Author: Denigoddess2001
Date: 7/9/02 3:02:54 AM
Saga: A Whole New World
Episode: 4
Title: Rising Of The Blood
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Gargoyles are property of Disney. They don't belong to me. No infringement intended. . Vampire inspired me: The Masquerade...Again, no infringement intended.
All original characters belong to their deity, Denigoddess2001

AUTHOR'S NOTE: THANK YOU TO DORIAN. The spell listed in here is part hoo-hah and part fiction. Whatever you do, people, remember that it's just fiction. DO NOT TRY T0 CAST THIS SPELL. It's part Necronomicon, part Vampire: The Masquerade, part Buffy, and mostly my imagination. Part of the Protection spell is inspired by Wiccan Tradition but changed to protect the privacy of those who use the real thing. It isn't my intent to offend those of Pagan/ Wiccan faith. I just want you to suspend your concepts of reality for the duration of this story.

Genesis 4:6-10 we read the story of Cain and Abel:
Then the LORD said to Cain, "Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it."

Now Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let's go out to the field." And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.

Then the LORD said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?"

"I don't know," he replied. "Am I my brother's keeper?
"The LORD said, "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground." [NIV]

August 30, 2006
6:20 AM

Daria watched the first rays of morning rise to greet her and the two Sires as they left the Athenaeum via the backdoor. Surprisingly, Jack was still there waiting with the meter running. She contemplated the conversation recently held with the Wikkan that had revealed so much that night. She mutely watched as her brother glimmered in the dawn's early light and resumed him Human appearance. Drakiel reverted to his purple posture without difficulty.

The tense silence hung over the trio on their ride home. Daria shut her eyes to shut out what work lay before her. She dreaded what was required of her to set things right in the world. Waves of terror rushed through her as she envisioned the future. [I try and do the right thing and ten things more go wrong. Could it possibly get any worse? Gee, what a wonderful choice I have. I can let my psychotic sister into the world and have her bring a legion of demons with her. Or, I can bring back an evil menace. Both prey on humanity. At least, I can work with Utakku. Tiamat? She's well beyond my ability to control.]

"Demetrius," The Djinn dared to whisper at last. "I'm so scared. What am I going to do?"

The handsome man beside the Djinni clasped her wrist as one did with another warrior. One large palm cupped her cheek in a very human expression of expression. Yet, a thousand years of rich heritage revealed itself as he rested his brow against Daria's. "It is not merely you. You have family and clan that love you. You are not along. So shall you lead, there we shall be."

"How can you be so brave?"

"We will do what it takes to bring about the best solution for our world and our clan." The man beside her wrapped one mahogany arm around her and pulled her close. He planted a lingering peck on her brow. Daria covered her eyes and shut them tight to keep the tears from falling. "Fear not, dear sister. No one shall desert you. I have faith in your ability. All will be well."

[Easy for you to say.] She thought sadly as she studied her younger brother. If all went as planned, then the balance of the world would be restored. The Null Void would cease to exist and the growing dimensional portal between the Abyss and Earth would close. She turned her attention to the sun on the Eastern horizon. Daria reflected upon the ancient serpent whom she called mother. She remembered the mythical dragon that was the center of her faith. Skylaris had always touted The Gargoyle Way as the path for her followers to believe. Yet, never once had she been specific for the wingless adherents of her sect. It has always been left for the Oracle, sibyls and clergy to determine the will of the goddess. Now, no priests remained in the city. There were no Oracles to counsel the young woman on the desires of a remote divinity.

[Where are you now?] Her mind silently screamed. [You say you are a goddess, but you avoid your high priestess like the plague. What's up with that?] Daria buried her head in Demetrius' shoulder as the deeds of three thousand years haunted her.

