Here, I will change my profile name because I will be needing it in the future stories of mine. One-shot. Enjoy!

Nozomi was happily with Coco as they were walking side by side in a street. Why's that? Because today's Valentine's Day!

Elsewhere, Komachi and Nuts were in the Natts House/Shop. Komachi was planning for her stories as usual and after that letting Nuts see what she has done and let him comment on it. Nuts is the best after all, unknowingly she has hidden a chocolate box behind her seat.

For now, let's move on to Nozomi and Coco first! Let's see on what they are doing now!

Nozomi and Coco's POV

'Y-you know…', Nozomi stuttered a little.

'What is it, Nozomi?', as Coco looked at her.

'Did you know…today's Valentine's Day? It's where girls give chocolates to their guy friends. It's kinda romantic though…', as she blushed a little.

'I see. And what about it?'

'Y-you see…'

Hold it! Sorry about that…I actually did this at the top of my head so I'm out of ideas for now. Long story short, they got together, Nozomi gave Coco a chocolate box, he accepts it and everything went well for them! Now, onto Komachi and Nuts!

Komachi and Nuts's POV

Let's see…I know!, as Komachi jolts down something on a paper. She writes down on what's her mind and done that.

'How's the progress?', Nuts asked. He was sitting beside her waiting for her to finish on what she started. The store was closed anyway, so he had a lot of free time after that.

Hold on, again! Sorry that this conversation's shorter than Nozomi and Coco's but I just thought out of this the blue anyway. Long story short ahem…Komachi handed the paper, Nuts read it, as usual giving criticism and all, Komachi took out the chocolate box she hid, gave to Nuts and he, also accepts it. WHO WOULDN'T WANT CHOCOLATES! Ahem…so overall. The day went well for them.

How about Nightmare? Well…I don't know…

One-shot done! I know it's pretty weird, very short and stuff but it's actually a pretty random one-shot I thought out of my head anyway. How about Urara, Rin and Karen? They're busy at their own things so they didn't about Valentine's Day after all!