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Long live the reckless and the brave
I don't think I want to be saved
My song has not been sung
So long live us

-"The Reckless And The Brave", All Time Low

"I wish I could cook like that," I said enviously, watching Gordon Ramsey's amazing dish creation flickering on the TV. "I can make a pretty mean sandwich. Think I have what it takes?"

"Mhm." Bella was staring at the TV, not really seeing it. I had invited her over after school, and we were currently in the living room with a bowl of popcorn between us.

I rolled over on the couch to face her, turning Chef Ramsey's verbal abuse down with the remote. "Okay, talk. What's got you so distracted?"

She blinked up at me with her large brown eyes. She's so pale, I thought. I wonder if I can take her hiking sometime. Get her out into the sunlight.

"Edward was back in school," she said slowly.

"I know," I said. "We saw him at lunch, remember?"

"We had Biology together," Bella continued. "And… He's just really confusing. He seemed to hate me last week, but I actually had a nice conversation with him today." She played with her fingers while speaking.

I furrowed my brow at her, remembering his hostile attitude last week. "Huh. Maybe he just needed a spa and relaxation week."

"Kate," Bella scolded.

"It's true!" I persisted. "Or maybe he just had a tough day. He's in my piano class, during seventh period. He let me have my favorite piano, so he can't be all bad, right?"

She shrugged, her eyes straying to the TV again. I followed her gaze to see Chef Ramsey screaming at a defiant cook. In the distance, I heard Tony clunking down the stairs and into the living room. "Hey, kiddo," he said to me, ruffling my hair. "It's Bella, right?" he said, smiling at my friend.

"You must be Tony," Bella said, smiling back politely.

"Yeah, that's me. Whatcha watching?" My brother squinted at the TV. "That British chef?"

"It's good," I mumbled.

"Okay." Tony shrugged. "You guys want hamburgers for supper? I also got macaroni salad."

Bella leaned forward to stand up. "Oh, thanks, but I should make dinner for Cha- my dad. He won't really eat anything if I don't."

"Invite him over here," Tony encouraged. "I've been meaning to meet him. The other dentist, Dr. Howard, mentioned that the officers are really into fishing." He laughed and walked over towards the fridge. "I want to find out all the good places!"

Bella was hesitant, but relented in the face of my brother's cheerfulness. While she was on the phone with Chief Swan, I joined my brother in the kitchen. He was getting out the stove-top grille, the hamburger patties ready to go. "Hey, Tony," I said. "Saturday, after our hike, I'm going to sleep over at a friend's house."

"Whose house? Bella's?" He fiddled with the knobs, cursing under his breath as they stuck.

"No. Alice Cullen's. She's a friend from school."

He paused in his work, looking up at me with a furrowed brow. "Dr. Cullen's daughter?"

"One of them," I said, remembering all of Alice's siblings.

Tony didn't say anything for a moment, opting to get the patties out and testing the heat on the grill. "Yeah, okay. Dr. Cullen's a good man. Just keep your cell phone on you and let me know the plans for Sunday."

I grinned at him. "Cool, thanks!" Bella walked timidly into the kitchen, and I smiled welcomingly at her. "Is your dad coming over?"

"Yeah," she said. "He'll be over in fifteen minutes or so. He's bringing by some beer and a pizza."

"Pizza and hamburgers!" My eyes lit up and I grinned at my brother. "My favorite food!"

"Pipe down, kid," Tony scolded, a grin on his face. "Don't seem too crazy in front of the Chief. We don't want you locked up too young." He paused, considering. "Actually, if it gets me some peace and quiet from your yammering, go ahead."

"Don't be rude!"

The night had passed in an easy, happy manner. Chief Swan – who insisted I call him Charlie – turned out to be a pretty laid back guy. Bella relaxed and was able to smile and have a good time. Tony and Charlie had gotten on pretty well, and were discussing a fishing trip in the future.

When I woke up the next morning, the world outside was bathed in white. Scrambling out of bed, I ran to the window, excitement coursing through me at all of the snow outside. "AWESOME!" I shrieked, pumping a fist in the air.

