Ultraman Tiga Chapter 1

He who inherits the light

Intro music: Take me higher

Ever wonder, what it would be like, to just get away from the daily stress of life? To just live in a happy carefree world? Leave all your responsibilities behind and be free? Well, I'm sure most people have, and our character Cory, is one of them. And little did he know that this morning, his whole life would change dramatically.

Cory was an average sixteen year old, living in the town of Centerville. He awoke one morning to the sound of his alarm clock blaring away. He blindly searched for the off button with his hand as he rubbed his eyes with the other. He groggily got out of bed, doing a few stretches and popping his knuckles. "Well, lets see what work has planned for me today." He chuckled.

As he stepped into the bathroom, he flipped on his radio and began dancing to the song Don't stop me now by Queen while combing his brown hair. He brushed his teeth, shaved his face, and finally came to the worst part of his morning routine. Hair remover. His eyes watered from the burning liquid, especially due to the fact it was a close shave with a dull razor.

"Eggh, glad that's over." He mumbled. He placed on a sleeveless Nike shirt, a pair of shorts, running shoes, and his wrist watch. As he tied his shoes, the sound of dogs barking could be heard from the Neighbors yard. This was not unusual, but he also heard a few car alarms sounding off in the distance. Perhaps the garbage truck ran over the Neighbor's Mercedes. Again…

He left his phone on the charger since it was still low on energy. When he looked in the mirror and thought he looked presentable, Cory made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. As he reached the doorway of his kitchen, Cory felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight, like electricity flowed through the air. Strangely enough, the power of his house went out for a brief few seconds. He sighed and reset the clock right above the stove. Despite having to reset some of the household electronics, he luckily, his obnoxious Foster parents were still in bed. Meaning he could have Breakfast in peace without any "Cory! Elbows off the table!" or "Cory, are your dishes clean!?" His Foster parents were not neglectful, in fact they did take Cory in because they cared for him. But to Cory, they seemed to be more of a nuisance than his actual parents.

When he was finished, he lazily placed his dishes in the sink, and took his pedometer with him, and jogged out the door. He had only run about two or three blocks, when suddenly he noticed something…. Everything around him went still, and then it felt as if, a certain energy was going through him, like warm yet cold waves of jolts surged throughout his body, but yet he remained perfectly still. He felt extremely light headed as it felt he was spinning, and the sensation of electricity continued to travel through his body. That was when he heard a distinct roar, like the sound of a giant beast, and then all went black. The last thing he saw was a face. A black featureless face with Crimson eyes, looking right into his own.

He had no idea how long he was out of it, but when he awoke, he found himself on a wooden floor, which was somewhat dusty. The smell of cakes and pastries filled his nostrils; it was the sweetest smell he had ever smelled. He opened his eyes, and saw a bright pink pony with its back turned to him, that appeared to be mixing what seemed to be cake batter. Cory was confused, and a bit frightened, where was he? Who was that? The Pony turned around and then looked just as surprised to see Cory as he was to see her. Suddenly they both screamed at each other. Cory quickly scooted away from the pony, and the pony hid behind the counter.

Then she looked over and said "Um, can I help you?" the pink pony timidly asked.

Cory was shocked, did that Pony, just talk? Ponies can't talk, can they? He scooted far away, "Oh God, oh God! It's gonna kill me!" He thought as his life nearly flashed before his eyes. "Why didn't I said yes at the party!? At least I wouldn't die a virgin! GAhhh!"

He saw that the Pink Pony began to laugh out loud, "You're funny!" she chirped, "Die a virgin, hahahaha!"

"Huh?" He began to study the Pink Pony and noticed that it was just sitting there, looking at him with her big blue eyes. "You… Are not gonna hurt me?" He reluctantly asked and the pony shook its head. "Was that you just talking? Or was that me just going crazy?" He chuckled nervously.

"Of course that was me talking silly; you and me are the only Ponies in here!" She hopped over to him. Giggling she said "You're a funny looking creature, I mean, with only hair on your head!" She said while she ruffled her hoof through his brown hair.

