I AM SO SORRY THAT THIS IS NOT A CHAPTER! I feel really bad that I am doing this to you guys! Especially since this is bad news. So here it comes...

I am taking a break.

This the absolute worst scenario, but I am NOT quitting. I refuse to do so. Here's the thing; I just learned that I made the Middle school soccer team. Which means I have practice every single day except for Sunday, because I play on another team. Now, I also have homework, as well as a online VHS (Virtual High School) course I am taking, which leads to more homework. I also don't want to be infrequent and have really short chapters. So, I am going to finish A Vision of London (somewhat infrequently), but I only have about two to three chapters left, but take a break on Little Island and get back to it when AVoL is finished.

Thank you so much for sticking with me, and I going to try my best to do this. It's going to take some time, though.

Once again, I am SO sorry!

-Abbi (AHeart99)