"Hurry up or you'll be late!" Tony called from downstairs.

"I just got up!" I yelled back. "Be a patient person!"

He didn't answer, but I quickly dressed, pulling a comb through my hair and throwing it up in a ponytail. Running down the stairs, I skidded into the kitchen in socks. Tony was at the counter with a cup of coffee in one hand, and an outdoors magazine in the other. He pushed a plate with a buttered bagel on it towards me.

"I haven't seen you this excited in the early morning since I told you we were moving," he commented idly.

"It's snowing!" I replied, beaming at him. "Do I need to sing Frosty the Snowman to you?"

"Please don't," Tony groaned, putting his head in his hands.

"LET THERE BE SNOW, LET THERE BE SNO-" Tony chucked the magazine at my head. I scowled at him, dodging it easily. "Hey!"

"Then don't sing that terrible song," he shot back before glancing at the clock. "Go on, get going. Take the bagel with you. You should leave early so you can go slow on the roads. They're pretty bad."

"Will do." I shoved my feet into boots and put my coat on, slinging my backpack onto my shoulders and picking up the bagel wrapped in a paper towel. I walked out of the house and started down the steps. I had only gone three steps before I slipped and fell on my behind. "Ouch!"

Tony laughed from the doorway. "Oh, yeah. Be careful; it's icy." Still laughing to himself, he closed the door.

"Jerk," I hissed, climbing to my feet. This time, I carefully made my way to the car without falling flat on my face. I unlocked it and climbed in, driving to the school. Tony was right. The roads were terrible, but I had plenty of experience driving in winter storms from Maine weather. Even so, I breathed a sigh of relief when I turned into the school parking lot.

After parking my car, I grabbed my bag and climbed out. Bella's huge truck pulled into her usual spot next to my car on the right. I leaned against the driver's side, typing out a quick text to Tony to let him know I got to school safe. "Good morning!" I called to Bella over the top of my car as she got out.

"Morning," she said, grasping onto the side of her truck and making her way to the end of it. I watched her progress for a moment as she peered at her tires, before scanning the parking lot. I noticed the Cullens had arrived, parked on the other side of the lot. Edward was staring in this direction, and I watched for a moment as Jasper came to stand next to him.

I glanced at Bella again, a question on my lips, but a high-pitched screech, painfully loud in my ears, froze my words. My head snapped up to see a dark blue van skidding on the ice – heading straight for Bella.

"BELLA!" I screamed, my feet scrabbling on the icy pavement as I rushed towards her. A force slammed into me, knocking me away from my friend. I fell onto the back of my car, pain striking through my wrist, causing me to lose my breath. There were arms around my waist, preventing me from moving as I watched the van crash into the back of Bella's car. I couldn't see Bella at all.

Other people were shouting, and I could see people rushing toward the accident. Still in shock, I looked up at the person holding me to see Jasper, his gold eyes shining in concern, his lips moving as he said something to me, but it didn't register. The only thing that did was the fact that Bella was…

I lurched free of Jasper's grip and pushed through the crowd with my right arm, cradling my left arm against my chest. As the crowd parted I could see Edward Cullen kneeling next to Bella. She was sitting up, looking around dazed and disoriented, but very much alive. Relief passed through me so strongly that I felt my legs tremble. She was alive and looked relatively unhurt. That van should have crushed her. I thought she was dead.

I stumbled forward. "Bella – Bella, are you alright?" The words left my mouth in a breathless tumble, my wrist beginning to really throb in pain.

She tore her gaze away from Edward's, peering up at me with her doe-brown gaze. "I'm fine," she said, her voice soft and still dazed. "I'm fine," she repeated, stronger.

"She hit her head," Edward said to me, just as the sound of sirens reached my ears. I was jostled off to the side, watching the scene. It took six EMT's, Mr. Varner, and Coach Clapp to move the van so they could bring in the stretchers for Tyler and Bella. I watched as Edward avoided a stretcher, but Bella was forced onto one. They even put a neck brace on her, which I doubted that she was thrilled about.

