Ultraman Tiga Chapter 31

More powerful than any Monster

Intro theme: Take me Higher

At the Ponyville School house, the small colts and fillies trotted, hopped, laughed and played throughout their play ground. Cory had to help Cheerilee with a class lesson on different types of Equestrian plants. Which brought back memories of the horrid Gijera that was destroyed only about a week ago. In the late summer beams, Cory sat on a bench and watched the small Ponies play amongst each other, which included Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle who rolled a pink ball between each other.

As he smiled, he heard what sounded to be crying not far from where he sat. He turned his head and saw that a small blue filly with a curly mane had let go of her balloon. She sobbed and covered her big violet eyes, but felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned around and saw Cory kneeling down with a smile, her balloon in hand. "Is this yours?" he asked.

She gasped and took hold of the balloon. She hugged it, but not tight to where it would pop. She hugged his fore arm while keeping one of her forelegs around the balloon, "Thank you!" she quickly trotted off to rejoin the other ponies.

Cory stood up and nodded, "Thank you." He repeated to himself. He looked towards the blue sky, and then at his Spark lens. "Something worth fighting for." He placed the relic back in his pocket and walked back to the school house.

"Class!" Their teacher called from the entrance of the school house, "Recess is over now!" As Cory walked to the entrance, he was greeted by Cheerilee. "Well, that's all the help I needed for today! I truly appreciate your help though!"

"Not a problem." We waved goodbye and started walking down the dirt road back to Ponyville. Later on that night, Cory stood near a dresser at Carousel Boutique folding a sheet of red fabric rarity had just ordered. Rarity stuck her tongue out in concentration as she moved her fabric through her sewing machine, smiling and nodding in satisfaction, "Hurry along Cory! We need to get this mess cleaned up for the Boutiques exhibition tomorrow. It's quite rude to keep a lady waiting."

"Oh, sorry ma'm, guess I forgot my manners," he snickered. A shadow was casted over him, looking up he saw another large pile of fabric levitated by Rarity's magic. It fell onto him with a thud, causing him to grunt out a muffled swear.

"No time to fool around Cory, this is serious business!" She lifted the fabric off of him with her magic, only to find him completely flattened out like a paper cut out.

He popped back out into shape and rubbed the side of his head. "Hey, was there any cake left over from yesterday?"

"Why yes!" Rarity chimmed, "Help yourself to it, I need to watch my figure."

"Come on Rarity," he chuckled while entering the kitchen, "You look great."

Rarity delicately placed a hoof on her mouth, "You flatter me Cory." She giggled.

Cory lifted off the platter's metal top, but was surprised to see there was no cake left asides from bits of frosting and crumbs, "Rarity? You said there was some left, right?"

"I apologize Cory," She sighed, " Sweetie belle was been sneeking extra sweets lately. She must have taken that piece not knowing I saved the last for you." She lifted a pile of neatly folded fabric and placd it in her wardrobe, "all the food is going right to her flanks and tummy, and I just know Diamond Tiara are going to pester her about it."

"Oh yeah, those two." he mumbled while pouring himself a drink.

"Yes, I hear they have a Nickname for you as well." Rarity shook her head, "How rude, everypony else has taken a liking to you these past two years and yet they still hold mistrust."

Cory waved his hand dismissively as he entered her work room with a glass of red juice, "It's no big deal, it's just the way they are. Seeing how they act it's no surprise they would act that way towards me." He took a large gulp of his drink.



Rarity gestured at his glass, "That's fabric dye…"

Cory looked at the glass and back at Rarity. He shrugged and took another sip when he heard a knock at her door. He heard what sounded to be, sobbing from outside the front door. It slowly opened, and there was Sweetie Belle. Her eyes were a shade of light pink and the fur around her eyes was damp.

"Sweetie Belle?" Rarity sternly asked, "Where have you been all this time? It's quite late and you have school again in the morning!"

Sweetie Belle's expression hardened, "Aren't you gonna ask me whats wrong? Can't you see I'm crying!?" She yelled.

Rarity stepped back, "Oh well, yes but um, oh Sweetie Belle I'm sorry, I have a big event I need to prepare for and I just…"

"Just what?" She cried, "Fine, do your project, just don't talk to me again!"

"Sweetie belle!" Rarity extended her hoof, ears flopping down. Cory stood up and pulled a sheet of fabric from his ear, grimacing and dusting off his shirt, "Whats wrong with her tonight?"

"I'm not sure…" Rarity sighed, "I know it has something to do with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon."