"I'm Pinkie Pie, who are you again? And what are you?" She said while tilting her head to the left. This wasn't making any sense Cory thought to himself, how could a farm animal be talking? He stood up finally with a sheepish smile, "Ookk Cory this is getting too weird, when I close my eyes, everything's gonna be back to normal, starting…. Now" he opened his eyes, and the pink smiling Pony was still there.

"Annnnnnnd… Now…Now…" Cory was starting to lose it. Pinkie Pie giggled, "Ooo! Are we playing Peekaboo? My turn! Peekaboo! Peekaboo!"

Cory knocked his head against the corner top several times, "Well, turns out I'm not dreaming….." He returned his focus back to the Pink Pony before him,"Well since I'm kinda stranded here for now I guess, I'm Cory, from Centerville, where the hell am I?"

Pinkie gave him a little smile "Centerville? Whats that!?" she asked as she turned her head to the side. "Anyways" Pinkie giggled "We have trolls that look kind of like you, but you're not that ugly."

Trolls? Cory thought to himself, "But those things don't even exist."

Pinkie Pie gave another hearty laugh and nudged his eblow, "Of course they do! Haven't you ever seen one?" Obviously the human was confused beyond belief. Where the hell was he? How could he be talking to a pony, let alone a pony that's Pink? This was getting way to weird.

Pinkie continued to study him, looking this alien creature over for a few moments, "Hey, you don't have any hooves!"

"Well of course not, people don't have hooves, only horses, well, ponies do."

Pinkie held one of Cory's hands in her hooves, looking over it, tracing up and down his fingers as if studying him.

"Umm, need a paper and pencil to take notes?" he sarcastically asked.

"Hey, what's this tiny little one right here? It's so cute!" Pinkie pointed at Cory's right Pinky finger.

Cory was getting a little creeped out by this, "Um, that's my Pinky finger, haven't you ever seen hands before?"

Pinkie pie thought for a moment, "Nope, not really! Spike has hands but I've never really paid any attention to them. Oh! That reminds me, I gotta get back to baking for a party this afternoon!"

He scratched his head and shrugged, "Well in the meantime, I'm gonna go find my way back home now, so-"

"Hey! Since you're here and I've never met a creature like you before, wanna help me bake? I'm making a cake for my friends, were having a big party!" Pinkie Pie giddily announced.

Cory was still not sure of what was going on, but he somewhat felt comfortable around this Pinkie Pie. "Yeah sure, I can help." He said monotonously. It wasn't like he had anything better to do while he was there.

Pinkie jumped with joy. "Oh goodie! You can mix the batter!" Cory got up and slowly walked over to the counter where the mixing bowl was," Alright, what do I need to do?" he asked while peering into the empty bowl.

Pinkie Pie seemingly popped out of nowhere and coughed up two ivory white eggs, "You take these two eggs right here, add a pinch of the vanilla and mix it all with the flour!" He remembered he would always help his birth mother bake things like strudels and cakes, no too hard he thought.

He lifted the bowl up and started to slowly mix the contents of the bowl, soon it turned into a thick brown liquidy paste. Pinkie looked into the mixing bowl, and did a little hop of joy. "Yay! I can't wait for this to be done! What about you baking buddy!?"

"Baking buddy?" Cory couldn't help but laugh a little at the nickname. While the cake baked, Pinky Pie started up another conversation, "So, where do you come from again?" she asked with a smile. He was not sure how he could explain that he was from an entirely different world, but knew he'd be rude if he did not answer.

"Well to put it in a nutshell I certainly am not from around here." He replied while rolled his eyes.

Pinkie laughed "Ohh of course you come from another dimension, haha you're funny CoryDory! I can't wait till we become bester friends!

Cory always welcomed kindness, but the amount he was receiving from Pinkie Pie almost creeped him out, but he stayed kind and tolerant. After another half hour, the two finally were done. He walked over and opened the oven, the smell of a sweet vanilla chocolate cake filled the room.

