Hello this is Mirea. Since I am so in love with Viewfinder I decided to do a fanfic on it. Enjoy and I no own the Finder seires!

Warning: A lot of cussing!

Chapter 1:

Asami Ryuichi's POV

"Help me! Please help me! I am being chased! I can't escape! I can't- "

"Who are you?"

"I am... your future."

"Wait, don't go! "

I opened my eyes in alarm and looked around. I sighed in relief. It was just a nightmare. Who was that boy? What did he mean by my future? Who is he being chased by? Why me?

I can't sleep anymore. I guess I should get one of my men to waste the time away. I like sleeping with men. It's my hobby. Before I would sleep with woman but they never interest me. They would always show off their fats on their chests like it's something that they are proud of. When I see men's chest, I can't help but say it looks sexy.

"Hey is anybody out there?" I called out. Someone opened the door. "Yes Asami-sama?" the man said. "Send for Katsumo Zenji. I feel like having sex." I said and he bowed. He walked out. Katsumo Zenji is my main man that I be sexing. He is the only man around here who actually pleases me. He is my ideal man to have but... he feels more like a friend to me.

He finally appeared in my doorway. He was grinning. "What, can't sleep?" he asked as he approached me. I sighed. "Get over here." I said and he got on the bed.

I stripped off his clothes and took my manhood out of my pants. He offered me his butt and I let him get what he wanted.

After about four hours of moans and groans, we finally finished our sex. I let him sleep in my bed as a reward for his company. "So what was the nightmare about?" he asked me.

"How did you know?" I asked him. "Because I know that whenever you wake up and just want sex, you always want to get rid of the thought of the nightmare." he said with a smile.

I smiled as well. He doesn't share my heart but he knows that about me. He is so ideal. I guess I should tell him.

"I saw a teenage boy calling out to me. He was saying help and that he was being chased. He told me that he was my future and then left. I wonder who he was." I said and my eyes began to droop.

"That's weird. Luckily it was a dream because they never come true. Let's just get some sleep and forget about it." Zenji said. I heard snores coming from him. I closed my eyes and let the darkness take over me again.

"I am hiding. Find me! Help me! Don't let me be captured!"

"Where are you hiding? What is your name?"

"I am hiding in- No let go of me! Let go! Get away!"

"Hey, tell me where you are hiding and who are you now!"

"I will be waiting. I am running away from my hideout until I find another one. Find me!"



Light shone through the curtains. "Wait... Tell me..." Asami mumbled in his sleep. Zenji was watching him. "You are so sexy Asami-sama." he whispered. He got out his cell phone and dialed someone.

"It's me."

"Did you do it again last night?"


"Good work. Feilong-sama will be very pleased."

"When will I have to do my assignment?"

"Don't worry. If you use a knife, it will be faster than a gun."

"I just have to please him until he fully trusts me right?"

"Right. Don't betray Feilong-sama or he will kill you."

"I won't. Tell Feilong-sama that Asami-san had a strange nightmare last night."

"Nightmare?" "What was it about?"

"He dreamt of a teenage boy calling out to him. The boy said that he was his future."

"Future?" Hmm... I will report this to Feilong-sama immediately. It could be a bad omen for us."

"I don't know. Well see ya."

He cut off the cell phone and sighed. He crept out of the bed and put on his clothes. After putting on his clothes, he tried to bear the smell that they had made last night and he walked to the doorway.

"Sorry Asami-sama. I have to do this so forgive me." he said and walked out of the door.

Takaba Akihito's POV

Whoo, this hits the spot. Drinking beer is the best! After all that, I think that beer would be the best thing to use to calm me down. I was so scared.


"Don't let him escape!" the men behind me yelled. I am escaping from a secret laboratory. After ten years of imprisonment, I am finally free!

I was kicked out of my home for my bad and rebellious behaviour by my parents when I was nine. I tried to survive on my own but it was hard. One day when I was just randomly walking along the streets, I found a mysterious side street that nobody walked on. It was like nobody saw it.

I walked toward it. As soon as I stepped on the street all my surroundings turned deaf. It was quiet. I looked back and there was no one there. Ha, this is nothing. I kept walking up the street until I came across sand.

Is this what you call a "world beyond another world"? I looked up and saw a tall building. Where the hell am I?

I walked up to the building and explored the sandy area at the same time. It was like a desert. It was deserted. The only sounds came from the building right in front of me.

I stood in front of the doors. To my surprise the door opened. There was no one around. I walked in and the door closed. Some red beam of light shone on me. It wasn't bright. It was like it was one of those scanner lights.

"Takaba Akihito. Name is not confirmed into the system. Trespasser. I repeat trespasser is in the main room, in front of the door."

What's going on? Some men came running into the room. "Who is it?" one of the man asked. The guy looked like one of those bad ass guys. "Mikhail-sama, what shall we do with him?"

"Hmm, we shall keep him as one of our experiments." He said. Experiments? What did I get myself into? "Excuse me boy, did you walk on Spirit Street to get here?" he said.

Spirit Street? What is he talking about? "What are you bastards talking about?"I asked them and all their eyes looked at me in surprise. "

"Oh ho, this little boy can cuss." one of the guys beside the Mikhail guy said. "Hmm... You would make a cute experiment." he said and got a remote out from under he coat.

I think I am in big trouble. He pushed the red button on the remote and a cage flew from the ceiling onto me. "Hey! Let me out of here!" I screamed and banged on the cage.

"It's no use." he said and walked up close to me. He grabbed my chin. "Enjoy your stay, little brat."

He let go and walked off. His men followed him. "You got some nerve to trap me in here and walk off!" I said and he stopped walking. "By the way, Spirit Street is a special street that only people who have special spirits can see." he said and continued to walk out the door.

So that's why nobody saw it but me. But wait. I have some kind of "special spirit" inside of me?

The floor below me opened up and the cage fell with me in it. "Where the heck have I gotten myself into?!" I screamed as I fell.

I fell into darkness. I finally felt the cage hit ground. I couldn't see anything. "Where am I?" I whispered to myself.

"Offer your soul to us..." I heard a eerie voice whisper. "Who are you?" I said out in alarm.

"We are the soul eaters. We eat souls to replenish our lives. Soon we will be alive and in a form of a human being if we get enough souls. This place is our home. The humans that sent you here are testing you to see if you could kill us. Let's see if you will be good enough or become like the past people that were sent here and die."

What? No, I can't die! How will I kill these guys though? I can't even see them!

"Time to tear your soul apart!" they said. I felt something tug at me and I went into a world of cold light.

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