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Bellatrix's profile page

Relationship Status: Married (hush hush) but on the lookout.

Requirements for partner:

-must be Bald

-must be evil

-must be a cult leader

-must be noseless

-must wear a cloak

-must have red eyes= Hotness

-must be albino

-must have slimy skin

-must have murdered at least three people

-must not wear shoes

-must have long pointy nails

-must wear purple eye shadow

Bellatrix: Oh, My Lord, how do I love thee? I love you more than fire, more than death, more than pain.

Voldemo: I love me more than all of those things too

Bellatrix: I find your baldness extremely attractive, especially with those jaw-droppingly gorgeous snake-eyes.

Voldemo: My eyes are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Bellatrix: Every time I see you I want to drop at your beautiful unclothed feet

Voldemo: I would never be caught in shoes (anyways, my perfectly manicured yellow toenails would be squished)

Bellatrix: In my books, albinoness=HOTNESS

Voldemo: I have always prided myself in the fact that my eyes are so red, and my skin so translucent

Bellatrix: Your slimy old cloak embodies the face of evil; it makes you look so powerful

Voldemo: I have not once washed my beautiful cloak

Bellatrix: You are the most handsome cult leader I have ever laid eyes on

Voldemo: I don't spend all that time on my hair for nothing

Bellatrix: Together we can be the most powerful duo in the world, together we will defeat Harry Potter!

Voldemo: Wait what? Who said anything about us being together?

Bellatrix: But we are together! Right?

Voldemo: What? No! I've got my eye on someone else. Hey There Cissy!

Narcissa: My Lord!

Voldemo: We should really go out for drinks sometime…

Luci: Stay away from my wife!

Voldemo: Do you want to die?

Luci: No my Lord, forgive me…l

Voldemo: Good. I'll pick you up at seven Cissy.

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Bellatrix: I am forever alone!

Rodolphus: What about me?

Bellatrix: What about you?

Rodolphus: :( We're married

Bellatrix: So?