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Summary: Tired of constantly being haunted by his past, Kurapika decides to follow his friends' advice of forgetting his revenge. He's contented anyway, having recovered almost half of his clan's eyes. It's time for him to rest and move on with his life. With his friends' help, he realized that there's no point in wasting his life on revenge and hatred. However, one man wants to deprive him of that peaceful life he so much wishes. What happens when Kuroro Lucifer returns from his 'exile' and tries to make the Kuruta's life a living hell?




He stood in front of that certain grave, soaked in the rain and wet with tears. He pleaded silently inside his head, hoping that that they could hear and respond to him. He desperately needed to hear them- hear what they have to say. He could do nothing but cry. He was so tired. There's nothing else that could comfort him but the hope that he could feel them-even just for a moment.

I'm so sorry.

He cried.

I'm so tired. Please...

He pleaded.

I want to stop.

He thought.

Let me rest... Let your souls rest...

He begged.

A gentle pressure landed on his right shoulder, as if there's someone patting it with his hand- only that there really is no one. The wind blew his golden strands tenderly and it carried with it a message that only he could hear.

Go on. Live happily, my son...

A smile made its way to his lips as he slightly parted his them to reply softly to the whisper.

Thank you, Father.


Author's Note: Help! I'm having a writer's block! Oh, man! I'm desperately trying to write two stories at the same time. Now I've decided to add a new one! And it's YAOI! That's right... boy x boy. In other words, this fic is purely KuroKura without the gender bending. This is my first time writing yaoi so please be considerate... hehehe... Please read and review and tell me your thoughts. Should I continue writing this or make a new yaoi story with a whole new plot?