"I was thinking the same thing." He put a hand on her mane, "Should we talk to her?"

Rarity shook her head, "She's in no condition to talk with me it seems. She might listen to you, however."

Cory nodded and walked up the stairs, "Also, the bread I put in must be ready by now." Rarity nodded and trotted off towards the kitchen as Cory made his way up the stairs. He came to Sweetie Belle's room and knocked on the door. He heard no reply, but found her door to be unlocked. He slowly opened it and found her room to be a mess. Mattress was bare from it's blankets, clothes were scattered, and on the mirror was written "Fatty" in red lip stick. He heard sobbing from under the bed, and went down on bended knee. There she was, hooves covering her eyes as she sobbed in a patch of dampened carpet.

"Sweetie belle?"

She slowly opened her eyes that were slightly red around the rims, "Cory?" she squeaked.

"Come on out, please?" he beckoned. She hesitantly crawled out, ears flopped down and her mane disheveled. Cory picked her up and held her like a small infant. She was starting to get bigger, not only size wise, but stomach wise as well.

"Sweetie belle, what's the matter?" he asked. Sweetie Belle hiccupped while looking at him with teary eyes.

"Because… Well, Cory, is my tummy big?" She asked glancing down.

"Of course not, why do you ask?" he tilted his head.

"Because…. I'm chubby…." She murmured.

Cory raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Because I'm chubby!" She wailed, covering her face, "Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and everypony else thinks so! Even Scootaloo said I was! How am I ever gonna be as pretty as rarity if I'm fat…"

"You already are." He smiled, "How are you not? Because of this?" he tickled her stomach, causing the small filly to giggle. " I used to be fat myself. I was the one that'd have kids throw food at me during lunch and call me Big mac Bob, French Fry Fred, Mc Flurry Mike you name it!"

"Whats a Mcflurry?" she asked.

"Nothing. You're far from fat, Sweetie Belle. Just because a few classmates think negative of you doesn't mean they're right. They're jealous that you're sisters with one of the most attractive mares in Ponyville."

Sweetie Belle hiccupped one last time and smiled through her teary eyes. Cory fixed her bed and laid her down, "Cory? Am I really as pretty as Rarity?"

He opened her bedroom door and smiled, "Even more. Good night Sweetie Belle." Closing the door, he sighed and made his way down the steps, "Now for that Bread."


"AGH!" he screamed as the ground shook. Cory sat up from his floor mattress while Twilight quickly opened the window with her magic. Spike groggily got out of his bed and looked as well. A few miles from town they could see a large column of billowing towards the sky. From where they stood they could see other ponies open their doors to see what the issue was. There was some panic amongst the citizens, since the Nightmare that was Jobariah destroyed their entire town just two months ago.

Spike belched up another scroll that Cory quickly snatched from the air, "Dear Twilight, the Royal Guard has been dispatched towards the outskirts of ponyville. Please meet your brother near the crash site of this object. We are afraid it is yet another invader, and urge you to help investigate it as once."

Twilight pointed towards her closet, "Spike, fetch my satchel, Cory, you go get everypony else and tell them to come with me."

Just outside of Ponyville, near the impact site, rested a large, ovalish blob, resembling a large marshmallow. It's brilliant shade of ivory nearly shined in Celestia's sunlight. When twilight and he bipedal companion arrived at the scene, they found that Shining Armor and his Royal Guard units were already investigating the mysterious white blob. Twilight greeted her brother and wrapped her fore legs around him, "Shining, I came here as fast as I could, have you learned anything abou this, well, "She glanced over at the alien object, "Blob yet?"

Shining shook his head, "No, this thing has just been sitting here doing absolutely nothing. But we're not gonna take any risks on what it could be." He gestured over to several large wagons that were loaded with Kerosene. Each of the Royal Guard Pegasi lifted a tankard and poured it on top of the white mound. The Unicorn Guard members stood in a semi-circle around it as well, eyes locked onto their target.

After emptying all the tankards of fuel, Shining nodded to his Pegasi recruits who gave him a salute. "Alright, let him have it!"

The Unicorn Guard membes horns glowed while flames churned on their tips. Streams of flames sprouted from their horns and struck the white blob, quickly setting the kerosene aflame. Everypony has to step away from the head and brightness of the great inferno before them. Rainbow Dash however placed on a pair of Sun glasses she pulled out of nowhere and crossed her arms, smiling cockily.

