Not too far out of a rather large city was a manor, white and enchanting like any manor would be. There were butlers running around in the garden, workers who were paid lower than minimum wage tending to the lawn and gardens. All were young, the owner of the manor not wanting others to work there. Inside was breathtaking. It was large, full of beautiful paintings and other things like sculptures and photographs. Even the tapestry and furniture was of the best quality.

Inside the large living room, a boy at about the age of fifteen sat on the red, plush couch, watching a show on his HD television that was set over the large stone fireplace. There was a blonde streak in his otherwise sandy brown hair, going right from the center of his forehead back a few inches. Thick framed glasses adorned his freckled, pale colored face, violet eyes larger behind his glasses. He was fairly built, this boy was thin, but had muscle from all the horseback riding, tennis, and swimming he has done over the years. It was a Saturday, which meant a lazy day for him, since he was only in an oversized royal violet hoodie with his school's name and mascot on the front in bright neon yellow, and his old grey jeans he used when he went outside and ran around. Oversized black socks were on his feet as he was curled up on the couch, rather lonely. Being the spoiled, rich boy that he was, he really didn't have any friends.

It was then this boy, by the name of Eridan, had thought of something. Surely another servant would be helpful, maybe even give him someone to talk to besides his boring butlers and workers his dad employed. But even he knew that his dad would never get a new one. His father was always busy with his fishing business called Dualscar's Catch, so he wasn't home most of the time, leaving Eridan alone with only the butlers and workers. His mother had died years ago in a car accident when Eridan was only at the age of seven, and ever since then both Ampora men have been more lonely and depressed.

Getting up from his spot, Eridan trotted down the hallway and up the small set of spiral stairs that led to his room, it was nice actually. Arriving up at his room, it was painted an ocean blue, purple covers on his bed stood out the most. Next to his bed there was a window that had a small view of the pathway that lead to the beach. There were paintings and sketches hung on the wall of sea life he made himself, paintings of his beloved seahorse pet 'King' were his favorites. Sometimes he wished he wasn't ten when he got King, since it was a silly name really. The light blue carpet was soft under his feet as he made his way over to his matching purple bean bag chair, grabbing his laptop and starting it up. Maybe he could see if Feferi would come by today.

Opening up his chat, he had his tumblr blog open on another tab, looking it over as he waiting for the other site to load. Once that was done, he made himself cozy in the bean bag chair and typed out a quick hello to his best childhood friend.

CA: fef?

CC: O) (, ) (ey –Eridan.

CA: hey fef, wwanna come by? im a bit bored here an wwas wwonderin if you wwanted to go to the beach wwith me

It took her a while to respond, and it made Eridan shift anxiously. She always instantly replied, no matter what really, and this was a little startling to say the least.

CC: Sorry –Eridan, but I can't. I ) (ave t) (at project for World ) (istory, you know? 38/

CA: yeah I knoww the one

CC: I could alwaves ) (elp you wit) ( yours too,

CC: If you want to.

CA: nah I got ahead on mine yesterday wwhile dad wwas awway again

There was always something about her fish puns that put a smile on your face.

CC: Are you s) (ore? Because I know t) (at you're R–E–ELY awful at ) (istory sometimes.

CC: Fuck scratc) ( t) (at, t) (at's you in Algebra, not ) (istory. 3XD

CA: its fine, i wwas just hopin somethin wwould break up my day is all

CC: I feel awfully bad, maybe next time?

CA: yeah, next time wwould be great

CC: Awesome, but I ) (ave to go, can't fail t) (e class!

CA: see yeah later then

Sighing, he shut down his laptop once he got out of tumblr and the chat site. Eridan really wished Feferi could have come, but even the boy knew that right now she is on the brink of failing World History, and she needs to pass otherwise she'll never get into her junior year of high school with him. Well, at the same time anyways. Eridan had always excelled at History, especially when war topics came up. It was another one of his large interests besides the ocean, art, and his blog. Looking up at the large photograph of a bare ocean over the top of his queen sized bed, he smiled. It always lifted his spirits seeing the small fish in the picture of all different colors, reds, blues, and other colors dotted the blue background. It was cheap to get too, only five bucks out of your allowance and it was totally worth it.

