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Chapter 3:

Katsumo Zenji's POV

I was helping Asami with his work. I stood beside him, helping him move his papers to and fro, trying to find the right time to strike.

Every time I would find the right time to take out my knife, a person would walk in the room to report something. It agitated me to the point that he would want to quit so many times but he knew he couldn't.

Suddenly the doors busted open really fast and two men in black walked in. They ignored the stares from Asami and went over to me. I had no clue what in the world were they doing here. They grabbed both of my arms.

"Asami-sama, this man is arrested for being a double spy. He works for Feilong and is trying to kill you. He just sent your recent conversation from Mikhail to Feilong. He is a traitor!" one of the men in black said and dug into my pocket to grab the knife.

Asami was really confused of the situation. I would be too if my most trusted bodyguard was exposed with a knife.

I tsked. I either do it now or I fail the mission.

I bit on one the guy's hands and they screamed in pain and pulled their hand back. When they did that, I kicked the other guy in the balls and darted for the knife. I pulled it out from the man in black's hand quickly before he had time it react. It had cut his palm when I got it from him.

"Augh! Damn, this guy is one hell of a fighter!" one said. I swung the knife at then and one stepped back while the one I kicked in the balls got cut. He fainted at the sight of his very own blood.

I turned around and swung the knife at Asami.

Asami's POV

Back to 5 minutes ago:

Augh, all this work is killing me. I can't wait to see the new experimental toy that Mikhail has for me. I hope that it would be cooperative so I don't have to have my life even more frustrating than this.

"Move this over there Zenji." I said and handed him a stack of papers. He took it and walked off to the space I told him. He is most faithful servant...bodyguard... whatever the people of the world would like to call it.

I wish that everyone was like this. I do feel bad for making him become my main man that I be sexing whenever I am frustrated. I am so bad.

The doors shot open quickly and some men in black walked in. What are they doing here? Did something bad happen? I stared them down while they just kept walking. They walked over to Zenji and grabbed him by the arms.

"Asami-sama, this man is arrested for being a double spy. He works for Feilong and is trying to kill you. He just sent your recent conversation from Mikhail to Feilong. He is a traitor!" one of the men in black said and dug into my pocket to grab the knife.

Wait, what? Zenji did this? That can't be. He...I...trusted him. No, they must be lying. There is no way he would be the one to do this.

I wanted to scream out to them, "Let go of him. You got the wrong guy.", but I was too afraid to know the truth.

They dug in his pockets and pulled out a knife. No way. That's can't be his. It's probably a pocket knife. No that is not a pocket knife. It's a actual real knife!

I saw that in a flash he bit one and kicked the other in the balls. That's the Katsumo Zenji I know. There is no way you guys could ever lay your hands on Zenji that easily. Wait, why am I cheering him on in my head. So...is he... a bad guy now?

Zenji grabbed the knife from one of their hands and slashed at one guy. I couldn't see nor understand the situation. He turned to me and swung the knife.

I have to stop it or I won't see my experiment that is waiting on me! I grabbed it right before it reached my throat. I felt pain arose in the palm of my hand.

"What is the meaning of this Zenji?" I asked him. "Sorry."He said and did not look me in the eye. I felt a punch in my stomach. "Asami-sama!" one of the men screamed.

I felt something stab me in the stomach and winced in pain. It was the knife. When did it get out of my hand? I saw my world go black. Am I dying?

Akihiko's POV

I heard some doors open and clapping and turned around. "I knew when I first saw you. You are a special. They will take good care you. Very good job." the guy said.

"Who are you!" I asked in curiosity. "The person who is going to help you escape from here." the guy said and stepped into my light.

"My name is Katsumo Toshiki. Nice to meet you."he said and extended a hand out to me. I didn't feel like shaking a strangers hand. "How will I escape from here?"I asked him.

"You will have to stay here until tomorrow. I must warn you though, I am escaping with you. I have a brother I was separated from so..." he said. I nodded. I guess I could maybe trust him a little bit and if he backstabs me then he and I will be having some issues.

"So he passed the test huh. Congratulations." That voice. It's him. "Yes Mikhail-sama, he is the finest experiment we will ever have." Katsumo-san said.

"Bring him to to special room."Mikhail said and Katsumo-san grabbed me by the arms. "Sorry for this but, bear with this horrible torture you will have to get."he whispered and dragged me out of the doors.

We walked in silence as I passed through the corridors. Several people stared at me and some backed away.

We finally stopped in front of a room with a turquoise blue door. The room was opal color and there was a bed right in the middle of the room. There were several tables all around the room. Each one had weird looking glass tubes. It looked like a real scientist room.

