This isn't the first chapter of the story. This is just an exceedingly long authors' note to explain how this story came to be. If you don't want to read this, skip straight ahead to chapter two where the story will officially begin.

I've been looking for a way to extend my writing recently. A fabulous challenge from Alpha helped in one respect, but this is something completely different.

I collaborated on this with my sister, her username on here is DrToilette, and we took it in turns writing each chapter as if it was a news article.

This idea was born of a question from the "You Know You're British When…" Blog on Tumblr, who asked the question "What would be a newspaper headline in 2065", I immediately started thinking, and then discussed my idea with DT.

Between the two of us we have planned out more than 50 articles, therefore more than 50 chapters. This is basically going to be a dummies guide to Star Trek canon. We include major events from the books, and a few things we guess at, because there is never more

The story starts at the end of World War III, and ends during the book "Lost Souls". Roughly spanning from 2053 to 2381… Chapters are the average length of an article on the BBC News website.

Enjoy the story, and thanks for giving this a chance.

Bones and Doc Toilet xx