Cassidy Blake was up long before her alarm clock rang. She had barely managed to sleep the night before, and was up in time to see the sunrise. She loved the sunrise, all those colors showing up one by one until they came together in a torrent of oranges and reds and colors so beautiful she didn't believe they had names. She had watched the sun and when it had risen, she went to her work desk to try and calm down. It didn't help. She was so excited that she felt like she was vibrating. She glanced at her guitar, wishing she could play it without her parents waking up and complaining about it-honestly, her parents were two of the richest people in Gotham and they wouldn't even spring for a music room for their eldest daughter. She glanced at her clock and saw it was 5 O'clock. She decided that she didn't want to wait any longer and went into her bathroom to get ready. She paused in front of the mirror to look at herself. She was sixteen and tall for her age and very attractive in her opinion. She had light-brown skin and chocolate brown hair with a blue stripe in it. She smiled and winked at herself before getting undressed and climbing into the shower.

She came out of the bathroom a few minutes later toweling off her hair. When that was done, she turned on some music-not loud enough to wake anybody- dried herself off and got dressed to the rhythm of "Everybody wants to rule the world" by tears of fire.

Looking around the large room, one would think that several people lived there, and not just because of the mess. There was a guitar and piano in one corner with sheet music and lyrics to songs littered around a desk. Her second desk was sitting below a wall covered in complicated looking equations. Her laptop was on this desk. There were also various kinds of paintings hanging from the walls- abstracts, landscapes, portraits-as well as posters of animals, planes, books, and runway models. From the ceiling hung various geometric shapes of different materials, as well as brightly colored paper airplanes and model aircrafts. There was a large book case filled with books and magazines whose content ran from fantasy and science fiction to reference books and periodicals about new discoveries in chemistry and physics, technological breakthroughs, motorcycles and animal biology. The only thing that confirmed that one person lived in the room was the clothes, and even then they did not seem to fit with most of the room. Cassidy' wardrobe consisted of a collection of leather and bomber jackets, jeans, T-shirts-many with such things written on them as "Question? Authority." And "I don't suffer from insanity-I enjoy it a great deal." And other stereo-typically rebellious garb, most of which littered the floors. As she finished dressing herself in a Red T-shirt, ripped jeans and her favorite black leather jacket. She had another half hour before her alarm rang and she didn't feel like watching TV, so she sat down at her music desk and started working on one of her songs.

Song writing was one of her hobbies. She was very good at it, and though she was smart enough and connected enough to get a job in any science facility in the world, her real dream was to become a musician.

She thought about a good beat-that was where she always started-and couldn't think of anything. She had the chorus, but she couldn't think of a good beginning. She looked at what she had already come up with and started singing quietly.

Fly in the freedom!

Time never stop and wait for me (show the way)!

Looking for answers looking for a clue

Fly in the freedom there's so many Things to do!

She couldn't think of anything, and just kept tapping her foot. Her alarm clock went off and she decided to take a break and work on it later. She went downstairs into the kitchen to get breakfast. She warmed up some bacon for a sandwich and ate it with tea at the kitchen counter. She was washing her dish when her mom came down in her dressing gown and tried to sneak up behind her. "Morning mom." Cassidy said with a smirk-it was a point of pride with her that she could never get snuck up on. Her mother rolled her eyes and gave her daughter a hug. "Honestly honey, how do you do that?" Cass dried her hands and turned around to hug her mother. "Just a gift mom."

"Well if you ask me, you have a few too many gifts." She teased as she started making her coffee. "Some mother you are. Ugh, I don't know how you drink that stuff?" she said, her nose wrinkling at the scent of coffee. "With enormous ease as it happens. Are you excited about the trip?" She asked. Cassidy and the other art students at Gotham prep were taking a trip to France to see the Louvre thanks to a donation by Wayne enterprises. "Are you kidding? Two weeks in France the most romantic city in the world? I could barely sleep last night; next time you see Bruce Wayne tell him I said thanks." Mrs. Blake laughed at her daughters' earnestness. "I'll do that. Have you got all your stuff? You know how disorganized you are." Cassidy rolled her eyes at her mothers' lack of faith. "Honestly mom, I have everything packed and waiting in the entrance. There's nothing that could go wrong."

"That's what you said about fixing the toaster-your eyebrows didn't grow back for months!" her dad said as he walked in. Cassidy rubbed her eyebrows, remembering the incident. "You always bring that up. Cut me some slack I was ten. And besides, I thought I looked pretty cool." Her parents started laughing and she left to watch TV and leave them to their morning coffee.

