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Chapter 9

'Wow.' The only words Joey could muster as Jaime emerged from the bride's quarters. She was dressed in a burgundy strapless bridesmaid dress that reached just past here ankles. It tucked in perfectly at the waist and the layered skirt fluttered around her knees as she gently spun in a comedy pirouette.

'Wow yourself.' She replied, her breath catching in her throat as he loosened the matching burgundy tie around his neck.

'You look, well, you look posh!' She giggled, seeing as she was used to seeing him in jeans and a t-shirt or Hogwarts robes, and now he was standing in front of her in a deep black suit with a black shirt tucked neatly into his trousers, with a burgundy tie that looked like it had been made using magic and black lace up trainers. The only thing really familiar about his appearance was his hair, which he had managed to style back into his old look from Starship, for old time's sake.

'Well, are you ready?' Joey asked her, nodding towards the double doors that led into the church.

'Yes, after one last thing.' Jaime smiled, and then grabbed his tie to pull him down into a kiss.

Whilst Joey would usually have enjoyed the kiss, all he could feel was his insides eating themselves up out of guilt. All he could think about was Mhairi kissing him, and how he hadn't even talked to Lauren about it.

'You okay?' Jaime asked, pulling away.

'Yeah, just nervous. I mean, we've gotta get this right if it's for a wedding.' Joey replied with false excitement in his voice. But truth be told, he was quite nervous about singing in front of a crowd who weren't screaming fans, but instead family and friends of the bride and groom.

The rest of the gang started to line up behind them, and just as Joey and Jaime had done, were in boy-girl couples, bar one. Joey and Jaime, followed by Lauren and Walker, next were Brian and Meredith (who had been paired together through some mysterious coincidence), Denise and Dylan, then Moses who was paired with Tessa Netting who was counting as an honorary member for the occasion, then Darren and Julia and the line was capped with Jim Povolo carrying Brian Rosenthal on his shoulders.

Joey quickly leant back to Lauren and whispered something to her that was inaudible to anyone else.

'You didn't tell her?' Joey asked.

'It wasn't my place to tell.' Lauren replied grimly before turning back to face Walker.

The group of separate bridesmaids gathered in front of the team, as they were to proceed down the aisle first. The girls in the first line were Emily and Lysette, who was followed by Beth and Em and at the back of them, directly in front of Jaime and Joey was Mhairi. Joey squeezed his eyes shut and hoped she wouldn't say anything. No such luck.

'So Joe, how have you been?' She asked, putting ever so slightly before turning more towards Jaime to give a malicious glare and then turning her attention back to Joey.

'I'm uhh, I'm fine.' He stumbled, opening his eyes slowly.

'Oh that's good I guess. Didn't get up to anything lately?' She asked innocently, but a wicked smile crept onto her face.

'No. No-' He started, but before he could continue the doors swung open and the bridesmaid entered as the intro to 'Not Alone' started to play.

'What was that about?' Jaime asked, confused.

'I have no idea.' Joey lied.

Before she could ask more questions their cue to enter came and the couple stepped forward together and Jaime started singing, beautifully and with a slight smile in her voice.

I've been alone,

Surrounded by darkness,

Then Joey took over, singing amazingly but not as soulfully as usual as his current predicament was starting to take a toll on his emotions.

And I've seen how heartless,

The world can be.

Then Lauren and Joe started singing, their voices melted together in perfect harmony as they followed Jaime and Joey down the aisle.

And I've seen you crying,

You felt like it's hopeless,

Then Brian and Meredith took over, the happiness at singing together shining on their faces and the chemistry between them inescapable.

I'll always do my best,

To make you see.

Then the six of them joined in together for the chorus as they reached the altar at the front and after and ecstatic smile from David, turned in a line to face the family sitting in the pews.

Cause baby, you're not alone,

Cause you're here with me,

And nothings ever gonna bring is down,

Cause nothing can keep me from loving you,

And you know it's true,

It don't matter what'll come to be,

Our love is all we need to make it through.

Then Denise and Dylan stepped through the double doors and Denise started to sing with Dylan singing the background part.

Now I know it ain't easy,

(No it ain't easy,)

But it ain't hard trying,

(It's so hard trying,)

Then Tessa and Joe burst through the door and belted out the next lines.

Every time I see you smiling,

And I feel you so close to me,

Tell me.

Then Darren and Julia entered along with Jim who ducked through the doors with Brian still perched on his shoulders to the amusement of their audience and started singing the chorus along with the previous four.

That baby you're not alone,

Cause you're here with me,

And nothings ever gonna bring us down,

Cause nothing can keep me from loving you,

And you know it's true,

It don't matte what'll come to be,

Our love is all we need to make it through.

Then as Darren started to sing his famous lines accompanied by Julia, Bex emerged from behind the double doors, arm in arm with her father as they proceeded down the aisle.

Now I still have trouble,

I trip and stumble,

Trying to make sense of things some times,

Bex's smile never left her face as she slowly walked towards David, her eyes glistening with tears already. The small train of her ivory dress swept lightly across the floor and the wide straps slightly transparent met with the fabric of the dress halfway down her back, wrapping around her waist, tightening the bodice. A small netted veil pinned to the back of her hair, with was wrapped into a curled bun with a few twisted tendrils hanging on either side of her face; fell in front of her face, stopping at her chin.

I look for reasons,

But I don't need 'em,

All I need is to look in your eyes,

Darren sang as Bex and her father reached the alter and, after hugging her dad, took David's hand and winked at him.

And I realise.

At this point, every Starkid, bridesmaid and secret Starkid fan finished the song together.

Baby you're not alone,

Cause you're here with me,

And nothing's ever gonna take us down,

Cause nothing can keep me from loving you,

And you know it's true,

It don't matter what'll come to be,

Cause our love is all we need,

Then everyone stopped and turned to face the bride and groom as they sang the last two lines to each other.

No it don't matter what'll come to be,

Cause our love is all we need to make it through.

By the end of the song, the majority of the attendees were in tears and every couple in the room and joined hands, but all Joey could think about as Jaime stared into his eyes, was how he could ever tell Jaime.