A/N: This crack Drabble is brought to you today by the letter E for Electronic who suggested the idea for this fine story.

If anyone of you have any ideas for crack dribbles just PM them to me and I'll be more then happy to write them... As long as they don't involve JoXBrick... I mean it.

Oh BTW there's a few sexual references in this Drabble (oh who am I kidding this whole thing is one big sex joke) so viewer discretion is advised.

Chris was doing his pimply host walk when suddenly he heard shouting, that of two of the male campers, coming from one of the cabins.

"Wait are they fighting!" Chris yelled. "SWEET!"

Chris ordered a camera man to follow him as he opened the cabin door only to be greeted by a large moving lump under the blanket.

Chris stood there for a second before he yelled "NOT AGAIN!" and ran away apologizing to his parents for walking in on "Happy Time"

Then Cody and Noah, fully clothed, lifted the blanket off of them and began to laugh their asses off at Chris's reaction.

"THAT! WAS! BRILLIANT!" Yelled Noah as he literally ROFLed.