Bonus Chapter

A beam of sunlight shone in through the gap in the curtains and traveled over the bed, hitting Severus in the face. He groaned and turned away, grabbing the nearest pillow and throwing it over his head. He muttered something that was muffled against the fabric.

'Close them yourself, you're the one that's bothered' came the sleepy reply.

Vaguely impressed Julian was able to understand him, Severus groaned again and stumbled out of bed. He staggered to the window and yanked the curtains together, quietly insulting their lack of keeping the sun out. The snort from the bed told him he wasn't quiet enough. Shrugging he headed back, collapsing back down he watched as Julian started to get up. Grumbling he pulled the younger man back against his chest.

'Sev'rus… I gotta get up!' Julian whined.

'Don't care' the older man replied.

Huffing Julian pulled, tossed, and finally used a mild stinging charm to loosen the older man's hold. Severus growled and reached for him but he was already up.

'Must you insist on getting up this early every day? It's the holidays?' the man complained.

'Holidays won't stop me needing the loo. Besides, I'm hungry' Julian replied, fishing out his clothes.

Severus groaned and rolled onto his back.

'What by Merlin are you craving this time?!'

'Bacon and chocolate sauce' Julian replied with a grin as he left.

Harry woke to the smell of bacon frying. He clambered out of bed and grabbed his dressing gown, nipping into the bathroom before anyone could cut ahead. He headed downstairs, listening to Sirius and Remus fighting over who would get in first. Remus won and the bathroom door closed with a bang. Grinning Harry made his way to the kitchen.

'Morning Dad. Can I help with…what are you doing?!'

He watched bewildered as his dad poured a generous amount of chocolate sauce over his portion of bacon and slapped it all into a roll.

'Having breakfast' Julian replied with a grin, taking a large bite.

Making a face Harry got his own portion of bacon and made toast.

He glanced round as Remus entered.


'Good morning Harry, Julian. I don't suppose we have any chili sauce?'

Wordlessly Julian pointed to a cupboard and Harry watched slightly green faced as Remus made himself a bowl of corn flakes and chili sauce.

'You two have been having these, weird craving, for weeks now. Don't they make you feel sick?' Harry asked.

The two glanced at each other, then shook their heads.


'Not at all.'

Sighing Harry brought his breakfast to the dining room as Sirius came through.

'Morning Sirius. Watch out, they're eating some weird combinations in there.'

'Still?! What is it this time?' his godfather asked as he headed through.

'You don't want to know' Harry replied.

He glanced up as Severus entered.

'Why do I smell chili?'

Harry grinned.


'Lovely' the man sighed and sat down.

He waved his wand and his breakfast hovered through. Sirius came through a moment later looking a bit green.

'What by Merlin is going on with those two?!'

'Wish I knew' Severus muttered.

'Maybe we should firecall Madam Pomfrey. They could be ill' Harry suggested.

'They're making me ill' Sirius mumbled.

'Not a bad idea' Severus said and got up.

Harry finished his breakfast as his father floo called the school nurse and asked her if she could come through. He turned as Julian rushed past and up the stairs.

'Are you ok!?'

'I'll head up and check' Remus said as he appeared from the kitchen.

They watched as the man followed Julian, then headed through as the floo flared up. Madam Pomfrey stepped through.

'Is there something wrong? You sounded a bit worried' she asked.

'Julian and Remus are what's wrong. They're acting, and eating, weird' Sirius replied.

The woman frowned.

'What are the symptoms?'

'Sickness. Increased appetite and cravings for the strangest combinations of food. They've been somewhat snappish as well' Severus said.

'I suggested that Remus cut down on the food and he just burst into tears. I didn't mean any harm. He's normally so careful about his health I didn't think mentioning his weight was that much of a deal' Sirius followed.

'We have no idea what's going on' Harry finished.

Madam Pomfrey hid a smirk. She had a pretty good idea what was happening.

'Very well then. I'll head up and check on them. Please stay here, I'd rather you didn't get in the way.'

Cutting off any protest she made her way upstairs. The trio glanced at each other then sat down.

'Do you think they're alright?' Harry asked.

'I'm sure they'll be fine' Severus replied.

He didn't look like he believed it. They waited in silence, listening to the faint noises upstairs. The minutes passed and they were starting to get anxious. Finally Madam Pomfrey appeared. They sprung up to meet her.

'Are they ok?'

'Did you find out what's wrong?'

'Do they need anything? A potion?'

'Gentlemen please calm down' she hushed with a smile.

She waited until they settled.

'They're perfectly fine. This is all normal behaviour.'

'Normal?! Merlin woman how can this be normal?!' Severus yelled.

She grinned.

'Oh yes it's very normal. Severus, Sirius, congratulations! You're both going to be fathers!'

There was a heavy silence. Then it broke with the sound of two men and a sixteen year old fainting.

Madam Pomfrey sighed and levitated them onto the sofas. Then she took her leave.

'I love my job' was heard as the flames died away.