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After the incident with Sayer and the hospital,everything went pretty much back to normal. Yusei and Akiza got back together and the new Signers were complete.

In the week afterwards,Yusei and Justin also moved from the garage loft to the house in New it turned out,more then expected,Justin and Kalie happened to both like certain things.(Stuff like Paramore, anime and an embracing hyperality to cats….=me!:3)

Lance also developed a crush on the female Fudo twin that week,after a couple of was so obvious that all the other girls figured out,but Kalie didn' Violet,Cassie and Maya talked the parents into a sleepover at the Fudos' to celebrate Kalie being a Signer,and to see if she (parents) all adsepted and gave the 6 kids the run of the house for a night

Kalie had the best time of her life that night but the whole time she began to remember there was one thing that hadn't it was coming,she started to get scared.

What was it?

Well,it was her returning to school.

And to face Hianai Delore.

New Domino Junior High-one week later-Kalie

"Ok,Pixie,You can do this"I muttered as I walked down the hall towards the arena and my next that first incident with Sayer,I've ditched every Dueling Arena -related class I could but now that was catching up to me.

"Izinski!"I stopped at the was Hianai's voice.

I turned and received a slap hard across the goodness that bandage was still on(It halved the pain).I stumbled back,and looked at her,"What was that for?!"

"You don't have the right to be back here!"She cried,"Not to this school or this after that day!"

I looked up at her.

"Why is that still important?!" I cried,"Yes,I destroyed the ,I'm a witch! but do you know something,Hianai?I saved your sorry butt that day!"

She laughed,"Saved me?You almost killed me!You're as dangerous as your witch mother!"

At that,I growled,my hands becoming fists.I wanted to call her so many things…

But then I felt a hand on my shoulder."What are you doing to my sister,Hianai?"

I looked was standing there.

Hianai froze and backed away,"S-she's y-your -?" Oh she's scared

Justin nodded,"She if you call her or my mom witches or monsters again,I'll show you what a monster really is"He looked down at me,"Come 're already late"

He guided me in the doorway,leaving Hianai there behind us,frozen in fear/shock

As we joined the class,gaining only an annoyed glace from the instructor,I thought-spoke to my brother:

JustinI said

What,Kals? he asked

Thank you for that

You're welcome

I really mean it:Hianai was the reason I hate school.I was close to offing when you came..

I felt his hand on mineSay no more,sis.I'll help keep her won't bother you again

I smiled weakly and focused back on the class

- …. - …. -….-

Kalie's journal-1 year later

Maybe this wasn't so bad after I was needing this,this friend if I deny it,its true.

I really needed thanks to Justin,Violet,Lance,Maya and Cassie, I can now say that life's turning for the better.I love everything now,more then its only been a year since that day.

Life gave me a little break:

Sayer's gone.

I'm happy.

Hianai isn't giving me shit anymore

I'm content

So wait…If I'm so content with my life…Why do I have that ominous feeling that its turning for the worst?

Oh well.I hear my phone.I hope its Maya .Bye!


Flame-chi:I hoped you enjoyed this story.I'm planning to do a sequel to this.

That's it. See ya then