"Ooo!Ooo! Is it done yet? Lemme see!" Pinkie said joyfully. She took one look at the cake and took a small taste, her eyes lit up. "Wow, your really good at this! It's always nice to have a friend who can help me bake cakes!" and with that she gave him a bear hug.

Regardless of the ponies words, and hugs, Cory was still wondering how he got here, what was he doing here? No way this was a dream. He could feel things, smell things, and touch things. But at the same time, he was already feeling at, home with this pony? His thoughts were interrupted by Pinky Pie saying "Come on, let's go! I can't wait for you to meet my friends!"

These friends he thought, were they Ponies also? He was nervous to find out, but he stuck with Pinky as he was the only one he knew. As they walked through the town, ponies looked at Cory with suspicion, worry, and some with fear. He didn't blame them. They've never seen a human, and most of them only came up to his lower chest.

"After the party, you should tell me more about you! I'm so excited to have someone who's not a pony as a friend! Well, other than Spike, but you like baking more than any of my other friends! Trust me, you're going to love them!"

"I'm sure I will" he said while he began pinching himself, "Wake up" he mumbled. They arrived to a large tree, it had windows, a balcony, and a peculiar wooden door. There was music coming from the inside, maybe there were people in there? At this point he could only help, cause all he saw were Colors with their own unique colorful coats.

"Her, lemme get that for you!" Pinkie said joyfully. When the door opened the two immediately opened by an orange Pony who wore a western style hat, "Howdy Pinkie! Glad ya'll could make it! And, um, who is this?" The other four ponies walked closer, their attention was all locked onto the single human.

A bright yellow Pegasus hid in the back of them room, while a blue Pegasus landed right in front of Cory, giving him a sour look, and Cory returned the expression, "Pinkie Pie," she said, "Who is this?"

Pinky cheerfully announced "I dunno! I found him laying on my floor early this morning while I was baking, he seems to be fine, a little shy though! Right Cory!?" Cory only nodded. The two still stared at each other, whoever this Pegasus was, Cory was definitely not to fond of her so far. "I got my eye on you" she said, walking back to join the others.

"Don't worry about Rainbow there partner, she don't know much about how to treat a guest. Now tell us, whats yer name?"

Cory had to think for a moment "Um, I'm Cory, Cory James Miller." He smiled awkwardly back at AppleJack who shook his hand, but not without spitting on her hoof. All the while Cory tried to think of an excuse to go ahead and leave the party before things got even more weird, or worse…

"Cory, Ah reckon I never even heard of a name quite like that, but Ah never mind making new friends. The names Applejack." She gave him a light punch followed by a wink.

Then an all-white Unicorn pony approached him, she was for sure the most beautiful of the six. "Hello, my name is Rarity, fashion designer at carousel boutique, very pleased to meet someone quite like yourself." Cory gave a little smile, "Its nice to meet you too, heheh."

Soon the other three ponies introduced themselves, as did Cory. The purple Unicorn was Twilight Sparkle, and the smaller yellow Pegasus was Fluttershy, who was still seemingly afraid of him.

He was beginning to feel a bit much more relieved. At least they were friendly, friendlier than any other person he'd find at, home. Home, he was so caught up in their little party he almost forgot he needed to be at home. But first off, how would he get back? He didn't even know how he got here in the first place. Cory took a seat in the corner and sat down, not at all was he homesick due to the fact he lived with his loser Foster parents, but still, he did not belong here. Twilight and Applejack walked over to where he sat.

"Ya'll right Sugar cube?"Applejack worryingly asked

"Yeah, you seem a little upset" said Twilight. Cory simply replied "Yeah, I'm fine." Neither of the two were convinced, and then the other ponies noticed the three of them in the corner, and walked over to Cory as well. "Don't tell us any lies now partner, let us know what's wrong." Applejack gave him a small but reassuring smile. "Yeah, whats up?" Added Rainbow Dash.

