Chapter 19

Hero From the Past!

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"Character Dialogue"


'Telepathic Conversation'

"Jutsu / Angry God"

"Demon / Monsters/Summon"

Our three demigods and satyr were walking towards the Hades' palace. They saw Furies circled the parapets, high in the gloom. The outer walls of the fortress glittered black, and the two-story-tall bronze gates stood wide open. Up close, they saw that the engravings on the gates were scenes of death. Some were from modern times—an atomic bomb exploding over a city, a trench filled with gas mask-wearing soldiers, a line of African famine victims waiting with empty bowls—but all of them looked as if they'd been etched into the bronze thousands of years ago. Percy wondered if he was looking at the prophecies that had come true.

Inside the courtyard was the strangest garden he had ever seen. Multi-colored mushrooms, poisonous shrubs, and weird luminous plants grew without sunlight. Precious jewels made up for the lack of flowers, piles of rubies as big as my fist, clumps of raw diamonds. Standing here and there like frozen party guests were Medusa's garden statues— petrified children, satyrs, and centaurs—all smiling grotesquely. In the center of the garden was an orchard of pomegranate trees, their orange blooms neon bright in the dark.

"The Garden of Persephone," Naruto said. "Keep walking."

Percy understood why Naruto wanted to move on. The tart smell of those pomegranates was almost overwhelming. He had a sudden desire to eat them, but then he remembered the story of Persephone. One bite of Underworld food, and they would never be able to leave. He pulled Grover away to keep him from picking a big juicy one.

They walked up the steps of the palace, between black columns, through a black marble portico, and into the house of Hades. The entry hall had a polished bronze floor, which seemed to boil in the reflected torchlight. There was no ceiling, just the cavern roof, far above. Every side doorway was guarded by a skeleton in military gear. Some wore Greek armor, some British redcoats uniforms, some camouflage with tattered American flags on the shoulders. They carried spears or muskets or M-16s. None of them bothered us, but their hollow eye sockets followed us as we walked down the hall, toward the big set of doors at the opposite end.

Two U.S. Marine skeletons guarded the doors. They grinned down at them, rocket-propelled grenade launchers held across their chests.

"You know," Grover mumbled, "I bet Hades doesn't have trouble with door-to-door salesmen."

Naruto noticed Percy's discomfort. "Are you alright Percy? Is something bothering you?"

"Nothing." Percy lied to him. He wanted to see what had made his backpack feel like someone had put a bowling ball in it, but now was not the time.

'Something isn't right here?' Naruto though and he narrowed his eyes at Percy's backpack.

"Well, guys," Percy said. "I suppose we should ... knock?"

A hot wind blew down the corridor, and the doors swung open. The guards stepped aside.

"I guess that mean sentrez-vous," Annabeth said.

Percy saw the room inside looked just like in his dream, except this time the throne of Hades was occupied. He was the third god he had met, but the first who really struck him as godlike. He was at least ten feet tall, for one thing, and dressed in black silk robes and a crown of braided gold. His skin was albino white, his hair shoulder-length and jet black. He wasn't bulked up like Ares, but he radiated power. He lounged on his throne of fused human bones, looking lithe, graceful, and dangerous as a panther. He had the same kind of mesmerizing, evil charisma.

Percy immediately felt like Hades should be giving the orders. He should be his master. 'Snap out of it,' He thought. Hades' aura was affecting him, just as Ares's had.

Naruto walked forward and said, "Hello father."

Hades looked at Naruto with soft expression and kindness. "Welcome to the Underworld, my son." He said in a slightly happy voice. Then he looked at the others and narrowed his eyes at Percy.

"Aren't you happy to see me?" Naruto asked.

"I'm happy to see you, my son. You remind me of your mother," Hades said. "Just like her, you're brave, powerful and...cold."

"Thanks," Naruto said. He looked at Percy. "So you do not like my companion."

"Yes," Hades said with a frown on his face. He looked at Percy. "You are brave to come here, Son of Poseidon," he said in an oily voice. "After what you have done to me, very brave indeed. Or perhaps you are simply very foolish."

"Lord and Uncle," Percy said. He was clearly affected by Hades' aura. "I come with two requests."

Hades raised an eyebrow. When he sat forward in his throne, shadowy faces appeared in the folds of his black robes, faces of torment, as if the garment were stitched of trapped souls from the Fields of Punishment, trying to get out. The ADHD part of Percy wondered, off-task, whether the rest of his clothes were made the same way.

"Only two requests?" Hades said. "Arrogant child. As if you have not already taken enough. Speak, then. It amuses me not to strike you dead yet."

Percy swallowed. This was going about as well as he had feared. He glanced at the empty, smaller throne next to Hades'. It was shaped like a black flower, gilded with gold.

'I wished Queen Persephone was here,' Percy thought.

He recalled something in the myths about how she could calm her husband's moods. But it was summer. Of course, Persephone would be above in the world of light with her mother, the goddess of agriculture, Demeter. Her visits, not the tilt of the planet, create the seasons.

Annabeth cleared her throat. Her finger prodded him in the back.

