Hey there everyone! I know I have been MIA for a while but I broke up with my boyfriend of two years and things have been really rough for me. Him and I are currently trying to work things out and we are looking good! I know your probably wanting me to update my other stories and I will tonight! I just wanted to post this up real quick because it was an idea I had !

They thought I was crazy.

In a sense I guess I was though…

After waking up from my long journey through Oz my memories began to fade quickly, like a dream. But I refused to believe it was one, I never had a dream so vivid and so real. In my heart I knew what I went through wasn't merely a child's silly fantasy. Though I was a child at the time and I made the stupid mistake of telling everyone about it. They thought I was making it up, but I kept insisting that it was real, because it was. Toto was the only one who believed me, I could tell by the way he looked at me he knew. After all he was there with me, my silent loyal companion.

I began to recede into myself as I realized no one would ever believe me. Also little by little, I began to forget, one point things started to get back to normal and Aunty Em was grateful for it. Then one day in the garden I came across a tin oil can, memories flooded back into my head as I realized it was the exact same one as the Tin Mans. Still young and foolish I raced to Aunty Em and showed it to her, insisting that this was the Tin Mans. But she wouldn't hear of it, then the next day she took me to this place where she said I would get help. I talked to the doctor and he asked me all about Oz, I told him as much as I could remember and even brought the tin can.

Shock Therapy.

I underwent that for the next six months before I started to straighten up. I fought hard to keep up the fight for Oz, but in the end I had to surrender. I could feel myself slipping away as the shock therapy wore on. I gave in and didn't utter a word of Oz for the next few months. They noticed this and started to lessen my therapy sessions. Finally after being there for a little more than a year, I was free. Going back home was the most amazing feeling in the world. I missed the wide open country, I missed the smell of fresh air. I missed the farm chores , even the smelly pig pens. I missed our three work friends Hunk, Hickory and Zeke. I missed Aunty Em and Uncle Henry, most of all I missed my faithful dog Toto. Our reunion was a touching one, he ran out to meet me just as I stepped off the wagon.

The night I got back they threw me a celebration, with just us and the men. Hunk, Hickory, and Zeke were just the same old goofballs. I couldn't help but notice there startling resemblance to some friends I had once knew. I dared not think of that place anymore, every time I did I would remember the shock therapy, which was something I didn't want to revisit. I wouldn't totally forget about that wonderful place, just tuck it back in the recess of my mind, for safe keeping. Besides I was older now, I shouldn't be daydreaming anymore on some place where I could never go again.

Or so I thought.

Soooooooo tell me what you think of it please! Should I continue it or no? I know it seems a little kid like, but trust me once she goes to Oz things will turn really dark really quick lol R&R please and thankyou!