She switched on the flat screen and flipped to the news station. There was a story about the Batman bringing down one of the big gang bosses. "He is sooo cool." Came a loud, pleading voice. It was her little sister, Claire. "Morning tiny one. Sleep well?" Claire frowned at her and crossed her arms. She was ten, small for her age and very sensitive about the fact-making it ideal leverage for teasing. "You know I hate it when you call me that," She grumbled, sitting down heavily on the couch, "what did I miss?" Claire loved hearing about superheroes. She followed several of them closely-particularly the Gotham heroes like Batman and the Birds of Prey. Cassidy did it as well but for a slightly different reason. "Nothing too exciting munchkin. Apparently the mob has been trying to get a foothold in old-town and Batman stopped them." Claire grinned broadly, "He is sooooo awesome!" she said excitedly. Cassidy nodded, amused by how simply her sisters views of them were. She saw them like most people saw them-heroes, people who do amazing things. That was what they were, but in Cassidy' mind, it was what they represented that made them truly special. It came from a day several years ago. She had been out with her parents and they were walking back to their car at night when they got jumped by a pair of muggers. She had never felt as scared as she had that night. Then suddenly, out of the darkness two figures dropped out of the sky-Batman and Robin. They wiped the floor with them in seconds and disappeared almost as suddenly as they had come. That moment had stayed with her forever. The feeling of being terrified, of thinking everything was over and looking up to see that someone was coming to fix it all. That was what people saw in superheroes. They saw hope, and there was nothing more important than that.

Cassidy looked at her watch and saw that it was time to go. "Well, time to head out; I'm France-bound munchkin-stay out of my room."

"See ya Cass, have a nice trip. And I am so going into your room; especially after you called me munchkin. Twice." Cassidy groaned. Claire never missed anything, it was a family trait. "By sweetie, be careful." Her mom said as she hugged her goodbye. "Come on, you know me." Cass said.

"Yeah, that's why we're telling you to be careful." Her dad said, giving her a hug as well. "One of us will pick up your car from school later, just have a good trip and don't do anything stupid." Cassidy grinned at her parents, seeing their long running joke put into play. "You got it, I'll just be myself." Her dad gave her a friendly punch in the shoulder, "I said don't do anything stupid." They all laughed and Cass gave one last goodbye as she pulled her suitcase out to her car.

When she got to school, she pulled out her suitcase and went to homeroom to register. Once that was over, she took her bag out to the car park and searched the crowd. She soon spotted who she was looking for. She crept up behind the girl and grabbed her from behind, lifting her off her feet. "Whoa! And good morning to you too tiger." The girl giggled as Cassidy put her down and grinned. "Morning Harmony." She said, pulling the girl in for a long kiss. Harmony pulled away from her girlfriend before the kiss got too heated. "Whoa there sweetie, wait till we're alone." Cassidy pouted, putting on her best hurt voice, "Aw, where's the fun in that Harm?" Harm rolled her eyes, amused as well as annoyed at her girlfriends' childishness. "Honestly Cass, we're sharing a room together, can't you wait a few hours?" Cass grinned again and pulled her girlfriend close, "No. and besides, it's not like it's gonna be just the two of us, Sarah's rooming with us too, though I suppose Sarah would be more than willing to step out if when we need some alone time. Won't you Sarah?" She asked the girl behind her.

"Honestly Cass, it really freaks me out when you do that. And give me real hi why don't ya?" She let go of Harmony and went to hug her best friend. "Hey Sarah." It was a stroke of luck that the three of them had gotten to room together. Her best friend and her girlfriend rooming with her made it guaranteed that this was going to be the best trip she had ever taken.

"Hey, did either of you guys here about that UFO sighting last night near the airport?" Sarah asked. Harm looked at her skeptically, "Seriously Sarah, you really need to get over this UFO stuff. If there were aliens visiting earth then they would have announced it on the news. If only to say how the justice league kicked their butts if they were hostile."

"Harm, the Justice League can't see everything. It was probably a patrol ship, scoping us out for an invasion." Cassidy had zoned out halfway through the conversation. Normally she was all for talk about aliens but suddenly she felt a lump settling in her stomach. She had a bad feeling about today. Something about a UFO sighting near the airport made her feel like there was something…wrong. "Yo, earth to Cass, we're getting on the bus." She gasped, her reverie suddenly broken. Harmony grabbed Cass' arm and pulled her towards the bus.

As they stowed their luggage and picked their seats, Cassidy shrugged off her bad feeling. After a few hours she had forgotten about it completely. Cass was sitting against the window with Harm resting her head on her shoulder and holding her hand and Sarah talking to them about the galleries at the Louvre. They were out on the highway now and were only an hour away from the airport, where a plane was waiting to take them to France. Everything was perfect. Then suddenly there was a blinding light and the buss lurched. Then everything went dark.

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