Cory looked at the ground, "I'm not from here, I don't know where I am, I need to go home, but I, I don't know how to get there. Hell, I don't even know how I got here in the first place…!"

Cory hung his head low, but felt a reassuring hoof on his back, and saw Applejack looking into his eyes. "Ey there partner, don't be so glum, you can stick around with us till yah find yer way home."

Rainbow Dash wasn't so sure about this as was Fluttershy, who was slightly afraid of Cory.

He nodded his head and felt a bit relieved. "Come-on, you'll find a way eventually; in the mean time you can stay with us." Twilight said as she ran her hoof up and down his back. Cory looked up with a relieved look on his face. "Well, thanks." He could stay a bit longer, and maybe then he could figure this all out later.

"You're welcome. " She nodded, "And if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions about where you apparently come from, just to make sure!"

The party lasted for hours, everypony was having a great time. Cory was rarely invited to parties, and out of the few, it was certainly the liveliest one he had ever experienced. Heck, he even bobbed for apples with them. He was up against AppleJack, and everypony had their eyes on the two competitors. Cory raised his head up, only to find that AppleJack had already gotten two out of the tub, and was going for her third. She winked at him, "I told yah A've never been beat in mah life at Apple bobbin. Nice try though partner."

As he began to dry off his hair, he was then pulled back by Twilight who danced with him. Cory had no idea how to dance, making Twilight pause awkwardly in front of him. She cocked an eyebrow, "Don't you know how to dance?" she asked

Cory thought for a moment, "Errrr, Nerrrrr?" He stopped himself, "Nerrr? What the hell dude!?" His attention was grabbed by the giggling Unicorn in front of him, "Here, grab onto my hooves"

She stood on her hind legs long enough for Cory to grab onto her forelegs, holding her there for a few moments. "Now, follow me." she slowly danced upright to get him in the hang of it. Sure, he didn't dance great at all, but it was a start.

He sat down next to the Punch bowl next to the Unicorn named Rarity. "Hello dear, mind if I poured a small glass?" before he could answer he had a punch glass floating right in front of his face, "Umm, thanks." He replied.

"No trouble at all! Now tell me, does everyone wear those types of clothes where you come from?" She moved her curled mane away from her eyes. She sure was pretty he thought, for a pony.

He shook his head, "Not really, these are just my daily clothes really for the summer". He thought it was kinda awkward that ponies here would wear clothes as well, but he didn't care h

It was 11 at night before they called it a night. Everypony said their Salutations, even Rainbow Dash who learned to trust the human. Eventually it was Twilight and Cory left cleaning up the decorations. She had a pet dragon named Spike who Cory became cool with, they even had a few rock paper scissors rounds.

Twilight sat down with Cory when they were finished, " So, tell me more about where you come from, or are you not exactly comfortable with that?"

Cory shook his head, "Mehhh, there's really not much to say about it. It's all pretty basic."

"I understand, but sooner or later, Celestia might need to ask you a few questions, just thought I'd let you know."

"Alright Maddam Purple Interrogator." He joked. Twilight giggled, "Well anyways, I think its time we get some shut eye. Come with me." He followed the Purple Unicorn up the stairs into her bedroom, "Here, I've asked Spike to prepare my bed for you, I'm sleeping on the floor mattress."

Cory scratched the back of his neck, "You don't have to do that, I'll sleep on the floor, its your bed after all."

Twilight shook her head, "I insist, I mean you are a gue-"

"I'll sleep on the floor, a pretty Mare like you needs her rest." He stopped himself right there, surprised at what he said.

Twilight smiled, "Your too sweet, but if it's what you insist, then so be it." She climbed into her bed as Cory layed on the floor.

Twilight turned over to the floor mattress. "Cory? That's your name right?"

"Yeah, whats up?" he replied.

"Well, this may sound sudden, but I think we should become best friends. Wouldn't that be great?" She beamed..

"Yeah, why not." He lazily replied.

The conversation was cut short by Spike. "Hey, there's a thing called sleep I'm trying to get, can you two keep it down?"

