After the funeral, Wybie brought Coraline aside to talk to her for a little while.

At first it was just small talk - Coraline was politely avoiding the subject of his grandmother's sudden heart attack and death, to his relief. They chatted about simple things: their school's summer sports teams, how Slugzilla was doing, what Cat was up to these days.

Wybie also avoided a few of her more sensitive subjects as well - the mental scars Coraline had still had hadn't faded, even though that February's events (which apparently he had only seen a small part of) had happened almost six months before.

Eventually, however, he had only one thing left to ask.

"Well... C-Coraline?" he stuttered nervously. "I was wondering if... before Child Services comes to pick me up, c-could I stay over at your house... for a day or two?"

Coraline's slight smile faded, and she looked away from him and at the ground instead.

"I'm not sure," she admitted. "We're moving again."

"Why?" he asked.

"The gardening catalog my parents were writing for closed up shop," Coraline said sadly. "We're moving to Massachusetts in a few days."

"Oh," he frowned.

She smiled slightly. "I'll ask if you can stay the night," she told him, before leaning in for a hug. He didn't resist her.

"See yah," Coraline smiled, and then she left to go find her parents.

That night, while staying over at Coraline's soon-to-be-empty apartment, Wybie dreamt of dark clouds and zombies lit by torchlight.

It was all too real until he woke up on the verge of screaming.

(A/N): Yes, yes, yes! This is my second ParaNorman and Coraline crossover, since so many people were demanding I write another one XD

Anyway, this is going to be an AU of ParaNorman with Coraline and Wybie thrown in the mix. But - and I still have to decide whether or not to do this - there may or may not be a few extensions into the Coraline universe as well. Heh.

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