[Oh, Mother.] Daria's thoughts cried out desperately to the unseen deity. [Either by choice or circumstance, I'm your priestess. Yet, I have no clue what to do. What do you want? Do I bring back Utakku and let Vampires into the world? Do I allow my sister, Tiamat, free reign? I am so shortsighted. Please help me. I've made so many mistakes. I've paid for them. I've never felt more alone in my life. Is this the right thing to do?]

"Stop the cab." She spoke aloud. Jack looked over his shoulder and gave her an odd stare. The cab slowed. "Demetrius, let me out."

"Daria, what are you doing?" He gave her a look that communicated his worry and concern.

"I need time to think and this is something that I have to do by myself." The confines of the cab became claustrophobic to the Djinn. "Please, just let me out!"

Demetrius and Jack looked at one another in silence. Demetrius slowly nodded. Jack pulled the cab to the side of the curb. Daria scrambled over her brother's lap and threw open the cab door. Her feet hit the pavement and each step gathered speed as she ran blindly through the streets of Linoma. Demetrius whispered a silent prayer to the vanishing figure. "Goddess be with you."

Daria's breath came in short, ragged gasps and her ribs ached as she ran. Buildings flew past her and Humans stared at the lavender-skin creature that streaked by them. Tears blinded her vision as she aimlessly fled her brother and the dark decision that awaited her. Her gait was cut short as the sidewalk almost rose up to meet her. Daria instinctively threw her hands in front of her to brace her fall.

She fell to the pavement and looked at the sky framed by glass and steel. "Where are you? Why won't you answer me?"

Two arms caught her. Sobs claimed her as she crumpled to the ground in a heap.

"Come now, Child." A warm, melodious alto encouraged her. "You need to get yourself together."

Daria looked up to find a statuesque woman staring down at her. The woman was African-American and was every inch a Nubian Beauty. Fine ebony braids crowned her brow and fell in a cascade of black to the middle of her back. Deep, rich pecan skin was a complexion that caught Daria's eye. Warm amethyst eyes stared down at the weeping Genie. The woman wore a vivid African print that represented lions hunting their prey.

Warm amethyst eyes. Full lips that framed a perfect white smile . . . elegant features and sculpted cheekbones met Daria's tear-blinded gaze. She knew those eyes. The voice rang with a familiar peel that touched the Jinni's soul. She had seen the same hue in the eyes of her brother and her father. She knew those eyes from her dreams.

"Mother?" She sobbed.

"Yes, Child." She rocked the Jinni softly in the deserted alley. "I'm here."

"Where have you been?" Daria clutched to the lapel of the woman's dress. "I've been so frightened! The world is going to hell in hand basket and everyone thinks that I'm doing your will and I called to you and you never answered . . . "

"Others needed me as you do." The woman gently lifted Daria to her feet. "I'm here now and you look awful. When was the last time you had something to eat?"

"I don't need to eat. I'm immortal, remember?" Daria rubbed her eyes.

"Are you still longing for Timron?" Her mother stared down at her with a stern scowl. "Honeychild, he's just one Gargoyle. It's not like there aren't others out there."

"Yeah, the world's just teaming with them." Daria spat. "Besides, I'm just the type of girl that's perfect for your typical male...sweet, subservient...grant his every wish, and I come in designer colors...purple!"

"Daru Beletseri..." A menacing growl erupted and lavender eyes burned amethyst. Daria heard her true and ancient name bestowed upon her by the goddess. The genie also knew that any child was in trouble when Mom used a first and middle name. Daria realized that she had angered one of the most magnificent creatures in the universe. Skylaris saw frightened, weary brown eyes stare at her. The burning fires dimmed and the harsh expression softened to one of compassion. "Daru Beletseri...High Priestess of my Temple, guardian of lost souls, queen of the desert, no matter how long you live, you have been and always shall be my beloved daughter."

"Mother, but I'm so sorry." Brown eyes fell to the pavement. "I don't have a clue of what you want me to do. Thousands of innocent lives are at stake if I make the wrong decision. If I screw up, I bring evil into the world. Do you know what's going on now?"