"Go in." Katsumo-san said and I walked on in. When I walked in, I noticed that this room has rarely any people in it. There were about ten rooms and they were each separated by a curtain, with only three people in the room, not including me.

"This will be your bed. Lay on it now." he said and I did so. It was comfy even if there was no pillow. It looked like one of those dentist beds that could move up or down by the side controls.

I looked to see if there was any controls on the sides. There were none. "Sorry but I was ordered to do this." Katsumo-san said in a low voice. He took out a remote from his pocket. I think that every single person in this building has one of those.

I saw he pressed some kind of blue button and some straps tied my feet, arms, legs, and hand to the bed. "Wha...What are you doing?!" I screamed out. I knew I couldn't trust this guy!

Some other men ran into the room. "He is strapped?" one asked. The other guys just ran to my side and hooked up a bunch of needles to my skin. It hurt but now that much.

"Go mix up that medicine you used last time and bring it here." the guy said to Katsumo-san. He looked at me with a worried face and ran off. Somehow I don't think that he wants to do this.

I felt some hands went up to my belt and shirt. "Hey, hands off!" I screamed and tried to struggle and squirm but I couldn't move because of the straps. They stripped off my clothes and all I had left was my boxers.

"Here it is." I heard Katsumo say and brought a tube full of pink liquid. "Let's make this boy grow." a guy said and took the bottle in his hands. He put it close to my face. Don't tell me I have to drink this!

"Can you smell that? It's your growth medicine. You will be a nineteen year old when you wake up. Now drink up." he said cheerfully and shoved the glass in my mouth. I was about to choke because of how fast I had to drink this thing!

He finally took it out of my mouth and some of the liquid fell from the side of my mouth. "Oh, you forgot some."he said and scooped it up with his finger. He shoved the fingers into my mouth and made me suck them until there was no more of that liquid.

He finally took them out of my mouth and kissed my stomach. "You are cute. Too bad that you are going to get sold off soon." he said and I felt tired all of the sudden.

I drowsily let my eyes close for the rest to cover my mind.


The old doctor wrapped the last set of bandage on Asami. "That should do it."he said. "I can't believe Zenji did this to you."

"Neither do I." Asami said. He was wounded by the knife and was lucky that he didn't lose that much blood. Before Zenji had left, he left an anonymous call to the doctor.

Then he ran off and left the men in black, Asami, and his whole existence that was with Asami. He was now a wanted man.

"So when will this heal?" Asami asked him. "Just don't do anything rash. You probably need some rest. Are you heading anywhere tomorrow?"the doctor said.

"I was going to head off to Mikhail's laboratory to pick up and see the new experiment that he has for me." Asami said. "Hmm, just wait about, let's say, two days so you can recover that wound. We would not want it to reopen once I had just sewn it up."

"Two days huh." Asami sighed and looked at the ceiling. If only he could wait two days just to see the cutie that he wanted to see in real life from the picture that was sent to him from Mikhail.

Katsumo Toshiki's POV

I hate myself. I hate myself for being so weak. I hate myself for having a brother complex. I hate myself for not fighting back at Mikhail. I hate myself for not being able to save yet another person from torture.

It had only just begun but for this new special that they have found, it would be a nightmare. "Let's ask Mikhail-sama if we could have some fun with him before he gets sent off to that buyer." one of the men said.

No, no, no! I can't let him have it like this! These guys are all real homos and if they lay their hands on him then he would never be able to live it down.

"Let's just report to Mikhail-sama that we are done for now." I said calmly. They nodded but I knew what they really wanted.

We found Mikhail sitting in his office. "...So he is very defenseless now and is ready for you, Mikhail-sama." the guy beside me continued.

"That's good." Mikhail-sama said happily. The phone rang and everyone jumped because of how deep they were in the conversation. Mikhail picked it up.

"Hello?" he asked and waved us all off. I was the last one to go. Everyone walked off to different rooms to attend to different people. I stayed beside the door of Mikhail's room.

"...Aw that's too bad. Maybe I should just auction him instead of giving him to you. I bet I would make much more money than you if I do that." Mikhail said.

"...Ok, fine two more days and if you don't come then, he is auctioned." Mikhail said and put the the phone down. I wonder what was that all about?

"I know you have been there. Come on out."he said. Crap, he found out! I walked slowly up to him. "Were you eavesdropping?" he asked me.

I twirled my fingers nervously. "N-no." I said. He got up from his chair and walked up to me. "You mean yes." he said and pulled me over to the table.

"Now this is punishment." he said and kissed me.

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