My view was blocked by a tall shape, and I blinked, looking up into a frowning, concerned face. "Jasper," I said. The realization of earlier hit me: if he hadn't grabbed me, I would be dead. I would have run straight into the van's path trying to save Bella…

His cold hands touched my hand gently, and a slight hiss of pain escaped me at the movement. I squeezed my eyes shut, willing it to go away. When I got it under control, I realized that he had an arm around my shoulders. "C'mon, darling," he murmured, his voice low and reassuring. At the sound of his voice, my frayed nerves and emotions were enveloped in a blanket of calm. The cold I could feel radiating from his body was comforting. "Let's get your wrist healed," he said softly, leading me towards my car.

He had my keys somehow, and seated me in the passenger seat. In no time he had pulled out of the space and left the parking lot, turning onto the highway. I slumped forward, wincing at the sharp lances of pain shooting through my wrist, my hand, and my arm.

"We're almost there," Jasper said soothingly.

I squeezed my eyes shut, flashes of the crash coming back to me. "Thank you," I said softly.

"You're welcome," he said automatically.

"No," I insisted, trying to steady my breathing as I turned to look at him. "You probably saved my life. I mean it. Thank you."

He looked over at me and held my gaze. His eyes were warm – a beautiful butterscotch color – and his smile gentle and reassuring. "Of course, darling."

We pulled into the hospital parking lot and he parked the car. With his hand at the small of my back, we walked into the hospital, where Jasper talked to a nurse quietly. In no time at all I was situated in the emergency room with Bella and Tyler, the former of which looked surprised to see me.

"Kate? What's wrong?" Bella asked anxiously. I noticed she was no longer wearing the neck brace, but I could see it peeking out from under the bed.

"I just hurt my wrist," I replied, wincing in pain. A nurse was fluttering around me, turning my attention away from my friend. Tyler was there as well, bandaged heavily, and gabbling apologies at Bella. I tuned them out and focused on the nurse checking my wrist, which was swollen considerably. Bella was soon wheeled away for X-rays, leaving me with Tyler.

I wondered where Jasper went. I turned over the events from the parking lot in my mind. Edward had saved Bella from the crash, from getting crushed from the van. Jasper had saved me from suffering the same by holding me back. They must have been close to be able to get there in time.


An image flashed through my mind. Edward standing by his car on the other side of the parking lot. Jasper walking up to stand next to him, moments before the crash.

How did they get over there so fast?

I took a deep breath, slumping down on the bed. I was feeling slightly dizzy from the constant pain in my wrist and the shock of everything. Presently, the nurse took me in to X-ray my wrist before sticking me back in the ER. Tyler would occasionally mumble apologies to Bella, who was doing her best to ignore him. She seemed too irritated to hold a conversation, so I kept quiet on my side. I desperately wanted to talk to her, to know if she had also seen them on the other side of the parking lot. Maybe the crash messed with my mind… There's no way someone can move that fast.

After what seemed like forever, I saw Edward walking towards this end of the ER. A stab of disappointment passed through me when I saw that Jasper wasn't with him. I glanced at Bella to see if she noticed him, but she had her eyes closed. Edward stopped at the edge of her bed. "Is she sleeping?" he asked me, his eyes flickering down to my wrist.

Bella popped her eyes open and glared at him. "I think not," I said mildly, just as Tyler rushed to apologize to Edward, who quickly stopped him.

"So, what's the verdict?" Edward asked Bella.

"There's nothing wrong with me at all, but they won't let me go," she complained. "How come you aren't strapped to a gurney like the rest of us?"

"It's about who you know," Edward said, flashing her a smile. "But don't worry, I came to spring you."

"Hope that counts for me as well," I mumbled. "I hate hospitals."

"Sorry," Edward said sincerely, turning to me. "I think your wrist needs a bit more attention." He hesitated. "Jasper wanted me to apologize to you. He…doesn't feel comfortable….in hospital settings." He hesitated again. "He'll check in with you later tonight."

All those hesitations make your account suspicious, I thought, feeling another stab of disappointment, but mostly understanding. "Alright, thanks man," I said aloud. Not that I can blame him. Thanks to Dad, I really despise hospitals. An image of my father stuck in the ER with alcohol poisoning flashed through my mind, which I quickly shoved away. Edward looked slightly taken aback, but the arrival of a doctor shifted everyone's attention.