"Well," Shining smiled smugly, "That's taken care of. Alright, now put it out!"

The Pegasi nodded and bucked their rain clouds. Gallons of water rained down the inferno covering the blob, dousing it and leaving behind a dense cloud of steam. When the steam cleared, they would realize the thing was better left alone.

"What the hell?" Shining looked in disbelief. The once white blob was indeed charred, but it a large, blob like monster. It's body was black in color, all over it's body were brown appendages that jutted off it's body. The beast's red eyes glowed with hatred as her eyed the many guard memebers who looked at him in fear.

"O-o-Open Fire!" screamed Shining Armor. The many Unicorns unleashed beams of energy from their horns at this beast. The thing roared in pain and annoyance, and from its back grew two large cannons. A missile was fired from each of them that knocked the Pegasi from the air, followed by energy beams Ifu fired back from his eyes. It was the same energy he was being assaulted with. From his back, a ball of fire soared through the air and cashed into the earth.

"Move move move!" Shining yelled while beckoning with his hoof. More soldiers savagely assaulted this beast, Ifu, with beams and storm clouds. With such force, this would be enough to kill most monsters. But this one would retaliate double fold when attacked. Fire, magic, lightning, and organic missiles which were merely his default attack.

"If you attack it with fire and magic, it fights back with fire and magic!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkie please!" Twilight snapped, "I'm trying to… Wait, say that again Pinkie!"

"If you attack it with fire and magic, it fights back with fire and magic!"

"That's it!" Twilight looked to the other guards, "Shining Armor! Tell the other guard members to stop attacking the monster!"

"Say what?" he shouted, glancing back and forth between his sister and Ifu.

"If you attack it with fire and magic, it fights back with fire and magic. Whatever you attack this thing with it fights back with it!"

Shining gritted his teeth, "Well then how in Equestria are we gonna destroy this thing!?" Shining gestured at his soldiers to retreat for the time being. To his dismay, most of them were killed by Ifu.

Ifu saw Apple Bloom and Apple jack galloping away from the battle scene, lifting his front leg up to get a better view. He fired a missile from one of the cannons on his back that homed in on Apple Jack and Apple Bloom who huddled together in a tight embrace.


As the missile was about to collide with Apple Bloom and her older sibling, something came between them and the missile. It exploded against what appeared to be a large, silver hand that shielded the two ponies from harm. Slowly Apple jack opened her eyes, as did Apple Bloom. The two mares looked up to see their Multi colored giant kneeling down with his hand keeping them from Ifu's sight.

"So," Granny Smith looked on in amazement, "That's there's Ultraman Tiga."

"Ultraman!" Twilight called, "Protect Ponyville!"

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Tiga nodded and scooped up the two ponies and placed them where Twilight and Fluttershy stood. Going in a fighting position, Tiga ran towards Ifu as the beast roared defiantly. Tiga landed a chop to Ifu's back, and then proceeded to push the Kaiju back away from ponyville, his hands glowing blue as he charged them up in order to push Ifu away in a powerful shove. The beast landed on it's back, but was quick to recover and release a fireball from it's back at Ultraman.

Quickly, Ultraman conjured a light barrier and blocked the flames, but two missiles whizzed through the air towards him. He dive rolled away from one as it crashed into the earth, and parried one away with the back of his hand, also sending the missile into the dirt. Cory back flipped away to dodge another ball of flames and then proceeded to charge up for his Zepellion Ray.

With a shout, Tiga fired the ray from his fore arm right at ifu. Ifu's gnarled body was filled with charges of destructive energy as Tiga poured the ray on. After a few seconds of exposure, ifu gave one last roar of pain before being reduced to bits of charred flesh that flew in every direction.

Scootaloo's wings flared out in excitement, "He did it!"

"Not too shabby." Rarity nodded. She loosened her arm that was wrapped around Sweetie belle.

"It died rather easily…" Twilight observed. "Typically the monster puts up more of a fight than that."

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As tiga nodded in satisfaction, he glanced back down to ifu's charred remains with a gasp. The remains of ifu came together to form the beast yet again, however, it's body glowed with a bright light. Silver and purple appendages grew from it's back that shined like metal. It's body was covered in the Silver, red, and purple armor. Identical to Ultraman Tiga's! He was no longer the brown deformed Ifu, he was now the adaptive Space beast, Neo Ifu.

Twilight's draw dropped, "How, no monster has ever survived that…"

Scootaloo bit her lip, "He can take him, I know he can. Come on Ultraman!"