"Yes, I do." A gentle hand guide Daria's chin so that she met the darker woman's eyes. Strong arms embraced her. "You called and I came. Let's go get a Let's go get a cappuccino and figure things out."

"Oh, Mother!" Daria's arms wrapped around the much taller woman's slender waist. "Only you would want to save the world over a cup of coffee."

"I know this great little coffeehouse just a block over." The dark Amazon took Daria's hand. "Follow me."

The Nubian Beauty and the younger woman sat at Starbuck's and sipped their warm drinks. No one took notice of the two women as they discussed highly unusual subject matter. The elder one handed Daria a hanky. "Dry your tears."

"Mother," Daria didn't know where to begin. "Are you truly a deity? Are you a goddess?"

"What does your heart tell you?"

"No, I am asking you and I want a straight answer." Daria's fist landed on the smooth surface of the table. "Straight up, are you a deity?"

"Just like your father with that feisty temper. Girl, you need to reign that it."

"Please, just be straight with me for once."

The elder woman languidly sat her coffee on the table and steepled her hands in contemplation. "Your heart tells you that I am a very ancient being whose true form is reptilian. You know that I come from some place thousands of light years from this planet. You know that my species have wondrous abilities considered Magickal by Earth's population. Yet, your heart wonders if I am just as fallible as the rest of the world?"

"Pretty much." Daria agreed. "Now, are you or are you not a goddess?"

"I am the one who loves her children...winged and otherwise. I will do everything within my power to protect them as any mother would." Skylaris' crystalline amethyst eyes seared a fissure into Daria's growing doubt. "You would do no less for my people, no?"

"No..." Daria whispered.

"They look to you for guidance. You have great powers to alter fate and change history with a thought. There are those who will build shrines to you, Daru Beletseri as they once did. They will look to you for answers and when you don't have them, you must give them as you once did."

"I never claimed to be anything more than who I was." Daria replied steadily. "Your followers saw me as more than what I truly am."

"Some see you as a priestess, a sister." Skylaris spoke the words quietly. "Some will see you as a goddess. Faith is best when it comes from within. Sometimes, it must first be found in something beyond ourselves."

"Ancient Draconic wisdom?" Daria smirked.

"No, actually I found that quote in the body/mind/spirit section at Barnes and Noble." Daria realized that her mother's words were true. She also recognized that her mother's quirky sense of humor tremendously brightened the moment. "I created beings to be my children. I love them. They have chosen to love me. As a mother, I will do everything to protect my children. Those who are winged choose to see me as their beloved Guardian and Protector. I use those wondrous abilities that I have to ensure that my children know many blessings. I ask only for their love and not their worship."

"They see you as a Goddess." Daria replied.

"Indeed." The woman extended one hand to touch Daria's cheek. "You are my daughter, one thousands of progeny scattered throughout the galaxy. Yet, you're searching for something beyond yourself to give you inspiration."

"Pretty much."

"Let me tell you this, my Daughter." The woman took a cigarette from her purse. She held it between two ornately manicured fingers. Mysteriously, the cigarette lit without the benefit of either matches or a lighter. "You also have wondrous abilities. You can choose. Your choice is blatantly obvious: you may summon the one called Caine into this world and restore his vampirism. To do so will restore the Null Void that was cause by his people's eradication. You know that my children were directly responsible for their demise and contributed to the Null Void's existence. Vampires are creatures that prey upon those we have sworn to protect. Yet, it is from the very stock we protect from where they spawn. Now, Daria, you're facing the ethical plight of whether or not you should reintroduce these creatures to the world."

"You know that's only half of it.' Daria stared at her mother. "Skylaris, what about Tiamat?"

"Ah, yes. Your daughter." Skylaris' eyes misted at the mention of the other's name. "My daughter wishes to enter this world and destroy it. With her, she'll bring an army of demons behind her who'll cull humanity in a bloody harvest."

"Tell me something that I don't already know."