"Lord Hades," Percy said. "Look, sir, there can't be a war among the gods. It would be ... bad."

"Really bad," Grover added helpfully.

"Return Zeus' master-bolt to me," Percy said. "Please, sir. Let me carry it to Olympus."

Naruto sweat dropped their choice of words. 'They really don't know how to negotiate, and their choice of their words is horrible. Who are they trying to convince a small child' He looked at his father's face. 'Something has stolen from him.'

Hades' eyes grew dangerously bright. "You dare keep up this pretense, after what you have done?"

Percy glanced back at Annabeth and Grover. They looked as confused as he was.

"Um ... Uncle," Percy said. "You keep saying 'after what you've done.' What exactly have I done?"

The throne room shook with a tremor so strong, they probably felt it upstairs in Los Angeles. Debris fell from the cavern ceiling. Doors burst open all along the walls, and skeletal warriors marched in, hundreds of them, from every time period and nation in Western civilization. They lined the perimeter of the room, blocking the exits.

Hades bellowed, "Do you think I want war, godling?"

Percy wanted to say, Well, these guys don't look like peace activists. But he thought that might be a dangerous answer.

"You are the Lord of the Dead," Percy said carefully. "A war would expand your kingdom, right?"

"A typical thing for my brothers to say! Do you think I need more subjects? Did you not see the sprawl of the Asphodel Fields?"


"Have you any idea how much my kingdom has swollen in this past century alone, how many Subdivisions I've had to open?"

Percy opened my mouth to respond, but Hades was on a roll now.

"More security ghouls," he moaned. "Traffic problems at the judgment pavilion. Double overtime for the staff. I used to be a rich god, Percy Jackson. I control all the precious metals under the earth. But my expenses!"

"Charon wants a pay raise," Percy blurted, just remembering the fact.

'Idiot,' Naruto though.

"Don't get me started on Charon!" Hades yelled. "He's been impossible ever since he discovered Italian suits! Problems everywhere and I've got to handle all of them personally. The commute time alone from the palace to the gates is enough to drive me insane! And the dead just keep arriving. No, godling. I need no help getting subjects! I did not ask for this war."

"But you took the Zeus' master bolt."

"Lies!" More rumbling. Hades rose from his throne, towering to the height of a football goalpost. "Your father may fool Zeus, boy, but I am not so stupid. I see his plan."

"What is stolen from you, father?" Naruto asked suddenly.

Hades looked at his son and said, "My helm... My helm of darkness."

"You think he stole it," Naruto said.

"I'm absolutely sure about it," Hades said.

Percy said, "But—"

"Shut up! You were the thief on the winter solstice," he said. "Your father thought to keep you his little secret. He directed you into the throne room on Olympus; you took the master-bolt and my helm. Had I not sent my Fury to discover you at Yancy Academy, Poseidon might have succeeded in hiding his scheme to start a war. But now you have been forced into the open. You will be exposed as Poseidon's thief, and I will have my helm back!"

"But ..." Annabeth spoke. Percy could tell her mind was going a million miles an hour. "Lord Hades..."

"Do not play innocent with me, girl. You and the satyr have been helping this hero—coming here to threaten me in Poseidon's name, no doubt—to bring me an ultimatum. Does Poseidon think I can be blackmailed into supporting him?" Hades looked at Naruto. "And you came here with my son so you could get here!"

"No!" Percy said. "Poseidon didn't—I didn't—"

"I have said nothing of the helm's disappearance," Hades snarled, "because I had no illusions that anyone on Olympus would offer me the slightest justice, the slightest help. I can ill afford for word to get out that my most powerful weapon of fear is missing. So I searched for you myself, and when it was clear you were coming to me to deliver your threat, I did not try to stop you."

"You didn't try to stop us? But—"

"Return my helm now, or I will stop death," Hades threatened. "That is my counter proposal. I will open the earth and have the dead pour back into the world. I will make your lands a nightmare. And you, Percy Jackson—your skeleton will lead my army out of Hades."

The skeletal soldiers all took one step forward, making their weapons ready.

Now, Percy was angry because he was being accused of something he hadn't done. He had a lot of experience with that.

"You're as bad as Zeus," Percy said. "You think I stole from you? That's why you sent the Furies after me?"

"Of course," Hades said.

"And the other monsters?"

Hades curled his lip. "I had nothing to do with them. I wanted no quick death for you—I wanted you brought before me alive so you might face every torture in the Fields of Punishment. Why do you think I let you enter my kingdom so easily?"


"Return my property!"

"But I don't have your helm. I came for the master bolt."

"Which you already possess!" Hades shouted. "You came here with it, little fool, thinking you could you threaten me!"

"But I didn't!"

"Open your pack, then."

A horrible feeling struck Percy. He slung backpack off his shoulder and unzipped it. Inside was a two-foot-long metal cylinder, spiked on both ends, humming with energy.

'Master-bolt... So this is the strange energy, I have sensed from his backpack.' Naruto narrowed his eyes at this. 'Someone must be having removed the protective magic around it, but question is — why now?'

"Percy," Annabeth said. "How—"

"I—I don't know. I don't understand."