Tiga went into his defensive position with his fists balled, just as Neo Ify did the same arm techniques Tiga would for, for his Zepellion Ray. Ifu fired the red Zepellion Ray at Tiga who took the attack full on, knocking him a good distance away as he grunted in both pain and shock.

Twilight looked with fear and disbelief, "Ultraman Tiga's power… He absorbed and adapted to face him… Just what is this thing?"

Tiga switched into his powered mode, bringing his fists up before thrusting them down. He went into his defensive position as neo ifu roared and brought his blade arm and clawed hand as well. It brought both of them down, and switched into a powered form of it's own. The purple was replaced entirely with red, and his muscle mass tripled as did Tiga's.

"No way." Spike gulped, "Twilight, how's Ultraman gonna beat this thing!?"

Twilight said nothing. She could only pray to Celestia that Ultraman could pull through.

Tiga fired his Delacium light stream at Ifu, and to his shock Ifu brought forth a light barrier, and then lifted his blade hand to the sky. On it's tip, Ifu gathered solar energy into a Delacium light sphere, and tossed the attack at Ultraman who barely managed to dodge it. Ultraman came in with a punch that made Ifu stumble back, followed by a second one that near dented his armor. Ifu retaliated with a swat of his own. Tiga landed a round house kick to Ifu which caused the beast to fell on one knee. This further angered Ifu, and a round house crashed into Tiga's side as well. Toppling him with little effort.

Seeing that this was not in his favor, Ultraman switched into his Sky mode, quickly jumping into the air and striking a drop kick position. He succeeded in breaking of one of Ifu's armor like appendages, much to ifu's anger.

Tiga landed behind Ifu and quickly charged up his Rambalt Light bomb, firing the radiated bolts as fast as he could. Ifu did not have time to bring up a light barrier, and the attack hit him full on. Once again, ifu was blown to thousands of pieces. Unlike the first time, there was no wash of relief. Everypony knew what would happen next. Quickly, the pieces reformed into ifu, this time his body was blue and silver, coloration exact to Tiga's. Ultraman went into a defensive position as Ifu rolled into what appeared to be a ball, aside from his spikes and armor protruding from his body. At unfathomable speed, he rolled towards Tiga, but Ultraman barely managed to roll away from Ifu.

As Tiga stood up, Ifu was already rolling towards him. When Tiga turned around to see his enemy, Ifu upper slashed tiga in the chest with his blade arm. Tiga yelped and fell back, but performed a kick up and tried to square off to ifu despite his blinking color timer.

Ifu roared mockingly at Tiga and proceeded to change back into his own Omni Type, roaring challengingly at Tiga who now stood in a kneeling position.

"Tiga! Retreat for now!" Twilight begged.

Tiga glanced at her, and then back at Neo Ifu who awaited Tiga's next move. "I can't let this thing win, if I go now…" Tiga fell again as he tried to stand. He nodded to twilight and looked towards the sky and took off towards the sun.

"He lost…" Apple Jack couldn't believe it, "Ultraman, he, he lost.

Ifu roared triumphantly as Ultraman fled, but turned his attention away from Ponyville, and headed towards another nearby city, Phillydelphia.

Ifu approached the outskirts of the great city, with parts of it still being rebuilt after it being ravaged by Bemstar months ago. With the Royal Guard suffering great casualties, it seemed that nothing could save the great city from Neo ifu's rage. Ifu roared as he destroyed the many wooden buildings in his wake with a Zepellion Ray. Dozens is not hundreds of ponies frantically fled from their homes and places of work as Ifu made his way into the heart of the city.

Twilight teleported her friends into the heart of the once proud city. Columns of flames were now higher than the buildings that once stood. The air was thick with smoke, and the distant cries of ponies could be heard.

"If tiga couldn't deal with that thing, then how can we without our elements?" Rarity asked.

Twilight closed her eyes, "Using the elements would be too risky. If we used them, even with the Crystal Heart, and that thing survived," She turned her attention back towards the raging beast, "It'd fight back with power Equestria could have never imagined."

Fluttershy pondered over the days past events, from the monster attacking, how the Guard tried to destroy it, along with battling Tiga. In all those instances, pain was inflicted upon the beast. But what if she fought back with something, other than pain.

"I think, I think I know just what to do!" She nearly whispered to herself. As the cities flames slowly burned down to small fires, Fluttershy galloped to where Neo Ifu dwelled. Most of the cities Ponies had evacuated from their homes, but others, were not so lucky.

