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-A Heart


Everyone belongs somewhere. Me? Well I belong here. Right where I am. Riding in the pickup part of Gale's old, red pickup truck that he inherited from his father, legs squished up against Madge's. This is how we get around here, in Isle Petite. Thatmeans Little Island in French, for all you mainlanders out there that didn't know. As we pass a group of five bike riders, I immediately know that we have newcomers to the inn. By the inn, I mean Beachcombers, the only hotel/inn for visitors to stay at. I also work there along with Gale, but he doesn't really count, since his family owns it.

With an around year population of 128, everybody knows everybody. The group looks like a family of five, a mother, father, and three boys. Two look exactly alike, probably about eighteen years of age,like Gale. The other looks about my age, sixteen, and has golden blond hair and blue eyes that connect with mine, staring so intensely that I look away in embarrassment, as if he might see through me.

"Mmhmm," Comes the murmur from Delly, who is also in the truck, and I see that she's watching the boy as well. We turn the corner of the road that leads us to the basketball court. While we lose sight of the male on question, the pickup game comes in view and I see Johanna, Thom, and Marvel standing with the other players. Most of them are year rounders like us or part year stayers, but them you see the stray visitor or two that heard about the game and thought, why not? Gales hops out of the driver's side and races to he court in his new basketball shoes.

"Let's get this thing started!" He hollers. There is a wave of ' yeah's and then the kids settle down, waiting for Gale to announce the team captains. "All right, tonight's captains will be... Katniss!" I scowl, I hate choosing teams; it feels wrong, which makes Gale mouth a not-so-sincere 'sorry Catnip!'. He chooses to ignore the colorful word I mouth back and continue on. "And, our random captain... you! You look friendly, unlike Catnip here, what's your name?"

I do a double take when I recognize the chosen person, it's the boy on the bike! His blond locks are in a ruffled mess from his helmet, and Gale is right, he does look friendly. The young man steps up confidently to Gale and then glances at me, his blue eye sparkling.

"I'm Peeta, Peeta Mellark." Gale nods and I smile at Peeta.

"So, you two do rock, paper, scissors and the winner will go first."

"Yes, Gale, we know how to play." I roll my eyes and grin at the other, sticking out my fist. He stares at me for a moment, long enough to make me uncomfortable, though, then looks down, clears his throat, and does the same action as me.

"Rock, paper, scissor, shoot!" We chant and I release a so called scissor while he releases a rock. He smiles triumphantly up at me, then turns to the small crowd of teenagers, probably a group of twenty, contemplating his first pick.

"Uh, you." He points to a brown haired girl with gorgeous green eyes whose tank top shows her toned arm muscles. Oh! I know her, she's a summer comer. She's a swimmer, what's her name...

"Annie." She smiles at Peeta. That's it, Annie Cresta.

"Gale." I immediately chose and he fist pumps, shoots an apologetic look at Peeta, then joins me.

"You." The boy that once stood with Annie, Finnick Odiar, who is also her long time best friend, joins the two, making it a trio.

"Finnick." Peeta nods to acknowledge his new teammate.

"Johanna." She strides over to my area, chin held up high, smirking at Finnick.

"Uh, you. In the red."

"Embrodia." A slightly frightening eighteen year old walks haughtily over to Peeta.

"Marv." Marvel shoots me a grin and skips- actually skips- over to me.

"You. Sorry, I don't know your names."

"That's okay, man. I'm Thresh."

"Clove." Johanna scowls and glares at me, but I shrug. If she won't tell me what showing on between her and Clove, she will have to deal with playing with the star basketball player.


"I'm Thom." Thom hurries over to stand by Finnick, masking his disappointment of not being with Marvel, his best friend, with a small smile.

"Cato." Clove grins and lets out a squeal at her boyfriend, making Johanna roll her eyes in disgust.

"Rye." We all look at Peeta's next choosing, both unaware of the person behind the name and how he knows Peeta. As I look between the two, I realize that they are brothers. 'Rye's twin is not in sight.


The teams are finally split up, after deciding that the uneven player, who happened to be Delly, would take on the role of referee. Gale, the tallest player on my team, which, by the way, we named The Chimychangas, was elected to do the jump ball. Rye, who is the tallest player on Peeta's team- wait, no, the tallest player on any team, was also elected to jump ball for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Tense in my stance, I prepare for the ball. Gale manages to slap it down their court, and Johanna on her long, strong legs races after it in a foot race between herself and Marvel. Jo reaches the ball first, and easily, to the point of it being humiliating to Marvel, slips past the opponent and takes a jump shot from the three point line. It bounces off the backboard and circles the rim a few times before making up its mind and giving the Chimychangas the first points of the night.


After an exhausting hour of basketball galore, we sit outside on the town pier, breathing in the salty ocean air, discussing the 87-81 game that Peeta's team managed to take hold of. I sit with Madge, relaxing in silence, ignoring the talking that surrounds us.

"Who wants a Fresca?" Our heads snap in the direction of the parking lot, where the shape of Bristol, the General Store's owners' daughter stands with a cart of soda. "Mom and Dad got a delivery today, the ferry was packed." She calls, and everyone rushes over to retrieve a cold beverage.

Once everyone retreats, I head up to grab a Fresca as well, expecting to be alone. Instead, I glance to the side to find Peeta watching me as he walks up.

"Hey..." He starts awkwardly, reaching out for a soda at the same time as I do but not breaking our eye contact.

"Hey. Great game." Peeta clears his throat as we start back for the pier but looks relieved that I said something.

"Yeah, you are an excellent player. Where'd you learn to play?"

"My dad." He gives me a look that clearly says 'go on...' but drops it when he is greeted with silence.

"So," I sit down on a rock and pat the one next to me signaling for the blond to sit next to me. "I've never seen you around here before. I'm Katniss, by the way, Katniss Everdeen. I'm one of the few that live here year round. Where are you from?"

"Oh, I'm from New York City. Yup, a city boy."

"How long are you staying here?"

"I don't know. We just moved yesterday."

"Wait, you moved here? Like, for the next couple of years? Or for the summer." I am shocked, no one has moved here since two Novembers ago when Marvel and his younger sister, Jenny, moved here.

"Yeah, for the next couple of years. My parents are opening up a bakery food truck."

"Wow. Okay, so, know the population is at a shocking 132. Anyways, where are you living?"

"Uh, I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm on the water, near the lighthouse. You know the lighthouse? With the gigantic white house behind it?" I nod my head slowly, that's my house... "Well, we are right next to that. In a large blue cape style house."



"I live in that white house. My family is the lighthouse keepers. And you're my new neighbor." His eye widen, and to my pleasure, his smile grows larger (which means he isn't totally disturbed by me... yet).

"Really? That's awesome! We we were just touring the island today on our bikes; I think you saw us. Its beautiful. Do you think that you could introduce me to everyone? And possibly show my around?"

"Well, I work a lot at Beachcombers, the inn. Maybe you saw it? Either way, I'll show you around and whole sha-bang, but I will have to get back to on when. Maybe Thursday." Today is Tuesday.

"Yeah, I'm free whenever except for Saturday, that's when we transport the truck for the bakery." I stand and stretch my legs, watching the, must I say, very good looking boy beside me.

"You know, Peeta, most of these people have lived here their whole life, like me. Went to the one room school house, took the ferry at least twice a week, used the rocks on the beaches as their playground. And I think that somehow, you, a city boy, will fit right in." With that I turn and leave, motioning to Gale, Madge, and Delly that it's them to go. As we walk towards the battered vehicle, I dare to send a glance over my shoulder at Peeta, who is grinning goofily at me as I stride away.


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