Putting his laptop back on the middle shelf on a small table next to his bean bag chair, he sat up and stretched, cracking his back in the process. Going over to his bed, he sat down and slipped his socks off, throwing on a pair of flip flops he kept under his bed. Standing up, he trekked to the other side of the room and grabbed his art bag, which was an over the shoulder, plaid black and purple bag that went over one shoulder and under the other arm and across his chest. Taking a quick look of himself in the mirror, he figured he would let his hair down today, it was just him anyways. With that done he went down the spiral staircase and out the double doors of the manor, walking down the pathway to the beach.

It was a nice day, that's for sure. It was the middle of spring and the trees and grass were green, flowers blooming and birds chirping. The small path was narrow, just enough room for three people as the wind blew past him, ruffling up his wavy hair. It was fairly warm out, just the perfect temperature as the sun lay high in the blue sky. Eridan could hear the call of a few seagulls already as he made his way down the dirt path. He always loved the beach; he spent most of his summers here if he wasn't at his beach house. They also had a beach, but this one was private. It was only for the people who live around it to use, and it was almost always empty, especially when it wasn't summer. Not many people lived on the outskirts of the large, booming city. Most of the people who had houses here used them as summer homes. The only kid at his school that even lived within walking distance was Feferi, who lived in an even bigger manor on the shoreline.

By the time the young man reaches the opening, there was something odd. There was a white van, and people. Lots of people, but they appeared to be nurses or people who worked at a hospital, for animals or people. The men were circled around something on the shore, lots of cries of pain were heard and it worried Eridan, but also made him curious as to just what was making them. The teen had never heard anything like those noises in his life, though they sounded eerily like a dolphin's. There was blood that much he could see, it was staining the sand. Most likely from the creature that was hidden from his view.

Walking forward slowly, he inched closer, hearing some of the men speak to themselves about taking whatever that was to an aquarium. The creature shrieked, as if it understood what the men were saying. It very well could have, who knows. Eridan couldn't even get a good view, from every angle the view of the mystery creature was blocked. Expecting to see Feferi here, because well, she loved the water, and swam all year round, and if this was the case, she would at least know of this. Taking out his phone, he quickly texted her.

To Feferi: fef

To Feferi: fef pick up the fuckin phone i need to ask you somethin

It took her a while to answer and text him back, but when she did he sighed. At least she was actually answering.

To Eridan: W) (at is it? I'm busy wit) ( my project? Did somet) (ing ) (appen?

To Feferi: wwell somethin did, do you knoww wwhy there are so many people on the privvate beach? they look like theyre from a hospital or somethin

To Eridan: …W) (at? 38?

To Feferi: you read right

To Eridan: Sorry –Eridan, I don't know. Maybe a tourist almost drowned?

To Feferi: no fef you dont get it, theyres a fuckin creature here

It took about thirty seconds until she replied to the boy.

To Eridan: A… creature? Like w) (at kind?

To Feferi: I dont knoww i cant get a good look at it from here

To Eridan: But you ) (ave to at least ) (ave an ID–EA as to w) (at it is!

Eridan sighs before inching closer to the sand on the beach, hiding behind a bush. Something was telling him that he wasn't wanted nor needed here. Still not being able to see the creature fully, he did catch a glimpse of a large, golden, shimmering fish tail.

To Feferi: i think its a giant mustard colored fish

To Eridan: You t) (ink? Can you sea it at all?

To Feferi: not really

To Eridan: W) (ale, go over and C) (–ECK.

To Feferi: fef i dont think you get it, im pretty damn sure they dont wwant anyone here

To Eridan: I don't understand w) (y t) (ey would mind.

To Feferi: wwhat if its some sort a new breed a fish, or some really hostile thin?