"Fluttershy!" Rainbow Dash was about to stop her friend, but Cory grabbed hold of her tail. "Let her go, She's on to something."

"Fluttershy, come on! She's too-"

"And Ultraman was able to stand a chance?" Cory interjected, "We'll never know if it works unless she tries."

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Fluttershy approached Neo Ifu, but flinched as the beast roared towards the sky. Ifu growled and laid his back against a leveled building that still offered him plenty of support. When he heard the small Pony whimper, he glanced down at her with his ruby red eyes. He slowly let out a guttural growl as he awaited what the small Pony would do.

"Um, hello." She said. Actually finding herself smiling at the dreadful monster, "My, my name, is Fluttershy."

Ifu kept his eyes on her, thinking to himself why such a small fragile creature did not fear him. Fluttershy sat onto her rump and pulled out an apple. She laid it on the ground before the beast. Ifu grunted in confusion, just what exactly was this Pony trying to do?

"It's yours." She smiled, pushing the fruit closer with her snout. Though Ifu did not ingest food to survive, he slowly sat down and observed the apple he was given. Then, he did something no pony would expect. He slowly raised his Silver blade arm, but brought it down gently to cut the apple in half, slowly pushing the other halve towards Fluttershy with his blade.

"Thank you, it's always nice for friends to share their food sometimes." She slowly lifted her apple halve and took a bite.

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow, "Did, she just call that thing, a friend?"

"Shh! Look." Rarity gestured.

Fluttershy nodded to Ifu, "That's right, you and me are friends. And friends share and are kind to each other, because we love each other."

Ifu felt something well up from within. Just minutes ago he was a mindless beast of hate, now, he felt something else. He nodded to her, as if understanding what the small Pony was saying. He reached down and picked up the yellow Pegasus and looked at her. Fluttershy kept smiling at Ifu as he roared, this time it was one that was more jovial than one of aggression. Fluttershy flew from his hand and hugged the side of his face.

As Twilight and the others looked up, Tiga stood in a kneeling position over them. He put a finger towards his mouth, telling them to be silent. As he stood, Ifu caught sight of him and stood up.

"Don't worry," Fluttershy reassured him, "He's just here to help."

Ifu roared and looked back down at Fluttershy who nodded to him. Tiga nodded in response to Ifu as he beckoned at Tiga. Ultraman nodded and cupped one hand to his side, and his other in a spade formation pointing at the gem on his forehead. He slowly brought the spade hand towards Ifu, and released a trail of soft light particles that glittered in the dark.

When the light hit Ifu, the beast what appeared to be, smiling as Tiga reverted him back down to his original form. A peaceful white blob that Ultraman proceeded to carry into space. He nodded down to Fluttershy one last time, and when was out of view, everypony came to Fluttershy who still gazed at the night sky.

Twilight clapped her hooves together, "Fluttershy, that was amazing! How did you know!?"

Fluttershy put a hoof on her lip, "Well, you see, at first we hurt the monster, so he fought back with hatred. And then I fought back with love, and so did he. In the end, Everypony needs to be shown a little kindness."

Cory rejoined his group of friends, hands in his pocket as he stared at the ground, "Attack for attack. And, love for love. Hate cannot drive out hate, only compassion can do that." He looked towards the stars in wonder, "Life is beautiful."


At the Golden oaks library, Twilight sat at her desk while she wrote her most recent letter to her mentor. "Dear princess Celestia, today I learned that hate cannot drive out hate, that only causes pain and more fighting. Only love can do that. It really is true that compassion is powerful, more powerful than any monster."

"Or Ultraman." Spike snickered. Twilight handed him the letter with a glare which caused Spike to smile sheepishly. He belched up flames and burned the scroll, sending it to the Royal castle for Celestia to read.

"Stronger than any monster, isn't that right Cory?" Twilight turned her head to where he sat, "Cory?"

The human sat back in his recliner, mouth open as he snored. A small strand of saliva dribbled down the side of his mouth as his right foot twitched slightly.

"Oh Cory." Twilight giggled. Making sure not to wake him, she rubbed the edge of her snout against his nose before blowing out the nightstand's candle.

Ultraman Tiga Chapter 31, End.

Ending Theme: Brave Love Tiga

The next chapter: A race of aliens come to Equestria for one thing only. To turn it's population of ponies into monsters like themselves that do not feel fear, compassion, only hate. With the Mane Six taken hostage along with many Ponyville citizens, can Cory defeat this alien before its all too late?