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Ron's chat page

[Ron]: Hermione... I'm bored

[Hermione]: Study for the potions test

[Ron]: Nooooo (why would I do that?)
It would be like if Fred and George
Gave me a discount at their shop

[Fred]: Do mine ears deceive me?
You were talking about us.

[Ron]: Whatever. Where's George?

[George]: Do mine ears deceive me?
You were talking about me.

[Fred]: US George Us!

[George]: Ya... (sure that's what I meant)

[Ron]: fine you know what? I will study
Hermione, cause I'm obviously gonna win
Us the house cup (waves hands sarcastically
Knocking over ink onto Fred's blank essay)

[Fred]: Yes Ron! Come on George! No more
Essay for us!

[George]: Of course!

[Fred]: Chorus?

[George]: Of chorus!

[Fred and George]: Weasley is our King!

Ron Weasley is now offline

[Fred]: Want to post nasty comments on
Ron's page?

[George]: Naw lets checkup on his next
Wizard ball tournament I have a good

Fred Weasley is now offline

George Weasley is now offline

[Hermione]: hm? Where is everyone?
Well, extra study time yay! (Anyways
I'm so far behind in my next four years
Of homework! I've only done the next three

Hermione Granger is now offline

[Hogwarts student me]: Hi :-)


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