went over to her car, climbing in.

Quickly, Sesshomaru leant on the roof of her car, leaning on it. "Wait, are you leaving?"


"Why so soon? You just got here."

She put her sun glasses back on. "Because of them."

He looked over the car as several men pointed and looked at her. "Who are they?"

She laughed and looked over to him. "Ah, that will have to wait until next time."

"You better answer the call."

She chuckled as the men got closer and moved off, many of the men wolf whistling as she drove off.

"Yo, Champ!"

The man slowly lifted his eyes and head. "What is it?"

The other man chuckled and nodded. "Gemstone… she's got her teeth into you."

"What the hell you saying?"

"I'm just warning you mate. If you go for her… keep an eye on your keys." He smiled once more then walked away. "Things can go missing around her."

Eyes narrowing Sesshomaru shook his head and lifted her number from his pocket. Hand written and with a pink lipstick kiss on the corner.