"One Government, One Voice" – President Marjovski hails a new dawn.

August 26th, 2113
Reported by political editor Ryan Thomas-Jones

After the historic referendums in 70% of the worlds' populace that took place in April and May, today marks the first ruling day of the United Earth Governing Council.

With 65% of the population voting for the formation of one single government, to govern the world in a spirit of peace, honesty and scientific curiosity, the governments of the international community had to make decisions on how such a worldwide government would be run.

With each representative country electing a representative to parliament, each separate country will have an equal voice in the government as its neighbour.

Yet to sign to the new worldwide united government are China, Japan, Somalia, Kenya, Samoa, Scotland, Iceland, Australia and Western Russia. Though it is believed that a second referendum will be held in Samoa and Scotland early next year.

New Prime Minister of United Earth, Nana Marjovski, gave her commencement address today after she took the newly designed pledge for presidential officers.

"Today, I look back over the last 200 years of our planet and wonder. What if we had been united then. What if we had had one government for the Eugenics wars, for the September 11th bombings, for the wars in the Falklands, Korea, Afghanistan and the Gulf. What if we'd had one government at the time of the third world war? Those conflicts may have been avoided, but our planet would be a very different place, populated by a very different people. On this day history will remember that we took the first step to becoming whole. We took the first step into become a planet wholly united, speaking together in a voice of unity against all others. Today, we declare… 'one government, one voice'"

She went on to praise the Vulcan diplomats who were in attendance, speaking of the unique bond that Earth would forever have with Vulcan and its people.

One day, maybe Earth truly will be united, but until ECON countries like China and Japan are brought into the fold, there will never be true unity. Time will tell if this is a mistake or the beginning of a new future for Humanity.