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this is a rosescorpius, and it's 2,008 words, from what i can see.

|June 17th, 2023|

"You all," the tall redhead shouts from her standing position on the edge of one of Hogwarts' bridges, "are a bunch of sexist, chauvinistic, romantic pricks." The whole crowd that has gathered around falls silent; no sounds breaking her speech but the crash of the river below against the rocks.

"For the past ten months, I've been asking Scorpius Malfoy out-"

|September 2nd, 2022|

"Go out with me, Malfoy?"

"Never in a million years, Weasley."

|June 17th, 2023.|

"-and getting rejected. And I've been called desperate, slutty, a whore- anything you all can throw at me." She stares at them all defiantly, daring any one of them to deny it. No one does.

"You, Kaylyn Eckerbrook, made a comment about how if I stopped, I might be able to get a date with the Giant Squid," she says bitterly, pointing at a petite blonde girl in her audience that immediately bursts into tears.

"And you, Francesca Samuels, called me a desperate whore no less than fifty-seven times," she accuses, pointing at another girl, who looks down to the ground in shame.

She shakes her head exasperatedly. "And it only got worse once you all got used to me doing it."

|November 26th, 2023.|

"How much do you want to bet Weasley writes his name on the ceiling today?" a pimple-faced first year asks his friend.

"Nah, she wouldn't do that," his friend tells him, "too subtle." They both snicker and watch as Rose charms a flower to sing and Malfoy's face turns purple with embarrassment.

"Yeah," the friend agrees, "I don't think Weasley has a subtle bone in her body."

|June 17th, 2023.|

"Hell, even you, Molly," she shouts, anger seeping into her voice, "my own cousin, spread a rumour about howthe reason I couldn't get a boy was because I was one." She shakes her head again, this time in disgust. "Not to even mention the homophobic implications of that- do you have no sense of loyalty?"

The brunette in the audience that she has pointed at looks regretful and opens her mouth to apologize, but she's shouldered in the side by her friend. The two glare at each other for a few moments, before Molly opens her mouth again. "You're weird," she says in a matter-of-fact tone, though she looks miserable, "deal with it."

Rose rolls her eyes. "Clearly I'm not going to, seeing as I'm standing up here," she tells her. "Oh, yes, the reason I'm here." She looks at them, sudden faux-kindness appearing in her voice. "You all know the story of James and Lily Potter, don't you?"

A few people in the crowd appear confused and look for the fifth year girl, but Rose stomps her foot impatiently, which reminds them of where she is standing and gathers their attention once more. "Not her," she lectures, "the older ones."

|April 10th, 2017.|

"Oh, it's so romantic," Kelsi Fortescue tells Petra Davies. "He just asked her out and asked her out and asked her out until she said yes, and then they got married."

"I'm all for the birth of Uncle Harry," Rose comments, stretching out on her bed, "but it seems a bit sketchy to me." Noting their looks of shock, she rolls her eyes. "Oh, don't get so offended. It's just- don't you think it's weird that he asked her out constantly and never took no for an answer? Sounds like a violation of her privacy, if you ask me."

"It's not a violation!" Kelsi shouts hotly. "It's a demonstration of true love! You're just jealous of what they had."

Rose shrugs and lays back in bed. "Jealous of my uncle's grandparents? I hope not." Still, this gets her thinking. Why is it considered so romantic in some circumstances?

|June 17th, 2023|

"I've been hearing girls talk about how romantic he was ever since you all learned what the word romantic meant," she says, half-laughing. "And, you know what, back when I was immature and young and I didn't see what was so great about being wanted and having someone ask you out, I thought it was a bit of a creepy story. Kelsi Fortescue and Petra Davies can attest to that. And, yes, as I got older, I started understanding why maybe it was a show of love, but I still hated the double-standard of it.

"And that's when the question popped in my mind. What if a girl asked out a guy, got rejected, and yet kept asking? What would people think?" The audience begins to whisper, and she gives a satisfied smirk. The smart ones are starting to get it- what she has been doing all year. "As you've all proven, people would not think the same thing." She tosses her hair, and this causes her to lose her balance a bit, which makes her wobble, and suddenly it's obvious to everyone exactly where she's standing and what she's going to do, and she gives them a fierce glare. "Yes, I'm going to jump," she shouts.

"Rose, they're sorry, I'm sure, please come down," her best friend Shari attempts, but Rose shakes her head.

"I thought someone might say that. And so I ask of you- are you truly sorry? Do you regret what you said to me?" Most people nod vigorously, but she detects a few people with uncertainty on their faces and snorts. "I knew it."

|August 4th, 2022|

"Hey, er, Rose, right?" the blonde boy asks, coming up to her in her seat outside of Florean Fortescue's. She lifts her sunglasses up and puts down her bite of pistachio ice cream.

