Chapter 1

A/N: This fiction was inspired by the "head slap" discussion on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (4/2012) with Mark Harmon about head slaps gone wrong during filming.

A/N #2: At this point, Rule 41 remains unknown. (8/19/2012) If this is incorrect though, could you tell me if a rule 41 has been made? (I'll just switch the number then.)

Title: Heard it through the Grapevine there was a Face Headslap.

This is a standalone story. "Heard it Through the Grapevine" is the start of a new series of independent stories.

Summary: News travels fast that someone on Team-Gibbs was face slapped. Upon hearing the news, the rest of the team is just beside themselves and debate how to handle the situation. However, the end result is not what they expected.


Squad Room

"This is our dead Marine." Ziva said sadly directing everyone to the plasma. "He is 24 years old. He was married but has no children. He just returned from Iraq three weeks ago."

"I talked to his wife by phone. She said she should get here in another hour." DiNozzo said. Gibbs nodded ready to return to his desk. He stopped when he thought DiNozzo had more to add.

"Wow. . ." DiNozzo mumbled. They all looked to him curiously. "They just don't make cars like that anymore." DiNozzo continued to flip through the crash site pictures that they took.

"DiNozzo!" McGee groaned at the poor timing for the discussion. DiNozzo nodded that he knew that this was an inappropriate time.

"But come on, though that is a classic. There is barely any physical damage to the car itself. It has. . ." DiNozzo continued.

Gibbs had turned back around, when DiNozzo continued to discuss how impressive the old car was. Gibbs hand had begun the typical path of motion, building the necessary force to deliver the effective "wake-up call" that DiNozzo had needed at the moment.

The typical target was the back of DiNozzo's head, which was in his sight. DiNozzo was not expecting the head slap, so that was usually when the contact had the most effect.

However. . .it was at this moment that DiNozzo turned too quickly to look back at them.

Instead of making that normal contact on the back of DiNozzo's head, Gibbs' hand missed the target because the target had moved so quickly. As a result, Gibbs slapped DiNozzo's left cheek. The sound seemed to echo throughout the entire NCIS headquarters. Initially, DiNozzo was stunned from the contact made on his face and the momentary sting. Gibbs froze in his spot holding his hand in mid-air after making the contact.

McGee and Ziva gasped and were wide-eyed in shock from this event. DiNozzo remained stunned for a moment, forgetting what he was about to say. He briefly touched his reddened cheek before turning to Gibbs. They looked to each other for a moment, than DiNozzo turned and went to his desk. Gibbs looked at him a moment longer and then returned to his desk.

In the process of returning to his desk, Gibbs caught the stunned faces of McGee and Ziva. McGee and Ziva looked to each other for a moment, and then returned to their desks. They were just frozen and unable to speak, looking at both of the men closely.

McGee and Ziva watched as DiNozzo got on his coat, grabbed his keys, and looked as though he was about to leave the building. They watched DiNozzo closely, wondering if this would be the slap that would end their long eleven-year partnership. This might be the slap that would finally start to dismantle Team-Gibbs for good.


"So. . .I have three orders for a stuffed burrito, and one nacho salad." DiNozzo said casually holding up a sheet of paper. He looked to them for a moment. He squinted and tried to mimic Ziva and McGee's unreadable expressions as they remained wide eyed and quiet.

"Mmm-hmm." Gibbs said in agreement without looking up.

"Alright, I will be right back, then." DiNozzo said walking to the elevator.

"I need to check with Abby." Gibbs said. He stood up and looked at them both curiously before leaving the squad room.