Summary: Charlie and Liz are good friends, so when Charlie informs Liz of the strange attacks occurring in Forks, Liz sends over one of her best council members to deal with the vampires—Damon Salvatore. Damon goes to Forks after Elena begins her transition. He expects a boring road ahead of him, but soon realizes he was too quick to judge when he meets Chief Swan's daughter, Bella Swan, who has some secrets of her own.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything belongs to CW, L. J. Smith, and Stephenie Meyer.


The Bloody Dilemma


"The attacks are becoming more consistent, Chief." Deputy Mark said in a deep professional tone as the two men stared down at the photographs laid out on the desk before them. They were standing in what could be pinned as the Chief's office, the day coming to a close, with the utmost troubled expressions on their faces. Deputy reached up to wipe his brow and spoke again. "Ten attacks in the past month—five of which have happened in the past three weeks. The evidence is clear, Chief."

Chief Charlie Swan sighed, pulling himself down to sit on the chair behind the desk, resting his elbow on the desk he stared down at the photographs troubled. "The evidence is becoming too clear—people are beginning to notice." Charlie leant backwards, opened a draw and pulled out a newspaper. He threw the newspaper across the desk. "Page 10." Charlie grunted, his eyes never leaving the pictures on the desk. In each photograph, was a body lain on the floor—it's body stained with blood and mauled from the neck.

Deputy Mark pulled the newspaper open and turned it to page 10. He read the title aloud: "Small Town Overawed With Mass Murders." Mark looked up at Charlie with a struck expression.

"Even Seattle Times are noticing the attacks." Charlie gruffly said, pulling the newspaper back. "They even question our authorities at some point." Charlie snorted as he looked down at the newspaper. "Swann. They could have at least spelt my name right." Mark let out a small snicker as Charlie tossed the newspaper aside; the newspaper soared across the room and landed in the trashcan.

Mark shook his head. "What are we going to do, Chief? I mean, this article may have only made page 10 but people in Forks still read this. If people start to believe what they read…" Mark stumbled for words. "Well, we'll be dealing with a lot more than a murder-crisis. The authorities will be questioning our methods—we could be…"

"I know fully well what could happen, Mark." Charlie interrupted, waving his hand. "But we can't let that disrupt our work; we have a bigger priority on our hands." Mark nodded in agreement and Charlie leant forward, looking down at the pictures with a sigh. "As long as the press doesn't catch wind of the attacked having mauled necks and severe cases of loss of blood, then we're fine for now."

Mark nodded again, mentally taking note to get Officer White on the case. "So what's the plan, Chief? How are we going to get rid of this vam-…?"

Charlie waved his hand again. "Don't say the word." He snapped. Mark sheepishly mumbled an apology. "But, yes, Mark, that is a good question." Charlie ran a hand through his messy disarray of dark brown chairs, hints of grey peaking at the roots. "As you know this isn't the first time Forks has suffered from you-know-what attacks; before now this has been something the Quileute tribe have dealt with, and this time round they have tried to deal with it—but this you-know-what is very… persistent." Charlie and Mark shivered. "So until the tribe has any luck with it, we'll have to take some matters into our own hands."

"OK, Chief…"

Charlie sighed deeply. "Now, I have a friend across the country—she happens to be a Sherriff of a small town with similar issues. We got to know each other well when we went to the same Police training college." Mark smirked at the last sentence. Charlie scoffed and glared. "Not like that, Mark." He grunted and Mark gestured for him to continue. "Anyway, this friend of mine happens to be from a town who are very experienced in dealing with these kind of issues in their own hands, since they didn't exactly have a Native American wolf-shifting neighbour to lend a hand." Mark let out a small snicker.

"So you're going to give this Sherriff a call, Chief?"

Charlie's eyes twinkled. "I already have." Mark nodded. "She was willing to lend a hand."

Mark's brows furrowed. "Lend a hand, how…?"

"At this very minute, Sherriff Forbes is arranging one of her own town members who happens to be very experienced in the matter of vampire hunting." Charlie leant back in his chair, clasping his hands together on his lap. "Apparently his name is Damon Salvatore and has done a lot of justice to the town ridding the vampires that attacked there. Liz should be calling any second now with his answer."