"Oh, sorry Spike" said Twilight. She laid back down in bed. "Night Cory, sweet dreams."

Cory nodded while he turned to the side. "Yeah, you too" he yawned.

However, far away in a distant land, the ground where a small village of ponies lived began to tremble. Buildings toppled over, crushing unfortunate families beneath them as fissures formed in the ground. Suddenly, the head of a great monster rose from the dirt, releasing a ground shaking roar, it was none other than the monster Golza,. Ponies fled from the beast as he rose from the earth, crushing more small huts and homes in the process. When he got to his feet, he looked down at the ponies with bloodshot eyes, and gave another bellow. Suddenly, his forehead cackled with purple destructive energy, and released it in the form or a powerful beam. The ponies that tried to flee were suddenly vaporized by the attack, much to Golza's sick glee. Ponies fled in all directions as Golza cut through the village, creating a straight path of destruction in his way.

Not far from where this was happening, the side of a mountain began to shake and tremble, causing a great landslide onto a small family of from the mountain side was the winged beast Melba, who gave a shriek that could be heard throughout the entire valley. Griffins darted away from the mountainside, shocked to see their legend of the winged monster come alive. Melba spread her wings and took flight, heading in a straight direction towards Phillydelphia. She showered the city with energy blasts from her eyes, making buildings crumble if not explode from the powerful blasts of energy. Melba would stay and destroy the whole city but she had much bigger plans..

It was hours before one of the royal guards frantically galloped up to Princess Luna. "My princess, we have received news that a monster has totally destroyed a village just beyond Manehattan, and a straight line of destruction caused by by another flying monster has been reported as well in Phillydelphia".

Luna's heart sank into her stomach. "It couldn't possibly start now, could it?"she ran from her throne yo her sisters bedroom as fast as she could, " Sister! Celestia! You must awaken!" she barged through the bedroom door to see Celestia gazing at the horizon, "Yes Luna, I know. I must let Twilight know of this."

Hours later, Cory lay on the floor, in a deep sleep. However, his dreams were halted when he suddenly felt something heavy fall right on top of him. "Jesus Christ!" Twilight, who rolled in her sleep accidentally fell off the bed. She blushing dark red. "I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! You ok?"

"OK!? You just fell right on top of me! AGH! My back!" he placed both hands on his sides.

"Hey, can you keep it do-, Oh gross!" yelled Spike, covering his eyes.

Twilight finally realized she was still on top of Cory. She immediately got up as Cory rubbed his aching back.

She then remembered what Fluttershy told he about healing a back injury. Well, it was originally supposed to be a massage, but she managed to create a spell for such an occasion. "Here, lay face down for a moment."

Cory faced her with a cocked eyebrow. "Huh? What now?"

"Just lay down, I know what'll make you feel better."

Cory did not know what to make of it all, but he laid on his stomach. He felt Twilight run a hoof along his back, her horn began to glow. She lightly touched his back with her glowing horn, relieving he pain instantly. "There, how does that's feel now?"

Cory stood up, "A lot better, Thanks Twilight." The two looked at each other for a few moments, even looking into each other's eyes for a bit. Twilight looked to the side, "Lets just go get some breakfast, hows that sound?"

Suddenly, Spike burped up flames that became what appeared to be a scroll, "What is it Spike? Another letter from the Princess?"

Spike opened I and read a few lines, "Oh boy.. Twilight, the Princess says she needs to see all of you at the castle immediately."

"Alright, I'll gather everypony and we'll go.. Cory, did you want to go with us?"

Cory thought about it. If they were gone, he'd be pretty much by himself. "Sure. Why not."

When the group arrived at Canterlot, they quickly got out of the train, and did not stop running till they came to the castle of the princess, Cory asked Twilight while they ran, "So, who is this Princess Celestia?"

Twilight didn't glance at him, but simply kept her pace. "She's the most powerful and magical pony and one of the last Alicorns. She's the ruler of Equestria, and she rises the sun everyday!"