"You heroes are always the same," Hades said. "Your pride makes you foolish, thinking you could bring such a weapon before me. I did not ask for Zeus's master bolt, but since it is here, you will yield it to me. I am sure it will make an excellent bargaining tool."

Percy was speechless. He had no idea how the master-bolt had gotten into his backpack. He wanted to think Hades was pulling some kind of trick.

"I don't think it is a good idea," Naruto spoke suddenly in between them.

Hades asked, "What do you mean?"

"If you killed him, your brother, Poseidon will not be happy about," Naruto said. Hades scoffed at this. "Also someone is framing him. This is not his backpack. This is—"

"Lord Hades, wait," Percy yelled suddenly. "This is all a mistake."

'Idiot,' Naruto though, 'let me finish my sentence.'

Hades forgot his son's words. "A mistake?" He roared angrily

The skeletons aimed their weapons at Percy, Annabeth and Grover. From high above, there was a fluttering of leathery wings, and the three Furies swooped down to perch on the back of their master's throne. The one with Mrs. Dodds's face grinned at Percy eagerly and flicked her whip.

"There is no mistake," Hades said. "I know why you have come—I know the real reason you brought the bolt. You came to bargain for her."

Hades loosed a ball of gold fire from his palm. It exploded on the steps in front of him. Percy saw his mother, frozen in a shower of gold, just as she was at the moment when the Minotaur began to squeeze her to death. He reached out to touch her, but the light was as hot as a bonfire.

"Yes," Hades said with satisfaction. "I took her. I knew, Percy Jackson that you would come to bargain with me eventually. Return my helm, and perhaps I will let her go. She is not dead, you know. Not yet. But if you displease me, that will change."

He thought about the pearls in his pocket. 'Maybe they could get me out of this. If I could just get my mom free ...'

"Ah, the pearls," Hades said, and Percy's blood froze. "Yes, my brother and his little tricks. Bring them forth, Percy Jackson."

Percy's hand moved against his will and brought out the pearls.

"Only three," Hades said. "What a shame. You do realize each only protects a single person. My son doesn't need them. Try to take your mother, then, little godling. And which of your friends will you leave behind to spend eternity with me? Go on. Choose. Or give me the backpack and accept my terms."

Percy looked at Annabeth and Grover. Their faces were grim. Then he looked at Naruto, who was standing beside Hades, who displayed no emotion.

"We were tricked," Percy told them. "Set up."

"Yes, but why?" Annabeth asked.

"I don't know," Percy said.

"Decide, boy!" Hades yelled.

"Percy." Grover put his hand on his shoulder. "You can't give him the bolt,"

"I know that."

"Leave me here," he said. "Use the third pearl on your mom."


"I'm a satyr," Grover said. "We don't have souls like humans do. He can torture me until I die, but he won't get me forever. I'll just be reincarnated as a flower or something. It's the best way."

"No." Annabeth drew her bronze knife. "You two go on. Grover, you have to protect Percy. You have to get your searcher's license and start your quest for Pan. Get his mom out of here. I'll cover you. I plan to go down fighting."

"This is enough, all of you." Naruto said who suddenly appeared in front of them. "Percy takes Annabeth and Grover with you. And don't worry about your mother; I will save her."

Grover said, "But..."

"Naruto is right," Percy said. "Take these."

He turned and faced his mother. He desperately wanted to sacrifice himself and use the last pearl on her, but he knew what she would say. She would never allow it. He had to get the bolt back to Olympus and tell Zeus the truth. He had to stop the war. She would never forgive him if he saved her instead.

He thought about the prophecy made at Half-Blood Hill, what seemed like a million years ago. You will fail to save what matters most in the end.

"I'm sorry," Percy said to his mother.

The smug look on the Hades' face faded. He said, "Godling ...?"

"I'll find your helm, Uncle," Percy said to him. "I'll return it. Remember about Charon's pay raise."

"Do not defy me—"

"Now, guys!" Percy shouted.

They smashed the pearls at our feet. For a scary moment, nothing happened.

Hades yelled, "Destroy them!"

The army of skeletons rushed forward, swords out, guns clicking to full automatic. The Furies lunged, their whips bursting into flame.

"Sorry father, but you can't do that," Naruto said as a black-fire appeared from nowhere and made a protective shield around them. "Because you will have to pass me." Shield expanded and destroyed few skeletons solider. Remaining skeleton solider and the Furies took a step back in fear.

"Thanks Naruto," Annabeth said as the pearl fragments at their feet exploded with a burst of green light a gust of fresh sea wind. They were encased in a milky white sphere, which was starting to float off the ground.

Naruto made gesture his hand and shield disappeared. He heard their screams as the bubbles slammed into the ceiling. They disappeared.

"Son, why?" Hades asked. His army disappeared in black smoke.

"Percy is not a thief. Someone is framing him," Naruto said. "If you killed him, then Poseidon will be mad at you for killing him. You will have the Zeus' master bolt, so Zeus will be angry at you. Take my point."

"So someone is trying to start a war between the gods," A female voice said.

