Cassidy Flew as fast as she could, relishing the feeling of the wind whipping around her. They arrived at the cell in minutes, her eidetic memory letting her retrace her path perfectly and her ring letting her fly faster than she could walk. The pair arrived to see a team of five guards in front of the door. They never stood a chance. "Hey, Raad, hold them back for a minute I wanna try something." "what? This is no time for experiments!" he said irately, his ring at the ready. Cassidy sent I string of light to pick up one of the guards guns. The light separated into several thin strings that started to take it apart. There were many small pieces to examine. She rotated them, put them back together, and took them apart again several times until she was satisfied, and tossed the gun away. Raad marveled for a moment at how easily she controlled the multi-faceted construct, even if it was still a relatively simple one. "What are you doing?" he asked, unable to figure out her plans. She smirked at him before constructing two modified blasters in each hand. "How…"

"I took it apart so I could get a clear image of how it worked. That way I could make some modifications to it; make them smaller." The alien gapped at her, unable to believe that a human who hadn't even been a Lantern for 10 minutes could create such a complicated construct. "How did you modify it in your head? In less than a minute? That shouldn't be possible." Cass was enjoying her new partners' amazement. "Well, I've always had a habit of doing things I shouldn't." their rings beeped, alerting them of danger. "Brace yourself, their incoming." Raad nodded, and, not to be outdone, constructed two large Gatling guns on his shoulders. They grinned at each other, and then turned down their respective corridors. Then they came. There were at least a dozen charging after them. The Lanterns started firing, holding them back as long as they could. Cassidy constructed a barrier like Raysh did to shelter behind between shots. There were more coming and they were in danger of being overwhelmed. "Imagination." Cassidy muttered. "The only limit is my imagination. Come on brain, don't let me down." she grunted as she kept firing. Then she had an idea. She dropped her other constructs, and sent out a torrent of water from her ring to wash them back. It only bought her a few minutes at best, but it would have to be enough. She glanced back at Raad, who seemed to be holding his own. "Hey! When's this back-up of yours supposed to get here!" she yelled.

"I just got a message; they'll be here in five minutes!"

"We're not gonna last five seconds if we keep up like this. We need to get on the move ore we're gonna be cornered!"

"Yeah, but how are we gonna get through?"

"I have an idea but I need you to cover me!"

"On it!" He shouted and with that she got to work on another construct. In moments she had created a copy of a Ducati road bike and was revving it up next to Raad. "Come with me if you want to live!" she yelled, unable to resist making the reference. "I need you to construct a force field, we're gonna ride straight through them!" she explained. Raad sat down behind her and held on, a sphere of green light materializing around them. "Are you sure this is gonna work?" he questioned. Much to his concern, she just laughed hysterically and said, "I have no idea!" and rode off at full speed. The force field was effective, knocking over anyone that didn't get out of the way. She kept riding, slowing down slightly. "Why are you slowing down?" Raad yelled, as he turned so see that they were being pursued. "We need to keep them chasing us!" she explained, "If we lose them, they might try and cut us off! Just keep us covered until the cavalry gets here!" Raad nodded, knowing a good plan when he saw one. "We should get to the docking bay, that's where the reinforcements are gonna come in! I have a map on my ring, I'll guide you!"

The two of them worked well together. Cassidy followed Raads directions, and Raad succeeded in hitting any guard that got too close. They came to the elevator of the floor. Luckily, it seemed to still be down where she left it, so she rode the bike down the hole. "Yaaahooo!" she screamed, thoroughly enjoying the drop. She slowed down when she saw the panel they were zooming towards. "Raad!" she yelled. He dropped the force field in time for her to blast a hole through it. "Tell me when to stop!" she shouted over her shoulder.

"I won't need to! We're going all the way down!" She grinned and rode faster, "Well than Allons-y!" she screamed in delight. They reached the bottom within a minute, at which point they found themselves in a space the size of a small office building with several small ships. She drove to the middle of the room before skidding to a stop. After a moment's hesitation, Cassidy dissolved her construct. "So…now what? Do we just wait?"

Raad shook his head. "I'm gonna get in contact with our reinforcements. They should be arriving at any moment." He held out his hand and the image of what looked like a crab-person appeared the name Teseral popped into her head-likely from the ring. "Hello, captain Thrack? What's the ETA on your people? We're taking shelter in the loading bay. We don't know how long before they're back on us."

"We've identified your position. We have also stopped the ship and will be boarding momentarily. I look forward to seeing you again old friend." Raad grinned broadly at the crab-man, "the feeling's mutual." And with that, the image disappeared. "So we're done?" She asked.

"Looks like it." there were suddenly several pneumatic hisses resonating through the chamber. "Sounds like they're coming now." The doors at the end of the hangar lowered, revealing several sleek-looking spaceships. A walkway lowered from the bottom of the ships, and several dozen Crab-people stormed down to them. They arranged themselves into neat-looking lines as Thrack walked up to them. "Greetings most esteemed Lanterns. Raad, you look well."

"I could say the same about you sir." Thrack might have smiled-it was hard to tell with his mandibled mouth. "You flatter me. I see you have a new recruit with you. Another of Rayshes protégés I assume. Where is the old fool?" the alien saw the look on Raads face and immediately realized what happened. "I am so sorry. I know how much he meant to you." He turned to his troops, "men, I want you to apprehend everyone on this vessel. They are to be charged with murder, kidnapping, and interference with a developing planet! I need five of you to stay with me and rescue the kidnap victims."