"Caine...Utakku is one that is easily lonely." Skylaris never took her eyes of her daughter. "He never wished for his childer to hunt and kill as they did."

"You mean the scions he begat."

"Precisely." Skylaris reached for the sugar and poured two packets into her coffee. "Vampires infuse that part of the Null Void into themselves and they manifest a natural counterbalance. They contribute to the well being of this world in their own way. A spider or serpent is much feared by many. Yet, the nature of those animals is predatory. They simply fulfill the requirements of their design and cull the insects that would bring far more harm. " powerful but can be dealt with rationally. Tiamat is one hell-bent on destruction simply because it entertains her. Vampires aren't inherently evil, Daria. Some of those who are vampires are the ones that bring evil upon humanity."

"So, you're saying that Caine isn't the true evil and neither is his vampirism."

Skylaris merely looked at her daughter.

"Mother, I can't allow Caine to go around sucking the blood out of innocent Humans...even the not so innocent." Daria threw her arms in the air.

"If you were a goddess, what would you do?"

'I'm not a goddess." Daria hated the word 'goddess'. " I'm just a Djinni."

"Your powers are extensive in their own realm." Skylaris motioned for the server to bring another round of cappuccino. "What are your options?"

"I..." Daria stopped. "Don't know."

"Remember this if nothing else, the canon that cannot be destroyed might be changed."

"Or..." Daria's brows rose in understanding. "The law that cannot be broken can surely be bent."

Skylaris nodded in satisfaction. "My children are charged with protecting Humanity. You are my daughter and the love of my heart. Protect them. You're canny in your way of thinking. Where there is vagueness will be the opportunity to create an absolute."

"But how?"

"You're an adult, Daria. That I leave to you." Skylaris paid the server for the second round of coffee. "You aren't my High Priestess by accident."

"Am I your choice?" Daria longed to know that she wasn't Skylaris' chosen by process of elimination. "I thought Timron was your chosen one."

"I told Timron to share with the clan what they needed to know." She brushed a stray braid back into place. "I will tell you now...I have faith in your judgment."

"Though my temper and pride get in the way."

"Temper can become temper righteous anger if channeled wisely. Pride can become dignity if directed by wisdom. You know your limitations. You know your potential. Be comfortable with your capabilities and base your decisions upon these things."

"But what about when I lost my temper and Father...?"

"Previous actions cannot be undone, Daughter. Learn from them and let that knowledge become wisdom to guide you in future events."

"And what about when I misused my Magick to bring about the Illumination?"

"You are making amends. Guide those amends with discernment and discretion." The Black woman took Daria's hands in hers. "I have never been prouder of you than at this moment. You've put aside your arrogance to ask for counsel. That is why I have chosen you as my Priestess."

"I don't know what to say." Daria felt a peace that had eluded her for centuries. Skylaris rose from the table and headed for the door. "Wait!"

The Black woman looked over her shoulder. "What, Dear?"

"I have two more questions." Daria darted up from the table and rushed to her mother's side. "Where is Zendrizane? How can I find him?"

"Whoa, that's a radical change of subject even for you." Skylaris chuckled. "He's looking for you, Daria."

"Then, he's still alive after all these centuries." Joy filled Daria's heart.

"Yes, he is." She planted a kiss on her daughter's cheek. "When it's time, you'll be reunited with your father."

"Please don't stay so far away, Mother." Daria hugged her mother tightly. "You might be the Gargoyles' goddess, but I need you, too."

"I'll check in on you from time to time." The scent of smoke and lilacs filled the coffeehouse. Daria closed her eyes to inhale her mother's unique scent. "No matter how old you are, I need you too."

"I love you." She whispered. "I miss you."

"And I love you." A warm melodious voice answered from somewhere in the distance. "I'm only a thought away. Keep me in your heart as you will be in mine."

Daria opened her eyes and found she stood alone in the middle of Starbuck's. People milled past her without a word. She smiled at the irony: only a Genie could find a Deity at a coffeehouse. "Thank you."