Naruto looked at voice direction and saw 19-year-old girl. Her left side was black and hardened like a mummy, to represent her father. Her right side is pale and chalky as if she were drained of all her blood. She was wearing a golden dress and a golden shawl, and her eyes were empty black voids.

"Who are you?" He asked her.

"I'm Melinoe, goddess of ghosts and your stepsister, little brother." She walked toward him and held out her hand for a shake.

Naruto shook her hand, and said, "Nice to meet you." Melinoe tried to trap him under her illusion. "Don't bother, illusion is my strong point. They don't work on me." His eyes morphed into the blood-red Sharingan. He disappeared in murder of crows and reappeared front of his father.

"Well, it is good to know, my little brother has same hobby like me," Melinoe said as she appeared beside Naruto.

"Thanks, I have many types illusion that can easily kill the people or could make them completely mad. If you want I can share them with you," Naruto said with a smirk.

"You know what, this is a good start for our relationship," Melinoe said. "In return I will teach you my some illusion."

Hades sweat dropped at his children's behavior. "Ahem!" He did cough slightly to get their attention.

"Yes," they said at the same time.

"You two can talk about it later," He said and turned his attention toward Naruto. "Naruto, how are you so sure about it?"

"Because it was Ares, who gave Percy that backpack," Naruto said.

"You mean Ares is a thief," Hades asked.

"No, it was Ares who had given his backpack, but the thief is different."

"Do you know who the thief is?"

"Yes, I know."

"Who is he?" Hades said angrily.

"Don't worry about him, I will handle him."

"Very well," Hades said. "But I couldn't just sit here. I don't care Poseidon's son is a thief or not. I will have to show them, they can't take Hades' warning lightly." Then he spoke in a serious tone. "If my helm didn't return to me, I would stop the death. I will open the earth and have the dead pour back into the world. I will make lands a nightmare."

"Is he always like this?" Naruto asked his half-sister.

Melinoe answered, "Yes."

0 With Percy and other 0

A Coast Guard boat picked Annabeth, Percy and Grover up, but they were too busy to keep them for long, or to wonder how three kids in street clothes had gotten out into the middle of the bay. There was a disaster to mop up. Their radios were jammed with distress calls. They dropped them off at the Santa Monica Pier with towels around their shoulders and water bottles that said I'M A JUNIOR COAST GUARD! And sped off to save more people. Their clothes were sopping wet, even Percy's. He was also barefoot, because he had given them to Grover, hoping no one saw the goat boy's hooves.

After reaching dry land, they stumbled down the beach, watching the city burn against a beautiful sunrise.

Percy felt as if he had just come back from the dead—which they did. He felt his backpack was heavy with Zeus's master-bolt and his heart was even heavier from seeing his mother.

"I don't believe it," Annabeth said. "We went all that way—"

"It was a trick," Percy said. "A strategy worthy of Athena."

"Hey," she warned.

"You get it, don't you?"

She dropped her eyes, her anger fading. "Yeah. I get it."

"Well, I don't!" Grover complained. "Would somebody—"

"Percy ..." Annabeth said. "I'm sorry about your mother. I'm so sorry..."

Percy said, "It's ok. Naruto is in the Underworld. I'm sure, he will save my mother." 'I hope so.'

"Yes. He is Naruto. He can do anything," Annabeth said.

"The prophecy was right," Percy said. "You shall go west and face the god who has turned.' But it wasn't Hades. Hades didn't want war among the Big Three. Someone else pulled off the theft. Someone stole Zeus's master bolt, and Hades' helm, and framed me because I'm Poseidon's kid. Poseidon will get blamed by both sides. By sundown today, there will be a three-way war. And I'll have caused it."

Grover shook his head, mystified. "But who would be that sneaky? Who would want war that bad?"

Percy stopped in his tracks, looking down the beach. "Gee, let me think."

Then they saw Ares waiting for them, in his black leather duster and his sunglasses, an aluminum baseball bat propped on his shoulder. His motorcycle rumbled beside him, its headlight turning the sand red.

"Hey, kid," He said, seeming genuinely pleased to see Percy. "You were supposed to die."

In this, they didn't notice a black-raven, who was watching them from a distance.

0 In Underworld 0

"This is a unique way to use your summon," Melinoe said as she, Naruto and Hades were watching Percy on the large screen.

"Thanks," Naruto said and he turned his head toward his father. "What do you think?"

"You're right, son," Hades said. He looked at Ares. "I always thought Ares has power not brain, but this... A strategy worthy of Athena."

Naruto said, "I don't think Ares is mastermind."

"Then who?" Hades asked. "Is it a thief, you were talking about?"

"No," Naruto said. "You know him personally. If God's weaken each other in a war; what do you think, who will gain everything?"

"You mean father," Hades asked.

"Yes," Naruto said. He looked at Percy and Ares. "How do you contact with the Olympus?" He asked his father.


"I'm going to take the page from Hephaestus book," Naruto said. "I'm going to expose Ares to whole Olympus and Half-Blood camp."

"I like that plan, little brother," Melinoe said.

0 In Half-Blood camp 0

Chiron was watching his students, who were doing their daily training and Mr. D was lazily sitting there.

"Do you think they will succeed in their quest?" Chiron asked.

