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Warp Five Engineer Henry Archer dies

June 2nd 2124, Mort Merde, Civilian News Service

Warp theorist and engineer Henry Archer has passed away in his sleep at his home in upstate New York.

Archer was the prolific designer of an engine capable of reaching Warp Five however he was not able to live to see the construction of his beloved engine.

Mr Archer died after struggling for two years with the debilitating Clarkes disease, which has the patient being unable to recognise their surroundings and even forgetting those closest to them.

Long-time friend Emory Erickson and inventor of the first human matter transporter had this to say about his friend,

"Henry always knew how to pick you up when you were down. A fantastic friend and a fantastic father, I am proud to have known him and been his friend."

In an extract found in the records of the War Five Project renowned warp engineer Zefram Cochrane, who disappeared in 2119 had this to say about his colleague Archer,

"I have never met such a generous man in my life. If I hadn't invented Warp Drive then I'm sure he would have done."

Many at the Warp Five Complex who wished not to be named for legal reasons claim that the Vulcans are responsible for the delays surrounding the project. It is commonly believed that the Vulcan Science Academy has held back any possible assistance that they could give to Earth, while criticising the work that is being done by our scientists.

Archer's wife Sally has asked that the family be given privacy to mourn. He is survived by wife Sally and son Jonathan.

A public memorial for Archer will be held in San Francisco on Friday,