This doctor probably belonged in some popular hospital TV drama, because I swear he looked like a movie star. The closer he got, the more familiar he looked, until I realized he had the same pale skin and gold eyes as Edward, Alice, and Jasper. Probably Dr. Cullen. Is this like a weird family trait? I thought. Wait… They're all adopted. What's with the pale skin and gold eyes then? Edward's eyes flashed to me, but I glanced away from them and down at my wrist instead.

I tuned out Dr. Cullen talking to Bella, but looked up again once Bella hopped off the bed and nearly fell over. Dr. Cullen quickly caught her – nice reflexes – and signed her chart off, freeing her from this ER prison.

I tuned back into the conversation to hear Bella say, "Lucky Edward happened to be standing next to me." She gave him a hard glance, and my eyes widened. She did notice they were both on the other side of the parking lot! I was remembering correctly!

"Oh, well, yes," Dr. Cullen said, shuffling through some papers before turning to me abruptly. "You must be Kate Turner," he said, walking to the side of my bed. "I've heard quite a bit about you from Alice and Jasper." Jasper as well? I thought in surprise. "Alright," he continued, "let's take a look at your wrist." He gently gave it a once over and checked a file. I could see X-rays in it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bella and Edward leave the ER together, and I made a mental note to call her later tonight.

As it turned out, my wrist was fractured, and Dr. Cullen gave me a brace to wear for the next couple weeks. He gave me pain medication as well to take when the pain was bad, but advised me to be lenient with them. He politely told me that he and his wife Esme were looking forward to having me over on Saturday, before sending me off into the lobby.

Armed with my new brace and a bottle of meds, I was faced with a pacing Tony, still wearing his white lab coat. He turned around in relief as I walked through the door and immediately swept me up in a large hug. "I got the call just as I got to the office," he said, glancing worriedly down at the brace. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine," I said. "I'm not in pain anymore."

"How did this happen?" Tony persisted, helping me put my jacket on. "Charlie told me about the crash, but you weren't in it."

I fought back a yawn, starting to feel exhausted. It couldn't have been more than ten in the morning. "I was going to run into the van's path to save Bella. Jasper – a friend of mine – stopped me before I could, but I landed on my wrist."

Tony stared at me, his face blank. His dark blue eyes – the same as mine – were wide. "You tried to run into the middle of an out-of-control van's path?"

"I wasn't thinking," I said, slightly irritated. "All I could think of was to get Bella out of the way." I turned away from him. "Can we please go home and just watch movies or something all day?"

"Sorry," Tony automatically apologized, leading me out of the hospital. "It's just…so you." He handed me my phone, and I groaned slightly when I saw the twelve unread messages. "I think half of them are from some guy called Nick," Tony said. "He also tried calling you a couple times." He raised his eyebrows at me, helping me into his battered car. "Something I should know?"

"He's just a friend," I said, scrolling through the messages. There was one from Derek, which surprised me. As Tony climbed into the driver's seat, I said, "Did you tell Derek I was in the ER?"

Tony's expression turned sheepish. "I might have called him while in the waiting room, yes."

I let out a little laugh, typing back a reply to Derek. "Your bromance is still as strong as ever, huh? It's only been since you guys were in kindergarten."

"Stop that," Tony scolded, backing out the parking lot. "You were just complaining last week how you missed your 'other older brother' and grumbling how he hasn't visited us yet."

"You said he was in Norway," I pointed out, still looking through my phone. "He's probably very happy hiking the mountains or swimming in some fjord." Nick had apparently seen the whole thing go down, and was trying desperately to make sure I was alright. I texted him back and explained briefly what happened.

"Yeah, whatever," Tony mumbled. "I call first pick of the movie."

"I was in the hospital! I get to have first pick!"

Tony sighed dramatically. "Fine. As long as it isn't Monster's Inc again."

I snorted and turned my gaze to the window, my mind going back to the crash and Jasper's appearance. There's no way someone can move that fast. Right?


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