"Who?" Mr. D said lazily.

Chiron said, "Mr. D."

"Whatever," Mr. D said. "I don't care."

"Chiron," Clarisse shouted as she ran toward him.

"Yes," Chiron said.

"They are fighting again."


Their conversation was cut off, when a bright light started to come from Mr. D's pocket.

Chiron asked, "What is this?"

"Naruto's gift," Mr. D said as he took small pearl from his pocket. Suddenly it transformed into a big crystal ball and with bright flash a big screen appeared front of them.

Ares was taking to Annabeth, Percy and Grover.

"The helm of darkness," Grover gasped.

"Exactly," Ares said. "Now where was I? Oh yeah, Hades will be mad at both Zeus and Poseidon, because he doesn't know who took this. Pretty soon, we got a nice little three-way slugfest going."

"Father is a thief," Clarisse shouted.

"Now this is interesting," Mr. D said. "I wish I will be in the Olympus. I want to see my father's face after seeing this." Suddenly lightning flashed and thunder boomed. "I think he saw this."

0 With Thalia 0

Thalia was sitting alone on the floor and she was thinking about Naruto, Annabeth and Grover.

'I wish they were alright,' she thought. 'I know Naruto will keep his promise. He will protect them. Just I want to know that what is happening there.'

Suddenly her necklace started to shine and then a screen opened front of him. She saw Annabeth, Grover, Ares and—

"I think he is Percy," Thalia said to herself.

Ares and Percy were taking each other, and Ares had Helm of darkness in between the handlebars of his bike.

"You gave me the backpack in Denver," Percy said. "The master-bolt was in there whole time."

"Yes and no," Ares said. "It's probably too complicated for your little mortal brain to follow, but the backpack is the master bolt's sheath, just morphed a bit. The bolt is connected to it, sort of like that sword you got, kid. It always returns to your pocket, right?"

"Ares is a thief," Thalia said in surprise tone. "And where is Naruto?"

0 In the Mount Olympus 0

Hera reappeared in the throne room of Olympus and looked around. All of the gods other than Dionysus, Hades, Ares and Apollo were there. Dionysus since he had his responsibilities at the camp and Hades since he was not very welcomed on Olympus. She had no clue where Apollo and Ares were. Then she heard Zeus and Poseidon once again arguing over Master-bolt.

"I know you have it. Just give it back to me!" Zeus shouted.

"I don't have it!" Poseidon shouted. "You are blaming me because mother Rhea is with you and you are her favorite."

"How mother has come all in this," Zeus said. "For your kind information it is not true."

"It is true. You are always her favorite," Poseidon said. "Mama's boy!"

"What!" Zeus shouted. "Take that back, you seaweed!"

"Mama's boy!"


"They are arguing like kids," Hera said to herself.

"I'm completely agreed with you," Someone said from behind her. Hera turned back and saw Hestia.

Hestia looked at her brother. "Why can't they behave like their age?" She said.

"Their argument has always ended up with mother Rhea," Hera said.

"Will you two shut up," Hestia shouted.

"Hestia, don't come in between us," Zeus shouted at her.

"Now, why you are shouting at her?" Poseidon said. "Mama's boy!"

"Pops!" Apollo shouted as he appeared in the throne room.

"Don't shout Apollo," Zeus said. "Don't you see we are discussing in some important matter."

"Yeah right," Hestia muttered to herself.

"But Pops, this is important," Apollo said. "See this." He made gestures with his hand and a screen opened front of them.

On screen, Ares was taking with two demigods and one satyr.

Ares said, "I tinkered with the magic a bit, so the bolt would only return to the sheath once you reached the Underworld. You get close to Hades... Bingo, you got mail. If you died along the way—no loss. I still had the weapon."

"I told you, it isn't my son, who has stolen your bolt," Poseidon said. "Now you know the thief is Ares... your son."

Zeus was trembling with anger. His eyes were becoming pure white and electricity started to come out from his body. "Ares, you traitor!" He shouted.

0 Few Minutes Earlier —With Ares and Percy 0

"You tricked me," Percy said. "You stole the helm and the master-bolt."

Ares grinned. "Well, now, I didn't steal them personally. Gods taking each other's symbols of power—that's a big no-no. But you're not the only hero in the world who can run errands."

"Who did you use? Clarisse? She was there at the winter solstice."

The idea seemed to amuse Ares. "Doesn't matter. The point is, kid, you're impeding the war effort. See, you've got to die in the Underworld. Then Old Seaweed will be mad at Hades for killing you. Corpse Breath will have the Zeus's master bolt, so Zeus will be mad at him. And Hades is still looking for this ..."

From his pocket he took out a ski cap—the kind bank robbers wear—and placed it between the handlebars of his bike. Immediately, the cap transformed into an elaborate bronze war helmet.

"The helm of darkness," Grover gasped.

"Exactly," Ares said. "Now where was I? Oh yeah, Hades will be mad at both Zeus and Poseidon, because he doesn't know who took this. Pretty soon, we got a nice little three-way slugfest going."

"But they're your family!" Annabeth protested.

