Hello! This story is a continuation of my first story, Capua. I hope you like this one and keep on reading! I've only just begun!

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Chapter 1:

The shipped rolled, pitching Bryn forward. She nearly ran into the wooden dining table in the center of the galley. Sinbad, who was in front of her reached out and caught her in time before she lost her dinner.

"You okay?" Sinbad looked at Bryn as she regained her balance.

"Yeah, I'm good. There must be some heavy swells out there", Bryn answered and placed her bowl on the table before sitting. Soon they both heard a loud creaking sound moaning through the hull and the ship tilted again.

Sinbad sighed. "I better go see how Doubar's doing at the tiller", Before leaving, Sinbad leaned down and gave Bryn a chaste kiss on her forehead. "Enjoy your dinner. I'm sorry I can't join you tonight".

"It's okay, Sinba…", Bryn barely had time to say anything else as she watched Sinbad quickly exit the galley. She knew, as captain of his ship, he had duties that he was responsible for. She thought he should never have to say sorry for tending to them. With a shrug she commenced eating her meal.

"Did you save any for me, Bryn?" Anders entered the galley just as Bryn took a spoonful. She shook her head at the new crew member before swallowing. Anders gently greeted her with a pat on her back as he passed her to fill up his plate. Since he's been on board The Nomad, he noticed that Bryn had a way of getting him to open up. His mood most recently has been dark. He didn't know how she knew it, but she always seem to show up just when he needed someone to listen or to distract him from his thoughts.

The Nomad left the port of Genoa only a couple weeks ago. Anders was a passenger from Capua and was expecting to stay behind once Sinbad delivered the cargo of wine to Genoa. His plan changed when he found out his sole purposes of going there was lost. His beloved already married another man. She said she intended to write him but he showed up before she had the courage to do so. Hurt and not wanting to stay any longer, he was grateful when Sinbad welcomed him back on The Nomad.

Bryn felt the weight of Anders on the bench as he seated next to her. "I feel like I haven't seen you all day", Anders commented.

"That's what happens when you stay in your quarters most of the day", Bryn replied and looked at Anders, "How are you doing?"

Anders sighed, "I am doing alright. I have been a little anti-social haven't I?"

"Maybe. But it's understandable", Bryn replied with a glance at his direction.

"I can handle it", Anders knew what Bryn was referring to. His heart broke a couple weeks ago and didn't want to voice it out loud.

"Any time you want to talk, you know my door is open", Bryn patted Anders on the arm.

"I appreciate it", Anders smiled, "..thank you for everything".

Bryn smiled in return and continued eating.


When Sinbad made it to the upper deck he immediately felt the wind push against him and felt the rain fall on his skin. He quickly made his way towards the tiller. "Doubar! How are you holding?"

"Just fine. This storm came out of no where!" Doubar explained.

Sinbad glanced up and saw that Rongar was making his way up the main mast. He looked further up and saw one of the sails ripped away from it's line. Rongar was aiming to bring it down before the tear gets any worse. He will need to repair it soon.

"Rongar! Firouz!", Sinbad called out to his crew, "Let's shorten the sails". His crew immediately obeyed his order.

"We are not in any rush", Sinbad said to Doubar.

"Sacrificing speed for comfort?" Doubar stated more then asked.

"Exactly", Sinbad nodded.

"I could always use comfort", Doubar chuckled to himself.

"Speaking of comforts. Strock just finished making dinner. You should go below before it's all gone", Sinbad placed a hand on the tiller, "Let me take over. We are just going to ride the storm. It's not so bad tonight".

"Aye, captain", Doubar released the tiller. "You don't have to tell me twice. It would be nice to beat Rongar to the table for once". Doubar smiled and made his way below.

Sinbad shook his head at his brother's retreating form. Doubar always had a way of seeing things differently he thought.

Focusing back to the seas and the clouds overhead, he saw that the storm would last for only a short while. With the sun now setting, soon he would only be able to see the clouds by moonlight, which were being pushed away overhead by the wind. Usually during a storm either Doubar or himself would man the tiller due to their experience in rough conditions. He was please to know that it wouldn't be a long night for them. Evan will be able to do his own scheduled shift tonight after dinner.

Sinbad nodded his head at Rongar and Firouz as they made their way below for the evening meal. The day was finally settling down for the crew and captain. Today, he felt that he was needed from bow to stern of the ship. If it wasn't one thing it was another. He closed his eyes for a second and sighed. Although, it was a bit windy and the rain was light, he took in the peacefulness of it all.

His mind went to Bryn. During his free time recently, he's noticed thoughts of her were not far behind anything else that comes to mind. Still surprised with himself, he confessed his feelings for her only a month a go in Capua. Since they've return to sea, he couldn't be happier with his decision to open up to her. He's never had a relationship with a crew member before and was unsure of the dynamic of it on ship. He was pleased to see that his crew were not bothered by it. They did not seem effected by it that he could see. A lot of it probably had to do with the fact that it was with Bryn herself. One of their own.


A voice disrupted his thoughts. A woman's voice. He looked towards the main hatch that lead below deck expecting to see Bryn, but she didn't appear. He looked at a few of his crew members still up on deck. They were not trying to get his attention. "It must've just been the wind", he said to himself with a shrug. "It seemed so real".


"Where are you off to so quick, lass?" Doubar watched Bryn make her way towards the door after she cleaned her plate. Bryn stopped and turned to answer.

"I'm going to take a bath", she explained, "Call it a night".

"Calling it kind of early if you ask me", Doubar, "Why don't you stay and have a drink with us?"

Bryn smiled, "Next time. I really just want to lay down. I will see you guys tomorrow". She turned with a small wave and left before Doubar said another word. The door creaked closed behind her.

Doubar turned to the rest of the crew that were eating, "Women!" He nudged Rongar that was seated next to him, "How can she turn down ale?" Rongar simply smiled and shook his head.


As soon as she got to her room, she shut the door behind her and leaned against it. Earlier she was having a normal conversation with Anders and the next second she heard someone calling her name. A woman's voice. She looked at Anders and nothing seemed to phase him.

"Bryn? What's wrong?", Dermott was perched near the opened port.

Bryn looked at the falcon and shook her head, "I'm not sure. I thought I heard someone saying my name earlier as if they wanted my attention. A woman". She made her way towards her bed and sat down. "I was in the galley. No one else seemed to hear it. I thought maybe I was just hearing things but it happened again".

Dermott blinked his eyes at Bryn. "I don't sense anything out of the ordinary. Do you sense anything?"

"Nothing", She sighed and got up to change into her robe. "I'm probably just tired. I'm going to take a quick bath and lay down".

"Okay, Bryn. Let me know if you hear her again", Dermott replied, "I would mention it to Sinbad too".

Bryn nodded her head before leaving the room, "I will".