A Stolen Cherry Blossom

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Chapter 4 – Harem girls

Sakura sat alone in Sasuke's dark, damp, dreary cell, it was just how she imagined Sasuke's room would be decorated back when they were kids; dark blue, no lights but a few candles, a tiny window at the end of the room and a stone, cold floor. Sakura shivered against the icy floor, it didn't help that she was sitting right by the only window that basically was just a hole in the wall with cold, iron bars.

"I need to get out of here" She sighed aloud to herself, staring up at the night sky, wondering if anyone, whom was looking for her, was staring up at the same patch of sky too.

Most of all she wished Naruto was here, he'd know what to do, know what to say to cheer her up; she missed his goofy, toothy, dimpled smile, his bright blond hair, his black and orange spandex, even his voice and his annoying obsession with ramen. She missed him a lot.

'Maybe he's out looking for me' She thought, still staring up at the stars which lit up behind the black sky, if she knew Naruto, he would have an army out looking for her by now.

'How can I get out of here?...' She thought sadly, she had the tiniest amount of chakra left and everywhere was locked.

'Unless...' Sakura thought slyly to herself, smirking at the plan conjuring up inside her head.

Sakura made her way over to the iron bared door that blocked her path and scanned the hallway for a guard; luckily one guard was on his rounds and happened to pass by Sakura's cell.

The guard was tall, covered in brown leather clothing and steel armour; he had long blonde and brown hair which was unusual for a man to have, unless of course he dyed it, but she didn't think a guard from the sound, whom was under Orochimaru's control, would be regularly dying their hair.

"Guard please help!" Sakura shouted to him, her face full of fear and pain; he turned to her and met her eyes with a lusty stare once he saw whom it was.

"What is it?" he asked slyly, smirking at her and walking over to the, now unsure, Sakura.

"I think I have broken my ankle, can you please help me?" She cooed, knowing that if she flirted with the guard, her plan would be completed faster. Guards are stupid like that.

"Sure, anything for a pretty face like yours" He smirked, turned the large, black, iron keys and entered the dark room.

"Where does it hurt?" He asked her, lifting up her ankle toward him.

"Right here!" She exclaimed whilst jerking her leg forward, with the tiniest bit of chakra she had left, and hit him right in the balls.

The guard doubled over in pain, grabbing his balls on the way down as he hit the cold, icy floor.

"Thanks!" Sakura cooed slammed the wooden door of the cell shut and turned the keys, which were still in the door, so to lock him in.

Sakura ran, taking the keys with her just encase, she didn't know where she was running, she just knew she needed to go, away from this place, away from that evil man and especially away from Sasuke.

Sakura began to slow down realising she was drawing attention to herself, the hallway suddenly became narrower and filled with small cells; the smell of shit, piss and rotting bodies began to fill Sakura's nose and she wanted to puke.

"Come here pinky, I'll show you a good time" an old man cooed to her, his voice rugged and hardly understandable, his clothes were no more than a potato sack with holes cut in it for arms, legs, head and 2 holes for when he needs to piss or shit.

Behind the old man where about 10 corpses of other men, piled on top of each other, some were bones and some were being eaten by flies and maggots, devouring the flesh only on the corpses of the men.

Sakura cringed at the sight of the man, whom currently had vomit in his grey beard and shit all over his hands as he was reaching out to grab her. The old man's eyes were as grey as his beard, they were glazed over like there was no life left in him, most of his hair had fallen out on his head but a few patches remained like islands around a sea of wrinkled skin.

The old man's antics drew attention to Sakura from the other prisoners, and soon there were thousands of shit covered and piss smelling hands reaching out from both sides of the walls.

"Come here girly"

"I'll show you a good time"
"Please help me"

"I don't want to die"

"Help me!"

"Save me!"

She heard the cries of the men as she walk through the hallway trying to not get caught in their grasps, she wanted to help them, but she was afraid they may attack her in the process, so against her instinct to help, she left the poor old, dying men in their cells.

