Maya's pov

I sit in my desk in biology, looking at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring.

I open my binder and look on the right interior where I tapped my schedule.

I scan it: Period 4: Band

I cannot wait to go to band class!

Even though I do not have my cello with me today, I just look forward to being around music.

The minute hand on the clock moves and the bell rings.

I hop out of my seat and head out the door.




I walk through the doorway of the band room.

I instantly spot Tori; she's sitting down, talking to a boy with short, curly red hair.

Tori must've noticed me as I walked in, because she looks at me and whispers -what I think is - "that's her" to the boy.

The boy eyes me, examines me.

I shake my head and take the furthest seat away from them.




The bell rings and the teacher trots into the room, shutting the door behind her.

She walks down the ramp, takes a seat at the chair behind her podium, and begins to talk.

"Welcome to band class, some of you might be familiar with me if you attended Degrassi Junior High—I'm Ms. Capers —, I was the band teacher over there for the past 5 years. Now, I am the new band teacher here. I look forward to-"

A knock on the door interrupts her.

"Hold on one second." she says, holding up her index finger.

She struts up the ramp and to the door; she renders a smile to the person on the other side of the door, who she can see through the small, rectangular glass window on the door, and she opens the door.

In walks Zig. He's carrying a black, trumpet case.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Capers." He apologizes. "I needed to get my trumpet out of my locker, but it wouldn't open. I had to find the janitor and ask him to open it."

"It's okay Zig. Just take a seat."

"Okay Ms. Capers. It's nice to see you, again."


Ms. Capers begins to finish what she was talking about.

Zig overlooks the crowd of band members and his face expresses slight anger. He walks over to Tori and boy she's with.

"What are you two doing here?" I hear him ask them, "Why'd you guys join band?"

"Is it a crime?" The boy snaps.

"Cool it, Tris," Tori tells the boy.

He rolls his eyes.

"Zig...," Tori sighs. "I only joined to show you how much want us to get back together."

"No Tori," Zig says to Tori, "I don't want to, though."

Wait! Tori was the girlfriend he was talking about in his letter?!

Ms. Capers notices Zig having a conversation in the middle of her speech and she stops talking; she looks in Zig's direction and crosses her arms.

"Eh em," Ms. Capers coughs, loudly. " Zig, can you please take a seat?"

Zig walks away from Tori and in my direction.

Please don't sit by me, please don't sit by me.

And he sits by me.

Oh boy...

I drag my hand across my face.

"What's wrong, Maya?" He asks.

"Oh, nothing."

I glance over Tori and "Tris", who are now glaring at me and Zig.

"Oh okay. So where's your cello?"

"At home."


"So you didn't tell me you were in band."

"Yeah, I play the trumpet. I forgot to put it in the note."

I nod.

He smiles at me and I crack a smile back even though Tori and Tris continue to stare at me.




Ring! Class is over.

Everyone heads out the door.

Zig and his trumpet case jog over to the closet in the back of the band room.

"I'll see you at lunch, Maya." Zig dismisse as he sprints out the doorway.

"Bye." I wave.

I grab my agenda and binder and walk toward the teacher, who is sitting at her podium, writing something.

"Ms. Capers?" I say.

She looks up and says, "Yes, Miss..."

"Matlin. Maya."

"Oh yeah. Matlin. Sorry, I'm still trying to remember all the names of the new students I got."

I nod.

"So," Ms. Capers breathes. "Anything I can do for you, dear?"

"Well, I play cello and I didn't bring my cello in today, but tomorrow I will. I was wondering if I could bring it in in the morning and take it home after school, because it can't really fit in my lock-"

"Of course. Of course you can leave it her during the day, Maya."

"Okay. Great."

I exit the band room and there stands Tori and Tris, leaned up against the lockers.

I try my best to just walk passed them, but they block my path, so now I am forced to face them.

"What's you guy's problem?" I question.

"You are my problem, Maya," Tori states, "I don't like you."

"What did I do to make you not like me?"

"I don't like you, because after you basically forced Mindy to tell you about her and Cam, she got really depressed, and she had even tried to commit suicide."

"What," I gasp. "Is she okay?"

"I assume she is now since she's been having to take depression medication. But yes, I do not like you because you were horrible to her at camp; secretly dating that loser, Campbell, behind all of our backs when we told you not to... And now you're trying to go after my Zig. You're disgusting."

"Very." Tris adds.

I scowl at both of them, "I'm not going after-"

"Whatever," Tori interrupts, "just stay away from Zig, or I'll tell him, and maybe eveybody eles, everything I know about you."

With saying that, Tori and Tris walk passed me, making sure to both bump my shoulder as they pass.

I stand there, bewildered.

Since when did my life turn in to the trilogy to Mean Girls.




I sit alone, eating a chicken sandwich, at an empty table, when Zig decides to join me.

"Hey." He smiles as he sits down across from me.

I act as if he didn't just greet me and continue to eat my sandwich.

"What the matter?" He quizzes me.

I scan the cafeteria before i respond to him; no Tori or her friend in sight.

"I'm not supposed to talk to you." I whisper.

Zig twists his lips to the side. "And why not?"

"Because Tori told me not to."

He rolls his eyes when I said Tori.

"Don't listen to her," He demands.

"I can't just not listen to-. I mean... I don't know. I met Tori over the summer at camp; her and I- well I thought we were friends."

"What happened?"

"Long story."

Zig folds his hands and smiles, "I got time."

"Well it's not like we fought or anything. She just stopped talking to me after something happened."

"And what happened...was...?"

"I'm not in the mood to tell you."

"Okay. Well, when you're in the mood, give me a call."

In the mood...

I give him a weird look.

He figures out why I am looking at him like this and he corrects himself, "N-no...I mean when you're in the mood to tell me what happened Not when...you know...in the mood. I mea-. Ugh."

I giggle, "Wow. Youre so...awkward."

He scratches his head. "Yeah...a little bit."

I laugh.

"So is that a yes?" Zig inquires.

"A yes to what..."

"A yes to me calling you; can I have your number?"

I blush and state, "Tori would kill me if I gave you my number."

"Tori? Dont worry about her, she's harmless."

if youre reading this, you bared throught this whole chapter.

I dont really like this chapter, but the story is supposed to bget better in the next 2 chapters.