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Asgard was on fire. Loki stood in the middle of the throne room and watched the fights rage everywhere around him. He had finally done it. Odin was dead, Frigga was locked in her chambers, Thor was unable to protect his people, and Asgard was finally his, as it had always been meant to be.

It had been easy, easier than he had thought actually. Those few Asgardias that still resisted him wouldn't last long before they kneed as well, his army would make sure of that.

This was his purpose; to rule. It had always been.

"Brother, wait!"

Out of nowhere Thor suddenly bumped into him, and his dense armour hit Loki so hard that it felt like his ribs broke. Furious, he reached for his staff and gave Thor an electric shock that made him shake uncontrollably and eventually fall to the floor.

Loki grimaced and ignored the pain on his left side as he bent over Thor's body.

"It's nice to see you again, brother", he hissed and took a hard grip round the mighty god's throat with his hands. Thor coughed heavily. "I've missed you."

For a moment time stood still. The battle cries, the fire and the swings of swords, it all faded away and all he could hear was his and Thor's hearts, beating in out-of-step. It had always been like that; out-of-step, hadn't it? Thor was the light, the hero, whilst he, Loki, was the darkness and the monster that no one dared to look in the eyes. No one except of Thor.

Those blue eyes looked at him right now, and in them Loki could see the arrogant boy that he used to play with as a kid, all the dinners they used to share, that special laugh that only Loki could make him utter, the look on Thor's face when he held his hammer for the first time... He could see Jane Foster, the mortal woman who Thor loved, Loki's betrayal from Thor's point of view, the children that he would never have, lightning bolts in the sky, Odin's death, summer nights blurry from too much mead, tears streaming down their mother's face, smiles of people who loved him, Asgard in all its pride, and then at last Loki's own reflection staring back at him.

Loki swallowed. Thor would just be in the way for everything, he had to get rid of him. He was no longer his friend, all that was gone, and all that mattered was right then, with Loki's hand around Thor's neck, pushing him to the ground. He would not kill him with the staff though, Thor had after all always been nice to him and he deserved better than a death caused by magic.

He took a deep breath.

"Goodbye, brother", he said as he grabbed the dagger in his pocket.

In slow motion he watched the blade penetrate into the small hole of Thor's armour, and he could feel the blood stream out of his body, colouring Loki's pale hand red, as the dagger was being pushed deeper and deeper in Thor's flesh. Thor screamed and Loki saw his mouth moving, trying to tell his brother something, but Loki could not hear him. He was deaf and blind to everything but the red flow.

He dragged out the dagger quick and easy, and as he let go of Thor's throat he saw the light leave his adoptive brother's for the last time.

Don't cry, he told himself. Only weak people cry, and the God of Mischief is not weak.

Blinking away the tears, he raised up again and stow away Thor's heavy corpse from the centre of the fight.

Loki looked at his army; a mixture of frost giants from Jotunheim, swart elves from Svartalfheim, dwarfs from Nidavellir, and Asgardians that had switched side in the heat of battle. Those who tried to fight back had either been killed or taken as prisoners. Against Loki's soldiers they did not stand a chance.

"That's enough!", he commanded. "Leave 500 men to kill those who haven't accepted the new king of Asgard yet and to make sure the prisoners don't escape. Guard the realm while I'm gone."

"Yes, my king.", one of the elves said with a slight bow.

"The rest of you come with me!"

There will be songs written about this day, he thought with a smile when they walked out of the castle. He didn't look at Thor, afraid that the sight of the person that he has once loved more than anything else, lying dead because of him, would make him hesitate in his plans.

He was almost at the gate, when a woman yelled after him, with her voice dripping with anger and scorn.

"You're not going to be able to take earth, you do know that, Loki! The Avengers will stop you just like the last time!"

Loki turned around. The voice belonged to Sif, who was held back by two giants that seemed to have trouble with her despite their size. Sif had been a friend of his many years ago, or at least Thor's friend, but the look in her eyes told him that all that was forgotten and now there was only hate left, so much hate...

Loki sneered at her.

"Oh my dear Sif", he said, "I'm not going to earth."

He nodded to the frost giant next to him. "Kill her."

Then he walked out of the door, not listening to the sound of an arm being ripped off and Sif's death cry, with his army following him over the rainbow bridge like a herd of puppets.

It was time for him to find himself a queen.


Far, far away from Asgard, in a city called Pentos of the Free Cities, Viserys Targaryen and his younger sister Daenerys were staying at Illyrio Mopatis' manse as guests, and had been so for a couple of weeks. It was getting late and Daenerys had just got out of a hot bath, when Viserys barged in with the news.

Dany stared at her brother.

"W-what?", she managed to stutter.

She was in shock. Viserys was cruel sometimes, but he was the only family she had got left, the only one who cared about her even a little bit. Not even he could be so heartless that he would...

"Dany, don't you understand?" Viserys looked at her with his bright, grey eyes; the same colour as hers. "He's too powerful, we will never be able to take the crown from him. But, if we join him, we will both have more money than father ever had, and you will rule this world together with him as his queen while I have a place in his court..."

"But I thought you were going to marry me off to one of the dothrakis!", she tried to protest, but Viserys just snorted at her.