"Yeah. What of it?"

He swallows nervously. "I don't really know you too well, but I think I might like you?" She raises an eyebrow- they've talked a few times, but most of what she knows of him is that he's a bit nutters, but he takes some sort of potion to curb it.

"This isn't so I'll make you a better Delusion Potion, is it?" she asks lazily, scooping up a spoonful of ice cream and eating it calmly.

"No, I mean, I do know you're a good Potions maker, but that's not why. I think you're really interesting." She nods slowly, because she's never been called interesting before, so maybe this boy is something.

"Sure, I'll go out with you, Scorpius," she tells him, pointing the spoon at him. "And I'll even make a deal with you." This time, he's the one raising an eyebrow. "You know how everyone loves the whole boy-asks-out-girl-until-she-says-yes story?"

"It's completely ridiculous," he says sincerely, and she likes him even more because of it. Yes, she's going to like being in a relationship with him.

"I wouldn't put it that far, but it is a bit odd. So, I've been planning a bit of an experiment," she explains, gesturing for him to sit down. He does, with a look of interest on his face. "You see, what it would require is…"

|June 17th, 2023|

"What most of you don't know, however," she begins, "is that Scorpius and I have been dating since July of last year. It would be a year in exactly 14 days." Her audience breaks out into a sea of confused giggles. "But I decided to keep it secret, and he agreed to me, for the sake of a little social experiment. And you all failed."

Silence. Utter silence.

"My hypothesis was that a girl who persistently asked out a bloke would not be treated in the same way as a bloke who persistently asked out a girl, and look, I was completely correct. You all proved it- and awfully, I might add."

She almost has a cheerful tone in her voice as she continues. "So, to reiterate: you all are sexist pigs, I had a fucking awful nine months of being called a slut, and I'm going to jump because of it." She waits for someone to protest, and though many open their mouths, all they come up with are the generic 'please don't do this,' and 'come down and we'll talk about it,' until one person shouts out of the crowd.

"Attention-seeking bitch!"

She fixes a cold stare on the person. "Gee, aren't you a sadistic little prick- calling a suicidal girl one last name. Oh, well, it's a shame you're going to represent society with those last words." She turns to Shari, and her group of cousins, some of whom are silently crying, others who look angry. "I truly am sorry for you lot, seeing as you did nothing wrong, and I'll miss you, and you'll probably miss me. Good bye."

And she jumps.

|February 14th, 2023|

"You know, Scorpius, at some point I'm going to commit suicide," she tells him from her position laying on a hill.

He looks over at her, not shocked, but not happy either. "Because of the reactions you've been getting? They're pretty telling of our society- I'm sorry you have to deal with that."

"To be fair," she says reasonably, "you have to deal with the odd cousin of mine telling you to give in because it's not fair to my self-esteem, so you probably have it just as bad. Lily can certainly hex." She twirls a strand of hair. "I'm not going to die in this suicide, though."

"Oh?" he asks, smirking a bit, and lays down next to her. "You sound like me."

"Not because I don't exist, but because you're going to catch me."

He looks up at where the Owlery is standing, only fifty feet away from them. "Jumping off a tower, are we?" he asks.

"Nah, I was thinking the bridge from the grounds to Hogsmeade- how do you feel about boating?" Her tone is light, but she knows that this could all go wrong if he sits in the wrong point of the river, so whether or not he's good at rowing could make or break this plan.

"Hey, it's not flying, but I'll manage," he says, matching her light tone. "What're you going to do afterwards?"

She looks up at the sky, because this hasn't occurred to her yet, this state of not-living that will come afterwards, but she smiles lazily at him anyway. "I dunno, but I've got you, don't I? I won't be bored."

Their conversation descends into lovey-dovey talk after that.

|June 17th, 2023|

It only takes one spell that she'd learned from Al and she's floating gently down to the boat. "Took you long enough," Scorpius comments. "I was beginning to think you'd jumped before I got here- then I heard that arsehole shouting, and I knew it'd only be another few minutes."

She nods, trying to ignore the sobbing she can hear from above that sounds heartbreakingly like Shari. She'll miss them, the people of Hogwarts, and she almost wishes she could tell certain people that it's not real. "Where to?" she asks, trying to break that train of thought.

"The stars," he tells her, and she rolls her eyes.

"Now I really want to jump," she tells him, and there's this uncertainty and guilt underneath it that she thinks will never leave, but she'll get used to, and maybe she'll owl her friends one day, but for now, she'll let her message sink in.