Ares shrugged. "Best kind of war. Always the bloodiest. Nothing like watching your relatives fights, I always say."

"You gave me the backpack in Denver," Percy said. "The master-bolt was in there whole time."

0 In Underworld 0

"Interesting," Naruto said.

"Yes," Hades said. "That must be master-bolt sheath, who has transformed into a backpack by Ares, but the bolt is still connected to it."

"He must be tinkered it with the magic, so the bolt would only return to the sheath once Percy reached the Underworld," Naruto said.

Hades nodded. They heard the Ares same explanation. Then they noticed Ares' strange behavior, when Percy asked him, why he didn't keep the bolt to himself?

"Father, did you notice?" Naruto asked.

"If you mean Ares' strange behavior, then yes," Hades said. "Like someone is controlling him."

0 Back to Percy 0

Ares's face cleared. "I didn't want the trouble. Better to have you caught red-handed, holding the thing."

"You're lying," Percy said. "Sending the bolt to the Underworld wasn't your idea, was it?"

"Of course it was!" Smoke drifted up from his sunglasses, as if they were about to catch fire.

"You didn't order the theft," Percy guessed. "Someone else sent a hero to steal the two items. Then, when Zeus sent you to hunt him down, you caught the thief. But you didn't turn him over to Zeus. Something convinced you to let him go. You kept the items until another hero could come along and complete the delivery. That thing in the pit is ordering you around."

"I am the god of war! I take orders from no one!" Ares shouted. Then he somehow calmed down. "Let's get back to the problem at hand, kid. You're alive. I can't have you taking that bolt to Olympus. You just might get those hard-headed idiots to listen to you. So I've got to kill you. Nothing personal and this time Hades' kid is not here to save you."

He snapped his fingers. The sand exploded at his feet and out charged a wild boar, even larger and uglier than the one whose head hung above the door of cabin seven at Camp Half-Blood. The beast pawed the sand, glaring at Percy with beady eyes as it lowered its razor-sharp tusks and waited for the command to kill.

Percy stepped into the surf. "Fight me yourself, Ares."

0 In the Mount Olympus 0

"Your son is brave or the biggest idiot, because he is challenging the God for straight fight," Athena said

"Then what do you think about your daughter; who is there with him," Poseidon said.

"She is your daughter. What is her name?" Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt asked Athena.

"Annabeth, her name is Annabeth," Athena said sadly.

"Then where is the son of the Hades?" Zeus asked.

"He is with his father in the Underworld. I only gave three pearls to Percy, because I know he didn't need it."

"Aww, that is sad. I want to see him. I heard from my daughter, he is handsome," Aphrodite said.

"Have you no shame, he is just kid?" Artemis said.

"You are not interested in the men, it's not mean I am not, and I am thinking about future, when he will become one handsome hunk." Aphrodite said.

"She will never change," Hephaestus muttered to himself.

"Shh," Apollo said, "Watch the show."

0 With Percy 0

Ares laughed. "You've only got one talent, kid, running away. You ran from the Chimera. You ran from the Underworld. You don't have what it takes."


"In your adolescent dreams." But his sunglasses were starting to melt from the heat of his eyes. "No direct involvement. Sorry, kid. You're not at my level."

Annabeth said, "Percy, run!"

Percy ignored her. The giant boar charged at him. 'No more,' He thought.

As the boar rushed Percy, he uncapped his pen and sidestepped. Riptide appeared in his hands. He slashed up. The boar's severed right tusk fell at his feet, while the disoriented animal charged into the sea.

Percy shouted, "Wave!" Immediately, a wave surged up from nowhere and engulfed the boar, wrapping around it like a blanket. The beast squealed once in terror. Then it was gone, swallowed by the sea.

0 In Half-Blood Camp 0

Whole camps had gathered around the screen and were watching the fight. Ares cabin's mood was little down. It was shocking to them that their father was a thief.

"I can't believe it. Father is a thief," Clarisse said.

"Believe or not, but it is true," Chiron said.

"Ares have been always aloof, cruel, proud, rebellious, and violent; an easily angered bully who seems to care only about fighting," Mr. D said.

"Someone has helped him to steal bolt, because a god cannot usurp another god's symbol of power directly," Chiron said.

'He must be present at the winter solstice, but who is he?' He thought.

0 With Thalia 0

Thalia saw Percy had destroyed giant boar and now he was taunting Ares.

"That was interesting, but taunting Ares in the middle of battle are his foolishness." Thalia said to herself.

0 Back to Percy 0

Percy turned back to Ares. "Are you going to fight me now?" He asked. "Or are you going to hide behind another pet?"

Ares's face was purple with rage. "Watch it, kid. I could turn you into—"

"A cockroach," Percy said. "Or a tapeworm. Yeah, I'm sure. That'd save you from getting your godly hide whips, wouldn't it?"

Flames danced along the top of his glasses. "Oh, man, you are really asking to be smashed into a grease spot."

"If I lose, turn me into anything you want. Take the bolt. If I win, the helm and the bolt are mine and you have to go away."

"Percy," Annabeth said. "Don't do this. He's a god."

"He's a coward," Percy said.