Cory was still confused, a pony that makes the sun rise? But knew that if he was in a world of talking ponies, anything's possible.

When they finally arrived at the top of the stair case and ran into a wide hall, Cory saw the most beautiful Mare he had ever seen. Her mane was flowing by itself, and looked like the colors of the rainbow. Her coat was whiter than snow, and behind the Tiara she wore on her head was an Ivory unicorn horn. She was an absolute sight.

Twilight ran up to the princess "Princess, you needed to see us, we came as fast as we could."

"Thank you Twilight, you are here for great importance, I need you too-" Celestia noticed Cory, stopping in mid sentence. At first, they could have sworn that Celestia's face contorted to one of disbelief and horror, but it soon turned to one of curiosity. "Twilight, who is your new friend?" Asked The Princess.

"That's Cory, he tagged along with us. But anyways, what did you need us for?" Twilight eagerly asked. The Princess bowed her head. "Follow me." The seven slowly walked behind the princess. "Princess Celestia, are you alright?" Asked her Protege.

Celestia kept leading them down the vast hallway. "Years ago, before Ponyville, before Canterlot, Equestria was in utter chaos. Monsters, beasts, wreaked havoc throughout the land. There was no peace, nor was there harmony, all in peril. Until me and Luna used the elements of harmony, and rose against them. We thought they were gone for good, but the spell was only temporary, and is now slowly fading. Soon one by one, the beasts shall awaken. And now they have."

The six ponies gasped as Cory gave a rather confused look, as he was puzzled from the very beginning. Princess Celestia looked at Twilight and her friends. "The legend is true…The monsters will rise again. First, the earth monster Golza, then the sky monster, Melba. With other monsters, it was they who wrecked more havoc, together" The princess looked back at the group "Twilight, I need you all to wield the elements of Harmony once again, and send these monsters back into their slumber."

Twilight looked at her friends, whom all seemed a bit unsure. Then again these were giant monsters they were talking about. "Princess Celestia, you can count on us" said Twilight. "Yeah!" shouted the other ponies as Cory stayed silent. Celestia walked over to the door to the room where the elements were held, unlocking it with her horn. Using her magic she lifted the case from the mantle. As soon as she opened it, she gasped and dropped the case to the floor. All what fell from the case were a 6 pieces of stone, the other six ponies gasped as well.

"The elements!" cried AppleJack, "They're, they…!"

"Turned to stone!" shouted Rarity

Celestia paced back and forth, "This doesn't make any sense, how could they have turned to stone?"

Twilight levitated her stone Tiara. "Princess Celestia, what do we do now?" .

"Give up?" asked Rainbow Dash who was afterwards poked in the side by Apple Jack.

The Princess looked down, with her eyes closed she said "There is one hope…."

"What would that be Princess?" The Lavender Mare eagerly asked.

"Come with me…" Said Celestia.

She led the group down a large hall, one they're never seen or been in before. There were more stained glass windows, but instead of ponies and different landscapes, they were ones of a giant, in some windows he was red, others blue, and in some he was both. But all had one thing in common; he was seen fighting a monster in each one. One however showed what appeared to be a torch with an emblem at the top of it.

The ponies and Cory were puzzled by the windows. "Celestia, what are all these windows for? What do they represent?"

The Princess did not look at the ponies, but said calmly, "Hidden away, in the pyramid of light, lies the body of an ancient warrior, who protected Earth ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasus alike from the monsters. But when we casted the spell to conceal the monsters, he turned to stone, and now awaits the chosen one to awaken him. Only he can decide who inherits his power, and whoever wields it has the ability to guide Equestria to either its future, or destruction. Golza and Melba are heading towards him, because they know that he has the power to stop them. I need you all to go, find the pyramid, and awaken the giant."

Twilight cocked an eyebrow at Celestia. "But, where is this pyramid of light?"

"It's in the mountains beyond the ever free forest, there you shall find the pyramid." Celestia bowed to Twilight and her friends. "Now go, the fate of Equestria lies in your hooves."