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First of all, if you don't know who Gwendolyn Powers is, you should read "Powers," "Energies" and "Alliances" first.

Second, just like the last three, new characters will be added to the story. I do not own them. From the summary I think you can guess four of them.

Third, I own nothing you recognize.

Fourth, enjoy!

Chapter One

There was only one place where Gwendolyn Powers, now Rogers, could find some peace and quiet and that was while laying in bed with her husband on Saturday mornings. Just about every other day involved some sort of chaos, especially during the wedding of Tony and Pepper Stark. Pepper had made Gwen her maid of honor and Tony had made Steve his Best Man seeing as Rhodey and some other West Coast Avengers were sent to check out a possible AIM location a few days before the wedding and Steve happily took his place.

Since then, April had turned into May and even the end of this month was nearing. Which also meant Gwen's birthday was coming soon. But she tried not to think about that. Right at this moment she was trying to focus on the figuring out the shapes Steve's thumb was absentmindedly drawing on her arm.

It was warm and cozy under the covers and Gwen basically felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon. She wouldn't be surprised if she got up and was suddenly a beautiful butterfly. However, Gwen really had no intention of getting up despite the fact she was awake. She wasn't entirely sure if her husband was or not, but judging by the sound of his breathing, he was awake. But it seemed he would fall asleep at any moment. She really loved times like these seeing as they were becoming very rare.

Gwen was taken out of her thoughts as the phone rang. She groaned and reached out to grab it. However, Steve's arms were around her and he pulled her close to him again like a child who was possessive of his toys.

"Let it ring," he mumbled in a voice deep with sleep.

"But what if it's-"

"Let it ring."

Gwen huffed, but settled back down on the bed. She closed her eyes as the phone finished ringing. She could hear her voice coming from the kitchen as the call went to the answering machine. There was a beep and a familiar voice started talking.

"Hey, Gwendolyn, it's Bruce," said the scientist. "We, uh, well, Hank was giving us a visit here while Janet's working with Erik in LA and Tony, Peter and I were helping him with a new model of his helmet, but it uh, well we sort of broke it and Hank shrunk down and now we can't find him. So anyway, we know that you are probably the only person who won't tell Janet because we know she'd freak out so if you could, please come to the labs and help us. Thanks, and don't tell Janet."

There was another beep as Bruce hung up. Silence hung in the room for a few extra seconds.

"You do realize you'll have to let me go, right?" asked Gwen.

"But I'm so comfortable."

"I am too, but I don't want Tony stepping on Hank."

Steve groaned as Gwen shifted out from under his grasp and slithered out of the bed. Steve was back asleep almost immediately.

Gwen knew she had to hurry there before something really bad happened so she skipped taking a shower for the time being and ate a chocolate chip muffin while brushing out her curls. She then threw on a button down shirt and rolled up the sleeves as the weather was finally turning warm again. She rolled up the ends of her jeans as well as her capris were in the wash.

By the time she was ready to go, Steve was just finally getting up. She gave him a quick kiss that he was too tired to respond to and grabbed her bag before heading out the door.

Gwen drove her blue Beetle from Queens to Manhattan and ended up in the parking garage for Avengers Tower. She got out and locked the car before getting in the elevator.


"Sending you up there, now, Agent Rogers," said the AI before she could finish.

"Thanks. Y'know, Tony should've named you Alfred."

"Would that be in reference to the Batman comics?"

"Wow, didn't think you were Batman fan."

The elevator doors opened. "You have no idea."

Gwen smiled as she stepped out and turned to the right where Tony was sitting on the floor with a magnifying glass. Bruce was standing at a gleaming white counter, looking like he was attempting to put the pieces of Hank's helmet back together. And then there was Peter who was scribbling down something on a piece of paper, his face so close to it that she was sure he'd have lead on his nose.

"You called?" asked Gwen, breaking the silence of the science bros.

They all looked up at the same time. Bruce looked relieved, Tony smiled and Peter pushed up his glasses to reveal he did indeed have lead on his nose.

"Gwenie!" exclaimed Tony, not moving a muscle. "Be careful where you step. Pym could be anywhere."

"And why did he shrink?"

"He said that if someone breaks his helmet, he's shrinking down to the size of an ant and never growing back," answered Peter while staring at Bruce.

"It shocked me!" defended Bruce, taking off his glasses and setting them down on the counter. "I was afraid that it would make the other guy come out."

"Let me guess," said Gwen, "you dropped it."


Gwen sighed. "Hank! If you don't stop this immaturity, I'm calling Janet and telling her that you got drunk and thought it'd be funny to climb into a mouse hole you found!"

"Oh dear God, don't tell her that."

At the sound of the voice behind her, Gwen turned to see her blonde and genius friend who was wearing his red suit that changed size with him.

She smiled. "Thank you, my work here is done."

"Actually," said Tony, "it's not."

"Well, it's Saturday and I don't need to be here so yeah, it is."

Gwen began making her way to the elevator.

"You can't put this off forever!" she heard Tony call.

Gwen stopped in her tracks. Something was off. She turned back to the science bro group and raised her eyebrows. Hank's helmet was now completely repaired as if it had barely been broken in the first place. Peter wasn't paying any attention and was back to scribbling. Hank was putting his regular clothes back on over his suit.