She swallowed. "Wear this, at least. For luck." She took off her necklace, with her five years' worth of camp beads and the ring from her father, and tied it around his neck. "Reconciliation," she said. "Athena and Poseidon together."

Percy said with a small blush, "Thanks."

"And take this," Grover said. He handed him a flattened tin can that he'd probably been saving in his pocket for a thousand miles. "The satyrs stand behind you."

"Grover ... I don't know what to say." Percy stuffed the tin can in his back pocket.

"You all did say good-bye?" Ares came to Percy, his black leather duster trailing behind him, his sword glinting like fire in the sunrise. "I've been fighting for eternity, kid. My strength is unlimited and I cannot die. What have you got?"

'A smaller ego,' Percy thought. He kept his feet in the surf, backing into the water up to his ankles.

He remembered Annabeth had said at the Denver diner: Ares has strength. That's all he has. Even strength has to how to wisdom sometimes.

0 In the Underworld 0

Somehow Percy was able to hold against Ares, but the look of the Ares's face it was clear that he was just playing with him.

"Is he stupid?" Melinoe asked. "Did he don't know Ares is only playing with him?"

"If Ares become serious, then Poseidon's son would be dead," Hades said.

Naruto nodded. Then they heard Annabeth yelled cops.

'Karau-chan, you know what to do?' Naruto said.

0 Back to Percy 0

"Percy!" Annabeth yelled. "Cops!"

Percy was breathing heavily, but he managed to get to his feet. He couldn't look away from Ares for fear he'd slice him in half, but out of the corner of my eye he saw red lights flashing on the shoreline boulevard. The car doors were slamming.

"There, officer!" Somebody yelled. "See?"

A gruff cop voice: "Looks like that kid on TV ... what the heck ..."

"That guy's armed," another cop said. "Call for backup."

"Hey, what is this?"

They noticed black-feathers started to fall from the sky.

Someone said, "I feel..." and he dropped on the ground. One by one all cop began to fall on the ground.

Annabeth and Grover were surprised at this.

"This is... Naruto," Annabeth said.

Grover asked, "But why he isn't helping Percy?

"I don't know."

0 In the Mount Olympus 0

"Hey, what happened with those mortals?" Apollo asked. "Suddenly, black-feathers had begun falling from the sky on them and then they all dropped on ground."

"This must be Hades' kid doing. I heard he can do that," Poseidon said.

"But why?" Zeus asked.

"My guess he doesn't want any mortal interface in the battle," Hera said.

Hestia looked at Percy. "Your son is pretty much holding against Ares."

"Yes, but Ares is only playing with him," Poseidon said. "I wish I can help him."

"You can't," Zeus said. "It's his battle, because he challenged Ares for battle."

0 In the Underworld 0

"An illusion," Melinoe said.

"Yes," Naruto said. "I don't want their interface in fight."

"You have an interesting power son," Hades said.

"You saw nothing, father. It's only a tip of my power," Naruto said.

"Soon Ares will stop playing with Poseidon's son."

"I know," Naruto said. Then he thought something. "Father," He called.


He asked, "Do you have..."

0 Back to Percy 0

Percy ran for his sword, scooped it up, and launched a swipe at Ares's face, only to find his blade deflected again. He stepped back toward the surf, forcing him to follow.

"Admit it, kid," Ares said. "You got no hope. I'm just toying with you."

Suddenly, Percy felt weird like his senses were working overtime. He was wide awake, noticing every little detail. He could see where Ares was tensing. He could tell which way he would strike. At the same time, he was aware of Annabeth and Grover, thirty feet to his left.

Ares roared with laughter. "Now, little hero. Let's you add to the barbecue." He slashed.

Percy deflected his blade and got close enough to strike, tried to fake him out with a faint, but his blow was knocked aside. The waves were hitting him in the back now. Ares was up to his thighs, wading in after him.

0 In Naruto's Personal Dimension 0

In swirling of vortex Naruto appeared in his personal dimension. It was looked just like Tobi's. The only difference was that where Tobi's dimension had held square platforms, Naruto's dimension had held different sizes of rounded platforms.

He was appeared front of same thug John. He had captured him from L.A. Thug was unconscious, because of his Genjutsu.

"It's time to fulfill your usefulness to me," Naruto said.

0 With Percy 0

Percy felt the rhythm of the sea, the waves growing larger as the tide rolled in, and suddenly he had an idea.

'Little waves,' He thought. And the water behind his seemed to recede.

Ares came toward him, grinning confidently. Percy lowered his blade.

'Just little bit longer.'

Ares raised his sword.


A six-foot wall of water smashed Ares full in the face, leaving him cursing and sputtering with a mouth full of seaweed. Percy took that chance and landed behind him with a splash and fainted toward his head, as he had done before. Ares turned in time to raise his sword, but this time he was disoriented, he didn't anticipate the trick. Percy changed direction, lunged to the side, and stabbed Riptide straight down into the water, sending the point through the god's heel.

Ares roared angrily. The very sea was blasted back from him, leaving a wet circle of sand fifty feet wide. Ichor, the golden blood of the gods, flowed from a gash in the war god's boot.