Another while of silence. During that minute or two that Feferi didn't respond, Eridan paid attention to those men, and the fish. He knew it was a fish, what else would have a shimmering tail like that? Though he had to admit that that was one huge fish. He heard a bearded man talk to another, shorter man. Eridan could have sworn they said it was a new discovery, that, and they had to knock it out. Whatever that creature was, it was still out of view and making distressed noises. Poor thing. A soft beep sounded and Eridan remembered he was texting Feferi.

To Eridan: Could be. You never know. 38P

To Feferi: oh my god fef i think i knoww howw to find out

To Eridan: W) (at is it?

To Feferi: they said theyre gonna take it to a aquarium the only one around here is the one that your parents owwn

To Eridan: Yea) ( I know t) (at.

To Feferi: so wwe can go see wwhatevver this thin is once they put it in

To Eridan: W) (ale I guess we could do t) (at. I just don't know. W) (at if t) (ey put t) (is fis) ( in anot) (er aquarium?

To Feferi: wwe both knoww that wwont happen just tell me wwhen the neww addition is gonna be open so wwe can see it

To Eridan: Will do. Now can I PL–EAS–E finis) ( my project?

To Feferi: oh yeah eheh sorry see you soon fef

To Eridan: Sea you soon.

Shutting off his phone, Eridan stuck back in his pull over hoodie's right side pocket. He had to be careful to make sure he wasn't seen, he didn't need to get into trouble with these rough looking guys. Besides, should he even stick around? Taking once last good look at the men and the ambulance-like van, Eridan tightened the strap across his chest and quickly went back down the path to his manor. He would have to remind himself to check the aquarium website every day until the new arrival would arrive.

About halfway home, he turned on his phone and found that he had a few missed messages from Kanaya. He wondered what she wanted so he quickly texted her back.

To Kanaya: yes kan? you need somethin?

To Eridan: Yes I Do I Need To Know Why Feferi Hasnt Been Answering Her Phone

To Kanaya: …kan shes busy wwith her wworld history project but i can take a message an tell her later

To Eridan: That Would Be Most Appreciated

To Kanaya: dont think about it

To Eridan: I Wanted To Go And Visit Her Since We Need To Work On Something For Sewing Class

To Kanaya: ill pass it on

To Eridan: Thank You Eridan

To Kanaya: yeah no problem

Just as he was about to put his phone away, now only wanting to be left alone, another beep rings in his ears and the sandy haired boy checks to see who it is.


To Karkat: fuckin fine kar im just goin to stop by my house really quick or do you wwant to come to mine?


To Karkat: ill take it as you wwanna meet me at my house


To Karkat: shut it kar, noww get your ass ovver here before i feel like not lettin you ovver


Shutting off his phone, Eridan finally arrived back at the manor, pressing a button to open up the golden gates that led inside. Walking up the concrete driveway, Eridan opened the large, wooden double doors of his father's manor and stepped inside. Going up the spiral staircase again, he put his bag down beside his bed and walked over, grabbing his laptop and logging on. Sitting down on his bed, he sighed. If Karkat was being honest it would take him about a half hour to get here since he walked everywhere. The boy lived in the city in a shitty, run-down apartment with his father and he hated it, Eridan did too.

After a half hour or so, Karkat was knocking on the door to the manor, Eridan jumping up. He was just editing his blog and it didn't even feel like it had been a half hour, to him it was more like ten minutes. Grumbling under his breath, he knew he would have to get the door since the butlers and workers were told to only open the door for Dualscar, and even then he had his own keys, just like Eridan. Grumbling to himself about how quickly the other had come, he shut down his laptop and put it on the violet purple comforter for now next to himself. Standing up, he trotted down the small, black spiral staircase that led downstairs. Reaching the double doors, he opened them up for his friend. "Hey Kar, here so soon?" He got out of the way for the raven head.

"Let's just get this finished today so we don't have to fucking worry about it anymore." Karkat muttered, following Eridan up to his room. Once they were there, Eridan pulled out his dark purple backpack and took out his science stuff. Putting the textbook out in front of both of them, Eridan grabbed his notebook and pencils, giving a paper to Karkat as they both started to write out their draft on Genetics for their science class.