"This was a setup," observed Gwen and scoffed as Tong shrugged. "I told you I don't want a birthday party! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll see you tonight, Tony."

Gwen walked towards the elevator and even pressed the button when it wouldn't open.


"Mr. Stark has requested that I lock you in here, Agent Rogers."

"Tony, let me out!"

"Not until we talk," replied Tony who had gotten off the floor and was standing behind her.

Gwen sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I told you that I don't want a big party," said Gwen as calmly as she could. "I said a small party is fine, but I know you want big."

"Come on Gwenie," argued Tony. "You almost died two months ago! You need to celebrate life!"

"Is Pepper putting you up to this?"

"Nah, she's too busy looking for an assistant. Or two."

"Two? Why two?"

"You're changing the subject here."

"I didn't want to talk about this subject in the first place!"

Tony sighed and approached her, grasping her upper arms.

"You only turn twenty-five once," he stated.

"Tony, please, I don't want a big celebration."

"Well, you're getting one and if you don't go along with it you're not getting anything you want. It'll be what Pepper wants."

"That'll be expensive."

"Uh, yeah."

Gwen turned to the others in the lab. "Does anyone have my back here."

Hank looked at his bare wrist. "Oh, look at the time. I'm supposed to be flying back to LA in five minutes."

He then proceeded to leave the lab, JARVIS letting him through the elevator. Gwen tried to follow, but Tony's grasp was too strong.

"You suck," she told the genius.

"That's what she said," he replied with a straight face.

"Very mature. Bruce?"

Bruce looked up from the counter. "It's not my decision."

"But would you have a birthday party if you were me?"

"Well, I don't know. I'm not you."

Gwen groaned and felt like stomping her foot. Was no one going to side with her on this issue?

"Peter?" she asked hopefully to the teenager.

"I'm just studying for my finals," he answered without looking up.

Gwen turned back to Tony. "I just think there are more important things to focus on right now. Like, why did Fury ban us from investigating Oscorp?"

"Wait," said Peter, "when did this happen?"

"Last month."


"Gwenie," said Tony, "since when is Fury doing something like that suspicious? He always does things like that. It's one of the reasons everyone hates him."

"But what about that Connors guy?" asked Gwen.

"Doctor Connors?" asked Peter, whose full attention was now on Gwen.

"Yeah, him."

"He worked with my-"

"Sir," interrupted JARVIS, "Professor Xavier is waiting for you in the lobby."

"Oh yeah," said Tony. "I was supposed to meet with him, like, ten minutes ago."

"That's why he arrived exactly ten minutes late, sir."

"What, the guy's a fortune teller now?"

"No, he just knew you were occupied."

Tony sighed. "He's probably in my head right now."

"In your head?" asked Gwen as Tony let go of her and start quickly organizing some papers. "Who's in your head."

"Charles Xavier," answered Tony. "That's right, Xavier. I know you're listening."

Gwen raised her eyebrows. "So what, the guy can read thoughts?"

"Something like that." Tony looked up at Bruce. "Hey Banner, you should come with me."

"No, I shouldn't," answered Bruce without looking up.

"Come on, the guy won't bite. I'm sure he'd love to meet you."

"Or do you mean the other guy?"

"Trust me, Xavier isn't some scientist that wants your DNA."

"Then who is he?" asked Gwen.

"He's-" Tony stopped himself as he looked at Gwen. He furrowed his brow for a moment before he seemed to realize something. "He's like you."

"Like me? What d'you mean like me?"

"You are exactly what he needs."

Gwen furrowed her brow. "Tony, what are you talking about."

"I hope you don't mind that I tell him about you," continued Tony as he finished staking his papers.

"Well, if you would tell me what your talking about I could give you a proper answer."

"I'll tell you tonight."

Tony then proceeded to grab Bruce by the elbow who exclaimed, "I wasn't finished yet!" and then dragged him to the elevator.

"Why can't you tell me now?" asked Gwen. "I mean, the last time you talked to someone about me I ended up joining SHIELD."

Tony and Bruce stopped in front of the elevator doors.

"Which was a good thing," argued Tony. "If you hadn't you'd be unmarried in Malibu. Unless you met that one actor you were obsessed with and married him."

"Tony, Robert Downey Junior is at least twenty years older than me and is already married."

The doors opened and Tony and Bruce stepped inside, the latter much more reluctantly.

"You could've become a homewrecker," stated Tony as the doors closed, leaving Gwen looking at steel.

Once the elevator left, Gwen sighed and turned to Peter.

"Well, I'll see you later," she said.


Gwen stopped from turning around and looked at Peter.

"I know about Doctor Connors," he said. "My dad used to work with him."

Gwen licked her lips while in thought. Then an idea popped into her head.

"How would you like to tell me everything you know about Connors?" she asked.

"Well, I don't really know all that much..."

"Then we'll have to fix that." Gwen turned to go to the elevator. "Let's go."

"Wait, where are we going?"

Gwen threw Peter a mischievous smile.

"We're going to Oscorp."

Oh Gwen. Why are you becoming so sassy. Sorry this is kind of a boring first chapter. But it sets up some more story.