"You!" Ares roared angrily. The expression on his face was beyond hatred. It was pain, shock, complete disbelief that he'd been wounded. "Play time is over Percy Jackson." He said as he held out his hand, palm up. In the air just inches from his hand, a fireball began to form. At first, it appeared as just a spark, but it quickly grew until it was three times bigger than him. "This is your end." He threw the ball at them.

0 In Half-Blood camp 0

"Ares are taking this thing too far," Mr.D said.

"It's my fault, I should've trained them more," Chiron said.

"Don't worry Chiron. Do this next time."

"What are you talking, they are going to die."

"I don't think so," Mr. D said. "You did forget someone, who has always appeared in end."

"Naruto," Chiron said.

0 With Thalia 0

Thalia saw fireball was heading toward her friends.

"Annabeth, Grover," She shouted. "Naruto, you promised me, you will protect them." A single tear rolled down from her eyes. "Where are you?"

0 In the Mount Olympus 0

All gods saw fireball was heading toward Percy and his friends.

"Ares's fireball was too big, it will kill them." Hephaestus said.

Both Athena and Poseidon looked at their children sadly.



0 With Percy 0

They saw a big fireball was heading toward them.

"We are going to die," Grover shouted in panic.

"S-shut up, goat boy," Annabeth said. She was also afraid.

Percy was frozen in his spot. He did try to move, but he was unable to move, because of fear.

Both Annabeth and Percy heard like someone called their name.



Percy was already feeling the heat, which was coming out from the fireball. He waited for the pain— waited, waited, and waited, but he felt nothing.

Suddenly, all of them heard a familiar voice, "How many times I would have saved you?"

They opened their eyes and saw Naruto was holding a fireball with his left hand.

"N-naruto!" Percy said.

"Naruto!" Both Annabeth and Grover shouted happily.

Naruto turned his head towards Ares. "Hello, War-god." His Sharingan spun wildly and fireball began disappearing into some kind of wrap hole.

0 With Thalia 0

"Naruto," Thalia said. She was happy, Naruto saved them. "I know you will never forget your promise."

0 In Half-Blood camp 0

"Naruto," Clarisse said. "How is he holding a fireball with his hand?"

Chiron said, "Naruto's grandmother is Amaterasu, she has possessed a black-fire, which is hotter than the sun. That's why Ares' fire isn't affecting on him."

"He really knows how to make an entrance," Mr. D said.

0 In the Mount Olympus 0

All gods saw the son of Hades was holding a fireball. They were surprised that someone was holding Ares' with his bare hand. Both Athena and Poseidon breathed a sigh of relief.

"Impressive," Hera said.

"So this is the son of Hades," Zeus said. "And yes, it's impressive."

"You shouldn't be surprised at his power. He is also the grandson of the Amaterasu, and great-grandson of the Chaos," Hestia said.

"And he is from that world," Hermes said.

"You mean Elements-Nation," Apollo said. Hermes nodded. "I thought there was a war going on."

"War is ended three and half years ago," Artemis said.

"So who won?"

"If we aren't facing giant monster, it means good side has won."

0 Back to Naruto 0

"Well, well, who is here, the son of Hades," Ares said. "Move out my way, it is only between me and Poseidon's son."

"Then you'll have to pass me," Naruto said.

Ares said, "As you wish." And he sent multiple fireballs toward him.

Naruto didn't move from his spot. He raised his hands and a wall of sand rose from the ground, shielding him from the attack.

"Sand Dragon!"

To everyone's surprise a huge eastern dragon made out of sand rose out of the ground and gazed at Ares. It opened its maw and tried to swallow him.

Ares used his godly power to knock it away from him. "This is useless," He said.

"Time to take it up a notch," Naruto said. "Ares, I have something for you."

Ares looked at Naruto and saw he was making some weird hand-sign.

"Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei (Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation)" He shouted.

Suddenly a circle of symbols formed and spread outward. The ground shook as one white coffin emerged. Naruto stood proudly behind both coffin.

"What is this?" Ares asked.

"A person, who is going to fight with you," Naruto said as the coffin lid fell off.

0 In the Mount Olympus 0

"What!" Zeus shouted angrily. "How is this possible? He is dead."

"My point is how he did it?" Poseidon asked. "It is impossible for a demigod."

"Believe or not, he brought him back to life," Hera said.

0 In Half-Blood camp 0

"Impossible," Chiron said.

"I must be his ninja-trick," Mr. D said.

Whole camp looked at them with a confused face.

"Chiron, who is he?" Charles Beckendorf, the demigod son of Hephaestus and the head of Cabin 9 asked.

"Yes, we also want to know," Someone from Apollo's cabin asked.

"He is the Hero from the past," Chiron said. "His name is..."

0 Back to Naruto and other 0

"Do you know who is he?" Percy asked Annabeth and Grover. They shook their head.

"No," Annabeth said.

"I have no clue," Grover said.

"Then who is he?"

"What!" Ares looked really shocked. He turned to Naruto. "But how?"

"It is a complicated technique, I did learn from my enemy." Naruto said, and a person came out of the coffin. "Welcome back to the land of the living..."

— CUT —

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