The Weasley Wizard betting page

[Fred&George]: All right all right everyone calm down, you'll all get to bet don't worry
[Lee]: 20 sickles that Umbridge won't last till Xmas
[Ginny]: 50 that she won't last till November
[Micheal]: I take you on, i bet she'll make it until may
[Ginny]: Deal
[Harry]: 100 galleons that Umbridge won't last till tomorrow
[All]: Ahh gasp!

Th next day

Umbridge's funeral page

[Mcgonaggal]: We will miss u Dolores (Not)
[Trelawney]: Partay!
[Harry]: So u guys owe me 300 galleons
[Lee]: I thought it was only 100
[Harry]: No it was 300! Now cough it up
[All]: :-(
[Harry]: And u, u ugly sparkle guy cough up 600
[Edweirdo]: But you banned me from Wizletters
[Harry]: You still owe me
[Edweirdo]: :-(
[All]: GO AWAY!

Edweirdo is once again offline

[Mcgonaggal]: Ding dong the witch is dead!
[Trelawney]: The wicked witch
[Harry]: The wicked old witch
[All]: Ding dong the wicked witch is dead

[Snape]: :-( DOLORES MY LOVE! (I no longer have to live with your cruelty) I MISS U!
[Umbridge]: What did you say Snapeypoo?
[Snape]: N-nothing, I said I loved you ( ya that's what I said)
[Umbridge]: I luv u too Snapeypoo!
[Ron]: Ewwwww!
[Umbridge]: Detention!
[Ron]: :-(
[Voldemo]: Why the heck are you still here Dumbridge?!
[Umbridge]: Because I was resurrected by happy pony, who just happens to be Draco Malfoy's pony.
[Voldemo]: Darn that pony! AVADA KEDAVRA!

The next day

Dumbridge's chat page

[Dumbridge:] ALL HAIL DOLORES DUMBRIDGE! (I like this name better!)


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