"Sir, yes sir!" the chorused as they filled onto the other elevators. Thrack looked Cassidy up and down, inspecting her. "You wear the ring of a great man. Raysh was a dear friend of mine. I hope you can live up to his legacy." She nodded quietly. "I intend to." Thrack patted her shoulders firmly. Then you can consider yourself a friend of mine. If you ever need anything just ask." Cassidy felt a knot loosen in her stomach at the approval of the captain. "Thank you. Let me show you where my friends are being kept.

Cassidy led the group to her friends. As she stood in front of the door, she felt a lump in the pit of her stomach. What if she'd been wrong? What if she had gotten her friends killed? She took a deep breath and swiped the keycard. The door slid open to show her friends, all of them okay. They were stunned at first, not sure what to make of her uniform. The silence passed as she walked in and they all cheered, many of them running to hug her, all of them asking questions. She was almost overwhelmed by them all rushing in at once. It was several minutes before they gave her some space. "Okay guys. There are some aliens out in the hall. Don't worry, their good guys. Just follow them and they'll make arrangements to get you all back home. There was another round of cheers and they filed out, too hyped up to be intimidated by their escorts. Sarah and Harm stayed behind to talk to her directly. Raad stepped in to check on her. "Aren't you coming?" he asked, "Yeah, I'll be right there. Go on we'll catch up."

"I see. You should hurry." He said, and with that, turned and left. "You look cool; are you a green lantern now?" Cassidy grinned, glad her friend approved. "Yep, I'm officially a recruit."

"Sweet," She said approvingly, "I know a Green Lantern; how cool is that?"

"Not half as cool as being one!" She glanced at Harm, who was standing around solemnly. "Hey, Sarah, can you give me a second alone with Harmony?"

"Sure. It'll give me a chance to check out those aliens. Who's that blue guy?"

"That's Raad, my partner."

"He's cute. Think you could put in a good word for me?" Cassidy chuckled, amazed her friends request. "Sure, I'll mention you just go." She laughed. Sarah walked out, leaving just Cassidy and Harmony. They turned and looked at each other, neither sure what to say. "I like the uniform," Harm said at last. "It suits you." Cassidy looked down at herself, giving a twirl. "Really? You think? I was maybe considering some chains, some leather too would look pretty-" Harm lunged forward and hugged her. Cassidy hugged her back basking in the warmth of her girlfriends' body. "I thought I'd never see you again." She sobbed quietly into her shoulder. "I'd fight an army to come back to you." She whispered, stroking Harmony' hair. Harmony eventually managed to let go and wipe her eyes. "Well, we should get going; we don't want to get left behind." Cassidy nodded, taking her hand and walking out to catch up with the others.

The three of them spent the walk with Cass telling them about the battle and how the ring worked. She constructed some shapes for them, eliciting an appropriate amount of 'oohs' and 'aahs.' When they got to the shipping bay, Thrack and some of his officers started guiding them onto the ships. Cass explained that they were being taken to the Tesertal home world and from there they would be taken home. Harm noticed that when she and Sarah started moving to a ship, Cass didn't. "Hey, why are you standing around?" Sarah asked. She was silent, an occurrence that as far as her friends were concerned, was happening far too often. "You're not coming with us, are you?" Harmony said. "No. I've got to go with Raad back to Oa. I need to train and meet with the Guardians to become an official Lantern." The girls nodded. They weren't sure what was happening, but they knew that Cassidy wouldn't have abandoned them if she didn't have to. "Okay. You go and train and whatever. Just make sure you tell us all about it when you get home." Cass grinned again, "deal." Sarah gave her friend a hug and left her with Harm. "Why are you suddenly leaving so much?" she asked quietly. Cass gave a small chuckle, "I don't know. But I think we've established that I'm coming back. It's gonna be a while, but I'll come back." She promised. "Yeah, I know you will. I'll try and explain everything to your parents-they are gonna go crazy." Cassidy smiled at the image. "Yeah. And Claire is gonna go around telling all her friends at school that her big sister's a superhero." Harm smiled, the playful gleam returning to her eyes. "Wow, it just occurred to me-you are a superhero. I'm dating a superhero." Cassidy grinned, "Yeah, I am aren't I? I'm awesome." The two of them broke down into giggles. When they recovered, Cassidy looked pleadingly at Harm. "Harmony, I'm gonna be gone for a pretty long time; can you wait for me?" she asked. Harm snorted, smiling at her girlfriend. "Of course I can. If it came to that, I would wait for you till after doomsday and do you know why?" "'cuz I'm hot?" she guessed." Harm laughed again-Cassidy loved her laugh; it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever heard. "Yeah, 'cuz you're hot. And because I love you." Cassidy felt her throat shut-they had never said that to each other before, and she had no idea how to react. She couldn't make herself speak, so she did the only thing she could think of-she pulled Harm in and kissed her. When the kiss was over, she could talk again. "I love you too." Harm smiled, stroking Cass' cheek. "Stay safe, and kick some alien butt."

"You know I will." She said, as she watched her girlfriend walk onto one of the ships. "So…is that your mate?" Raad asked, interrupting her reverie.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. She means a lot to me."

"I understand. Well, we need to get to Oa, so we should leave now." She nodded, her eyes fixed to Harms ship. They walked into the docking area with the ships and waited as the main doors closed behind them. Cassidy braced herself as the doors to the outside opened and she was faced with the vacuum of space. Her ring protected her and let her fly. She gazed at the view before her. Space, dark and bright at the same time. It was beautiful. "Wow." Raad seemed pleased at the reaction. "I know. Now come, we shouldn't waste time."

"All right then. To Oa; Allons-y!" and with that, followed Raad to the Corps home base.