One More Time

On a quiet, tidy, normal street in Little Whinging. At the address of number 4 Privet Drive. A rather remarkable thing was about to happen, that would change the world as we know it.

Now you might have heard this story before. A story about a little boy, with a rather strange scar on his forehead. A story about a little boy, who lived. And you might have heard, that this little boy grew to defeat a rather dark and horrible person. Well this is still that story. And this is still that little boy. But this time... This time, Harry James Potter, was going to do things, his way.

At the house of number 4 Privet Drive, in the cupboard under the stairs, in the middle of the night, there came a sudden flash of light. Harry groaned quietly and rubbed his eyes. Then he sat up. He looked at his surroundings. Then he looked down at himself. Then he cast a lumos spell and looked again.

'I did it...'

Oh how happy he was to see that cupboard. Well, what he could see of it. The eighteen year old noxed the light, lay back on the dusty old mattress and took some time to get re-acquainted with his ten year old body. This time. This time will be different. This time he was going to make sure they all lived. This time he knew what was going to happen. And this time, he was going to stop it before it even began.

Harry tested the cupboard door. Locked. Well of course it would be. Using a bit of traceless wandless magic, he opened the bolt and slipped out. Time to plan. He quietly made his way to the kitchen and glanced at the calendar reflected by moonlight. It would be two weeks before the letters started to arrive. Two weeks before his life would change forever. Of course, he'd already been through all the fuss. Not this time. He took Aunt Petunia's notebook and pen from the sideboard, cast a lumos, and sat down to write.

"To do:

- Speak with the goblins about releasing the vaults to him.

- Get in touch with Julian..."

Harry sighed and rubbed away a stray tear. He still couldn't believe what he'd found out. He wished he could have let Julian, and he supposed Professor Snape, know before their deaths. But then he himself didn't know until after Professor Snape had been struck down by Voldemort. And Julian was in a coma, never to wake. Thanks to Dumbledore. Harry shook his head to clear his mind. Not this time. Determined, he continued to write.

"- Collect the stone and stop Professor Quirrell.

- Kill the basilisk.

- Find a safe place for Sirius and Remus to stay.

- Prove Sirius' innocence.

- Find and destroy the horcruxes.

- Prevent my friends from dying.

- Destroy Voldemort, and Dumbledore."

Doing all of this would be a lot harder than just writing it down. He had to get to work. With the list in his pocket, his tatty baggy clothes transfigured into better ones, and a spell to keep the Dursleys from finding out he was gone, Harry snuck out the backdoor and vanished into the night. First on the list, Diagon Alley.