Daria spent the rest of the morning walking toward Summerlands. She worried how to find the bone of Utakku's father. There was only one older than the eldest of vampires, and that was Adam, the eldest of all humans. She felt the early autumn winds blow through her thin clothing. With a blink, her tank top became a light sweater and shorts became jeans. One or two people turned and looked twice as the young woman's clothing miraculously altered before human eyes.

She arrived home in the early afternoon and found the others sitting in the living room. Wren rose from the sofa and rushed to greet her sister. "Why didn't you call? We've been worried sick about you!"

Daria stared at those who claimed to be clan. Dominique glowered at her and MacBeth rubbed tension from his mate's neck. Demetrius' dark eyes held only concern. Wren stepped forward. "Demetrius said that you just ran off early this morning."

"He's right. I did." Daria sunk down into the oversized cushions of the sofa. "I needed time to think and I needed answers."

"Where did you go?"

"Actually, I went to Starbucks." The Daemon laughed wryly. "I went looking for answers and found Mother."

"Skylaris appeared to you?" Dominique asked in awe.

"Yeah, I must admit, that was the LAST thing I was expecting." Daria rubbed her eyes. "But, she has always come through when the going gets rough. I needed her and I called out and well, she came."

"What did she say?" Dominique sat beside Wren. "I've never seen her."

Daria understood in that singular moment what Skylaris had meant when she had said that some saw her as a goddess. Dominique's change was as much due to the dreams she had sent to her by the Dragon as the love she felt for MacBeth. [Mother, what should I tell her?]

[Tell Dominique that I am pleased with her change and her children will be strong and healthy. Tell her to buy two of everything for the rookery and the nursery.}

Daria felt a giddy grin cross her features. Dominique glared at her. "You vanished into no where and worried everyone. What's so funny?"

"First, Skylaris says Hi. Secondly, she's please with your change and your strength of heart."

"Oh." A quiet little voice came from the redhead next to Daria.

"She also said that your children will be strong and healthy. By the way, buy two of everything. You'll need one of each baby item: one will go in the rookery, the other in the nursery."

"What?" Green eyes widened as Dominique's hand went instantly to her neck. She turned slightly and Daria saw the blue and green leopard spots that were at the nape of her neck.

"Congratulations, clan sister, you're having twins." Daria patted her lightly on the back. "I'm guessing one is going to hatched and one is going to be born."

"By the Dragon!" Dominique sunk into the oversized cushions of the sofa.

"You're going to have your hands full." She looked around. "Where's Barney?"

"Drakiel is sleeping."


"He was worried about you." Wren laid a hand on her friend's shoulder. "He offered to bring in the DeMahri fleet to run a planetary scan to find you."

"Well, it wasn't necessary. I'm here. But, I still have a problem." She looked to Wren. "I need to summon someone. I have two of the three components. I need one of Adam's bones. The problem is, I have no clue where he buried."

Wren gave her a small smile. She held an ornately jeweled silver box in her hands. Daria cocked her head in confusion. "What is it?"

"I took the morning off and did a" Wren pushed the box into her sister-in-laws' hands. "I just happened to take the Annulus for a spin and go shopping in Ur."

Daria said nothing but opened the box. She noticed it was inlaid with velvet as dark as twilight. In the middle of the fabric was an ancient, yellowed piece of bone. She cringed at the unpleasant sight before her. It looked as though it were a carpal bone. Brown eyes met Wren's hazel gaze. Daria carefully closed the box. "Adam's bone?"

"His left pinky." Wren supplied. "Take this with you tonight and do what needs to be done."

"Thank you." She carefully closed the box. "I'm not looking forward to what I have to do."

"I shall be going with you tonight." Dominique said firmly. "You will need a second mage to help cast the circle."

"Not in your condition, Love." MacBeth's voice was a stern reminder of his protective streak. "Daria knows what to do."

