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I eagerly stared out the window as the town of Forks moved past me, revealing damp, mossy trees after damp, mossy trees. The place was covered by woods and plenty of places to explore. I made a mental note to ask about nearby hiking trails.

"It's a small town," my brother Tony admitted as he caught my stare.

"Dont' worry," I assured him. "I love to hike, remember? Besides, I don't mind small towns. I think." I shrugged. "Never lived in one."

"That's you, the big-city Mainer," Tony teased as he stopped for a red light.

"Hey! Don't be a hater!" I joked. "Besides, you used to live in Maine." Before he met cheating Gloria, that is.

Tiny lines around his mouth tightened as he roared the car to life, turning the corner as the light turned green. I sighed. "Sorry, Tony. I didn't mean to bring her up. I know you liked her a lot."

"It's okay. You warned me," Tony replied quietly.

The rest of the car ride to the new house was silent. The moving truck was already there, and the two guys were talking animatedly in the driveway. I stared up at the house, grinning. It was a small two-story, painted a light blue. I fell in love with it instantly.

I pushed the car door open and walked up the driveway, the gravel crunching under my converse sneakers. Tony was already unlocking the door while the movers opened up the back of the truck.

The space inside the house was rather large. Ignoring the ground level, I thundered up the stairs to explore the upstairs. Poking around, I found a small bathroom, a master bedroom, and a smaller one. I stepped inside the smaller one, guessing it to be mine. There was a lot of space that would soon be filled with all of my clutter. Two windows gave me a view of the road, and another one to the side a view of the forest surrounding the house.

"Like it?" Tony asked, stepping into the room. Below us, I could hear the moving guys starting to bring things inside.

"Love it," I admitted. "I hope I'll actually like the school, now."

"I'm sure you will," he assured me, before beckoning. "Come on. Let's go get everything unpacked."

Later, we sat eating a pizza at the kitchen table. Both of us were exhausted at oving everything around for the whole day, but it was finally done.

Tony cleared his throat, taking a swig from his soda. "School for you starts tomorrow. I know that it's pretty late in the year, but I checked the classes that you're taking. Since everyone takes biology in their junior year-"

"I took that sophomore year," I interrupted, making a face.

"I know," Tony said. "Which is why you have chemistry with the seniors."

"A senior class?" I asked in disbelief, blinking. "Bring it on, I guess."

"Good attitude." Tony picked up his pizza and continued eating.

I ate in silence, thinking about the next day. Finally retiring, I walked upstairs and laid down on my daybed, staring out the window that the daybed was.

I had been living with my brother Tony for a little over three months, now. Our mother died in childbirth, and our dad was determined unfit to care for me, so my brother took me into his custody. I didn't mind that much, considering Tony liked to travel. He was trained as a dentist, and was opening up a new practice here in Forks.

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why he decided on Forks. When I asked him about it, Tony merely replied that it had a 'certain charm'. It fit, that description. Forks may seem unappealing to some, but to Tony and I, it seemed great compared to the last city that I lived in.

High school. A flutter of nervousness struck through me at the thought of it. Tony had told me on the drive that there were about three hundred people in the high school. My school had only been a little bit bigger, but the size didn't matter to me. It was the people. Would I fit in? Would I make any friends? Did they have a cool library? Stuff like that.

Sighing, I sat up and reached for my little red book and my favorite blue pen, determined to finally finish the short story that I could never quite think of up an ending for.

Maybe tonight would be the night.


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