Dany had never met Loki Laufeyson, but the things she had heard about him was not very pleasant. He was a God in human form, but not one of the Gods that she used to pray to as a little girl, but a cruel, dark trickster that had come to this world to make them all kneel before him. If he was searching for a queen, every woman in the entire kingdom were probably hiding indoors as they spoke.

Viserys looked down at her with disdain.

"The dothrakis are savages, they can't even use a fork correctly, how in seven hells would they be able to give me an army big enough to defeat a God? Sister, this is our great chance. You will marry this man, do you understand?", he said sharply.

Your great chance, not mine, she thought but she didn't say anything.

"You better watch your words when you meet your new king", Viserys sputtered. "I have already sent him a message, so he'll come and look at you tomorrow morning. You should thank me, little sister, for giving you this opportunity."

Compared to the life that she would most likely live next to Loki, a life in in poverty and a mad brother was to prefer according to Daenerys. She did not remember anything from her life as a princess in Westeros as she was not yet born when the War of the Usurper started, and she had never felt very tempted by the stories that Viserys used to tell her about The Red Keep and high lords and princesses and valyrian steel and clothes made of fabric light as a feather... All that was before her time and she did not want it back the same way that Viserys did.

But of course Dany wouldn't tell her brother that.

"Thank you, brother", she said low. "Please forgive me for my behavior."

Maybe Loki wouldn't even like her once he saw her. After all, she was only thirteen years old and still a virgin who had life her whole life on the streets. How would she be able to rule a kingdom?

Viserys smiled coldly.

"That wasn't so hard, was it? Now go to bed, I want you to look rested tomorrow."

Dany nodded and Viserys walked out of the room again, with the silver-blonde hair flowing after him.

Dany sighed. Viserys had always talked about marrying her to someone rich and powerful so he could take back what was rightfully his; the Iron Throne. But Viserys always talked and talked about things that he would do, but he never did, except for this time. Daenerys felt a dull ache in her stomach.

She didn't call for her handmaidens but dressed herself in a silk nightdress with embroideries of dragons in the colours of the rainbow. She had made it herself during the one of the many uneventful days when the brother was busy talking to Magister Illyrio and had no use for her. If Dany looked at them close enough she could pretend the dragons were real.

A cold breeze made Dany shiver and she went to close the window. The night sky was jet black without a single star, and the people on the street had to hold candles in front of them to light up their way. Dany wished she had something to light up her way.

She drew the curtains and the room bathed in darkness, except for the brazier next to her bed, which fire lead her on her way to the bed.

Dany crawled underneath the cover and lied down on her stomach so she could hide her face in the pillow. She squeezed her eyes shut and let the world around her disappear.

The next day, one of the servants woke her up and started to make the table for breakfast in her room. When Dany asked why, he simply replied that her brother and Magister Illyrio were busy in the dining room and did not want to be disturbed.

She wrapped herself in a dressing gown and sat down to eat her egg, but no matter how much spices she added to it, it still tasted absolutely insipid and boring in her mouth. The bread turned to ashes, the juice was thick as blood and even the apples, her favourites from Illyrio's garden, became poison as soon as it touched her lips. After a while she gave up and just gazed out the window instead.

It was a beautiful day, with blue sky and no clouds. The fishing boats lied at the harbour just as the bigger ships did further away, and the market was flooded with customers already. The birds sang and the children laughed, the sailors hummed old songs and the women gossiped.

What a tragedy that she could not be with them.

The servant came back and removed the food, and a handmaiden brought her the dress she would wear for her meeting with Loki.

"Oh, it's gorgeous, m'lady", she said without hiding her excitement. The young girl, Tina, was pretty, with red hair and big, blue eyes and just a few years older than Dany, and during the weeks that Tina had been serving her, she liked to think that maybe they could've been friends, if Viserys had not forbid it. Too much of a risk if they had to flee again, he said.

"Let me see", Dany said, and with a smile Tina unfolded the dress for her.

It was a long and flowing, and grey to match her eyes. When she touched the fabric she noticed that it was way more transparent than most of the clothes she used to wear, and she realized that she was blushing.

Stop it. You see half-naked women on the street all the time, there's nothing strange about it.

"It is beautiful", she agreed grudging. "It looks expensive, did my brother buy it?"

Tina shook her head.

"I believe it was a gift from Magister Illyrio, m'lady. Do you want me to help you to put it on?"

Another gift... Viserys said that the 'gifts' were Illyrio's duty to the rightful royal family, but Dany feared that Illyrio would require it all back one day.

"Yes, please", she said and began to undress.

During silent, Tina helped her with the dress. It was light and Daenerys could barely feel it touch her skin, but everytime she looked down she could see her own nipples right through it. It made her feel a bit uncomfortable but Tina didn't seem to care much.

The handmaiden must've noticed something was wrong because while she pinned the dress she said:

"I've heard he's very handsome."

Dany sighed.

"Yeah... maybe." No matter how attractive Loki was, he would be just as awful anyway.

Tina started to brush her hair with gentle hands.

"Oh m'lady, I'm sure it's going to be-"

She was interrupted by a robust knock on the door.

"He's here now, Dany, get out!", Viserys shouted. "We shouldn't keep him waiting!"

Dany could feel the panic increase inside her and how the heart started to beat faster.

You are Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen. Be brave.

Tina smiled encouraging at her when she walked to the door.