"Perhaps, but one should have a second mage on hand when summoning such a powerful spirit. I am going."

"Nay, Lass-"

"MacBeth, if you stop me, I shall cheerfully rip your eyes out of their sockets."

"Don't argue with an eggnant woman." Daria shook her head in amusement. "Just say, 'yes, Dear."

"Daria, we a clan." Demetrius went into full-throttle clan-leader mode. "We are one. If you choose to summon Utakku, then we will do all we can to help you."

"You don't know what you're saying." She held up a hand to stop his words. "I don't want anyone getting hurt."

"Demetrius has told us your plan." Wren laid a hand on Daria's shoulder. "We know that you need all the help you can get. In fact, we've hatched a plan...pardon the pun and this is what we had in mind..."


11:30PM 14th and O'Kault Streets
Downtown Linoma Metroplex: Sam Hain
Shortly after sunset.

The entire clan walked as a group toward the busy intersection. Dominique informed the group that 14th and O'Kault was the most magickally charged spot in the city. Inlaid in the asphalt was a particular geometric design put in place by the Masons from the late 19th century. According to local legend, that intersection rests atop an ancient temple built by the Elves five thousand years prior. If one wished to summon an ancient spirit, that particular crossroads guaranteed the best chance of success.

Dorian met them at the little Greek Gyro restaurant not far from the street. After discussing their plan, he gave his compliance. Dominique and Wren made their way through the bustling crowds to enact the first part of the plan. Within five minutes, streetlights went dark, hydrants exploded and a three-car pile up on four streets blocked traffic from crossing the junction. An hour later, blockades were set up to detour traffic while police handled the mess. Talk amongst the spectators was how miraculous it was no one was hurt.

Dorian and Daria made the proper markings on the ground. The Wikkan donned a black velvet ceremonial robe with a hood. He pulled the cowl so that his features were cloaked in shadow. Daria noticed that the front of the robe displayed intricately embroidered gold symbols from the Book of Light and Shadows. He took a silver canister and poured sea salt in a large circle in the middle of the intersection. Daria took her cue and placed two white candles at the north and south ends of the circle, two black candles on the East and West and three red candles in a triangle in the middle of the circle.

"You may wish to don a blessed garment to protect yourself." Dorian murmured quietly in Daria's ear. "We haven't much time before the invisibility glamour expires."

"Understood." Daria went to the left and pulled out her white and green clerical robes. She cast a glance in Dorian's direction. "I'm used to just blinking. I haven 't actually cast a clerical spell in a thousand years."

"Its like riding a broomstick." He chuckled. "It will all come back to you."

"Dear, I'm used to riding on Magick carpets."

"Ah! Same thing." He waved his hand in dismissal. "Let's finish the preparations."

Dorian went to his beat-up pickup and brought out a long wooden table. Daria blinked and a black silken cloth fluttered above it and settled on it. It covered the entire length of the ancient table. She noticed the table's legs sported grotesque carvings of faces contorted in agony. "Ugh. Butt-ugly, Dorian."

"Hey, I picked it up at a Garage sale." He smirked. "For five bucks, it was a steal."

"I just bet." Daria grimaced.

The blank clock blinked and it read 12:00AM. Dorian silently looked at the clock and then at the Djinni. "Do it exactly as we have planned. Do not deviate from the spell. Don't get distracted. Whatever you do...remember to continue the incantation or everything will fall apart."

"Gotcha." She nodded with more bravado than she felt. They stepped inside the circle. Dorian raised a wand roughly the length of his arm. It was a long silver rod embedded with bloodstone and amethyst. Daria took the vial and poured it on the satin cloth that covered their makeshift alter. She placed the ancient coin from the First City at the north end of the table. She placed Adam's bone in the center.

Dorian cleared his throat and circled counterclockwise inside the circle several times. He cleared his throat.

Wise Hecate, bless this sacred circle
and that occurs within this blessed place.
Bless this site and our endeavors this night.

