Title: Professor Spy

Summary: Carter Kane: twenty-five, Phd in Ancient Egypt, Spy. Horus Godson: twenty-two, student, grandson of drug dealer. Read as Carter tries to keep his mind on the mission and not on his sexy student who plans to have him anyways. CORUS, ANUCO (boyxboy)

Rated: T for now!

Pairing: Horus/Carter, Anubis/Nico

Warnings: This is SLASH. Meaning, boyxboy love. Do not like, do not read. It's just that simple.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Kane Chronicles or Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rick Riordan owns that pleasure.

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A phone rang.


"I need info on the Godson case. And I needed it yesterday."

"Kane, you seem to be under the impression that your urgency is mine. Try again, but this time try with 'please'."

A brief moment of silence.

"I need some more information on the Godson case, please."

A tinkling laugh.

"There, that wasn't so hard now was it?"

"I'm rolling my eyes. So when can I expect- you already sent it. Never mind then."

Another laugh.

"You're welcome, but next time you call, I hope you'll have more tact to be polite and ask for a date."

This time he chuckled.

"You know I play for the home team, but if we were on the same team I wouldn't hesitate."

"And that is what makes all the women love you Carter. Now hurry on with that case."

"You just want me to clear up the line for other suitors, don't you?"

"Well if I'm not getting anything from you..."

He snorted. "I'll pay for tomorrow's lunch."

"Only if I pick the place."


They both hung up.

Leaning back, Carter glared at the file before him. If what the documents say we're true, he would have to go undercover. Now he didn't have anything against that part of his job. That was actually what his job thrived on. At least his real job. His cover job did not ask that he infiltrate a mafia family to find out where they get their illegal drug information from. Unless they've updated the job requirements for college professors again? The last notification they gave out didn't go over so well. Then again, finding out that you can't work on one grat the whole summer is a bit of a downer.

Carter was just beginning to frowning over the fact that he would have to go undercover as a college student. He's already did his time, and did not want a repeat performance of that hellish nightmare. All the teasing and pranks. You would think once you're in college, people would wise up and stop being so childish. Yea right. If anything the pranks and name calling were even more vicious.

The door to his office opened up and emitted Cleo de Rio, his secretary. A sassy but very intelligent woman from Rio, just as her last name states. She spoke more languages then she knew what to do with, and was very adept at paperwork for some reason. Before he hired her, she had no work experience to speak of. i guess that's what happens when you hire people when on a mission. His colleagues had given him a lot of strife over hiring some 'random girl' in Brasil. Now they love her and wish they had her as their secretary.

Cleo smiled and took a seat in one of the two chairs before his desk.

"There could only be two reasons as to why you're pouting."

"I'm not pouting."

"One. Your sister called."

"I'm not pouting!"

"Or two, you have to go back to school. And since I KNOW your sister didn't call, you're going back to school."

Carter stared at his secretary. She sat with her back ramrod straight and an innocent smile on her lips.

"School," he replied, sending another glare at the folder.

"Aw, don't glare at the poor folder. It didn't do anything- ah hold on." She pressed the bluetooth on her ear. "Carter Kane's office, how may I help you?"

Taking his attention off of Cleo, Carter began to run things through his head of how he was going to tackle this new assignment. He was still young enough to pass off for a student. It also didn't hurt any that he looked younger than his twenty-five years of age. Then again he could play the whole 'just a local with a job at the coffee shop'.

"I'll be sure to discuss it with him. Yes, you too. Have a nice day." She pressed her blue tooth again. "That was the dean from Baum U. They were hoping to discuss with you a possible guest lecture opportunity?"

Then there's also that Phd he got in History. Professor maybe? What if someone recognizes him as the Carter Kane. He was well known in the academic world for his brilliance in Ancient Egypt.


That could work then...only if the target was taking his classes.


Unless he established contact prior and-

"Is that guy naked?"

"Sorry, what?" Carter perked up, focusing on Cleo again.

Cleo gave him a 'not impressed look'. He at least had the modesty to give her a sheepish look in return. "As I was saying, that was a call from Baum University asking you to guest lecture. Apparently many of their students in the history department have requested that you come in and discuss your findings."

"What university was this?"

"What kind of agent are you if you don't listen to a damn thing I say?" Cleo stood up and smooth the wrinkles out of her skirt. Her sharp green eyes not leaving Carter's guilty face. "It was Baum University. But I see that you have a case before you and-"

Carter held up his hand stopping her. "Baum University?" he looked at the folder again. "Get me the class schedule for Horus Godson." he looked up with a dazzling smile, in hopes to make up for cutting her off. "Please?"

Her glare went away as she rolled her eyes. "I'll get right on it. Oh, and before I forget, your sister called. Wanted to know who would be taking Amit to the vet?"

Carter sighed and pushed away from his desk. From school to his sister, this Tuesday was really shaping up to be a horrible day. "Thanks. I'll talk with her."

Cleo nodded and left the office. Carter pulled his cell phone from out of his pocket, speed dialing his younger sister.

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