As Sakura walked on the smell of vomit, shit and piss finally subsided, but was replaced with the smell of strong perfume, make-up and sex.

"You are not meant to be here" a female voice informed her, she was tall with red hair and red eyes that shone threw her black, oval glasses; she was wearing the smallest skirt that Sakura had ever seen, fishnet tights and a small crop top that said 50p on it.

"You don't know me" She growled at her, trying to walk past her, but the woman stepped in her way.

"Oh but I do, Sasuke-kun has told me all about you Sakura" the girl smirked at her, clicked her fingers and suddenly was joined by 2 more females, whom was also in the same outfit as the girl.

The female on the left of the red head, had long blonde hair, green eyes and was quite short, so her crop top was almost considered a normal top; the female on the right of the red head was quite chubby, she had purple hair, wore red, circular glasses and had blue eyes.

"Oh I'm sure he has" she agreed sarcastically, eyeing up the three girls currently blocking her path.

"Unfortunately for you, we are under orders to prohibit you from leaving and to return you to Sasuke-kun's cell, but trust me if it were up to us, we would have either killed you by now or shown you to the nearest exit" The red head informed her, suddenly the 2 other girls vanished and she felt 2 arms grab her and restrained her.

She knew these girls were strong and had plenty of chakra, so she decided against fighting them, for now, Sakura also decided not to warn the women about the men who tried to grab her, and hoped that they would grab them, but instead they coward in fear as they walked past.

"Don't hurt me"

"Please let us out"

"Leave me alone!"

"Get out of here!"

The men screamed and cried she had never seen more scared, pathetic, worn men in her life; she thought they must do unspeakable things to these men to make them like this.

"Oh Sasuke-kun, we have a little escape artist here for you" The red head winked at him as, the girls turned the corner and almost bumped into Sasuke.

"Hn, put her in my cell" He grunted and glared at the pinkette.

'How dare he be angry at me, I am in no wrong, I'm being held here against my will!' she thought angrily, glaring darkly back at the young Uchiha.

The three women released the guard whom was trapped in the cell whilst cursing at Sakura for kicking him in the balls and once the guard was gone they threw her in the cell.

The rough stone floor scraped her delicate skin, blood began to seep from her wounds, staining the rocky floor a scarlet red.

A single, lonely tear fell from her squinted eye.

'I will not cry, I will not show him I am weak, I am not weak!' She thought to herself, making herself stand up, ignoring the pain of the grazes and bruises on her legs.

Sakura heard the wooden door slam open, but refuse to turn and acknowledge the presence of the person whom had just walked thought it.

"Why did you try to escape?" Sasuke demanded, his masculine voice echoed though the dark cell, sending shivers down Sakura's spine.

'That's a stupid question' Sakura thought, ignoring Sasuke's question and turning completely away from him.

This enraged Sasuke, he walked over to where she was facing and looked down at her with angry blood, red eyes.

"Answer me Sakura" He demanded, feeling himself lose control, as she still didn't answer him.

"We can do this the hard way if you want to" He growled, grabbing her arm with brute force and squeezing it so hard, the blood left her arm.

Sakura refused to look at the handsome man before her; she shoved of his snake-like grip and tried to walk away from him, big mistake.

Sasuke slammed Sakura into the wall behind her, he pinned her small, thin arms above her head and watched as her petit body wriggled and thrashed against him.

"Get the fuck of me Uchiha!" She demanded, trying with all her power to get out of his vice grip, but he only pressed his body against hers more.

Sasuke dips his head to Sakura's ear, breathing slow and huskily into it, making Sakura's body shiver in delight.

"Leave again, and I'll hunt you down myself; then I'll show you what a real punishment feels like" he growled in her ear and released his grip on her arms.

Sasuke watched the pinkette fall to the ground and curse in pain.

"I'll be gone a couple more hours, do not try to escape again" he growled, faced away from Sakura and exited the room, leaving Sakura angry, confused and half turned on.

"Damn that Uchiha bastard"

End of Chapter 4

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