Fortify and keep us safe from harm.
Let now evil enter or depart this sacred circle.
From every plan where abomination harrows
from places beyond true sight

Protect us Wise Lady. Guard us now."

Daria watched as Dorian slowly closed his eyes. She watched flames of blue erupt from the circle of salt surrounding them. She took one of the red candles from the altar and lit it from the Magickal fire caging them. She lit the four candles at the perimeter of the circle starting with the north and then worked her way clockwise.

"Goddess of Dragons, Blessed Mother
Who art Parent, Primogenitor, and Progeny
I invoke your name.
Grant us the grace of your protection.
Encircle us with your blessing and love.
Guide us this night in your Wary.
Show us the strength of your power and love.
Protect us."

Daria watched wordlessly as a second ring of fire engulfed the first. Blue flame and green blaze entwined in a burning circlet of Magick and power. Daria silently nodded to Dorian.

"What is missing, return to us
Know again your Humanity, Caine, father of the Endless.
Hecate and El, bind him to his mortal coil once more.
From the blood of Caine's children let ash become flesh.
From the bone of his father let him take form.
From the metal from deep within the earth let him regain memory.
Reform his flesh into one of the living once more."

Smoke rose from the table. The three scarlet candles blazed as the smoke settled along the surface of the rough and ready altar. Daria watched in mute fascination as the fumes took form and settled onto the table. A violent gust of wind blew away the thick, billowing smoke and a still figure rested on the sacred space. The Djinni gasped as she stared at the lifeless face staring at her. She recognized the swarthy skin and the ice blue eyes that stared into her soul. She froze.

She felt an elbow jab her in the ribs. She turned to see Dorian giving her a venomous look that read 'don't stop now.'

She knew that his corporeal vessel lie before them. All it needed was a soul. She leaned forward and pulled back his lip. She saw the blood teeth descended and ready to feed at first opportunity. She took several steps back and brought her hands together. Daria opened her arms wide over the cadaver and did a series of intricate hand gestures.

"Child of Adam
Spirit of Utakku
Known as Caine.
Be guided by my voice.
Come forth into this earthly realm
And reside in this vessel of flesh, blood, and bone.
Come forth and be amongst us.
Return and walk amongst the living.
So mote it be."

Dorian took Daria's hand as the corpse gained color. Ice Blue eyes darkened to captivating cobalt. Ancient tattoos with twisting imagery swirled and danced along the body's skin. His chest heaved as he drew his first breaths.

"He's breathing." Dorian whispered. "That's impossible."

"I changed the spell." Daria hissed. "I'll be damned if I'm going to let an actual vampire walk the Earth."

"You didn't!" Dorian's exclamation almost broke the ambiance. "Whose blood did you use?"

"Certainly not Lysander's." Brown eyes darted in Utakku's direction. "I knew a Sanguine that kept a sample of her blood in our lab at Summerlands. So, I helped myself."

"You're insane." Dorian nearly let go of Daria's hand in his anger. "You've altered the spell."

"Oh, no." She countered. "One of Utakku's progeny was the key component. Before he was begat by Lillitu, Lilliath to you, he was marked but still able to father children. Those born of his loins BEFORE the embrace by Lilitu are called Sanguine. Those created after her embrace of him are called Vampires. Therein the loophole."

"Oh, you clever girl." A dark smile crossed Dorian's features.

The returned their concentration to the still person sitting upright on the altar. Together, a rich tenor and a husky alto chanted in unison.

"Be bound of flesh, bone and spirit.
Forever united as living flesh.
Know that you are Caine also called Utakku.
Walk again, father of the Endless
Amongst the living."

Utakku turned and stared with those stormy eyes at the duo. He stared at Dorian. "I do not know you."

"My name is Dorian."

Utakku's eyes flashed when he saw Daria only inches from him. "You have summoned me AGAIN."

"Yes, I have."