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Now I don't know how I managed to skip over everyone and go straight to a new character introduced in S2. I figured my first TW fanfic would be focused on Derek or Scott. This has Derek in it but not the main focus.

But you know how you have certain characters that are "angst plot bunnies" waiting to happen? Yea, welcome Isaac Lahey, you have joined the club. You can probably expect more on him from me. I love getting into the mind of characters like these. There is so much potential here.

Also want to give a shoutout and another take on this awesome scene that I love. A story called "Bindings" by Skippingstonesacross. Go read it!

Summary: Tag to S2E7: Restraint. What was it like for Isaac Lahey during his second full moon, especially when he saw what was in the chest?

"So why do we need their help?" the curly haired teen asked as he and Erica followed Derek though the train.

"Because it's harder to kill than I thought and I still don't know who it is." was the answer without so much a glance back to them.

Isaac snorted, "And they do?"

Derek shrugged still walking with purpose. Where to Isaac could only guess. Derek wasn't exactly what you call an open book. "They might. Which is why I need one of you to get on their good side."

Erica drawled as if she had a preference, "Scott or Stiles?"

Derek stopped in front of a chest, pausing before throwing a look back at them or rather her if you asked Isaac.

"Either." He answered before bending over to unlock the chest.

Isaac risked rolling his eyes since as far as he knew Derek didn't have eyes in the back of his head, "You know the full moon is coming, Derek."

The alpha straightened. Both of the newly turned werewolves could sense his patience was dwindling with the questions. But when did Derek ever act like he was patient.

"I'm aware of that." Derek answered.

Isaac glanced away in a huff, not bothering to say anything more. He looked back to see that Derek had threw the top of the chest back without care. His gaze was caught and trapped by the various chains inside.

Momentarily he was blinded by memories, freezing him in place. Granted somehow he still managed to look like any other bored and disinterested teen. How he accomplished that he did not know, but he was grateful.

Maybe because he was so frozen.

Erica's silky voice laced with playfulness interrupted his thoughts for which he was also grateful as it gave him time to force his heart to keep its steady pace. He knew if Derek so much as felt a skip he would be found out.

The blonde lifted out a very menacing looking chain wrap thing. Isaac could care less what it was or the proper name."Oooh, these look comfortable."

He couldn't keep his eyes off the chains as they were lifted out. One for each of them, his brain realized.

More importantly, one for him.

He couldn't swallow.

It seemed a long time to him but actually a couple of seconds as his jaw worked and he found himself speaking, his voice surprisingly steady, " You said you were gonna teach us to change whenever we wanted."

Derek kept moving as if nothing was wrong, "There hasn't been time."

Isaac summoned every will he had to stop the panic that was rising up and keep his heart at the same pace. He could not help the slightly higher note in his voice, "But if you have to lock us up during the full moon, that means you'll be alone against the Argents."

He tried to appeal to Derek's logical side, which was the only side that the man had in Isaac's opinion. His stomach rebelled at not only being locked up but being alone as well. He almost couldn't breathe.


But he knew he was stronger than this.

He had to be.

He managed to hear Derek's almost flippant response as he spared him no glance as he began walking away, "They haven't found us."

His hands balled into fists, his nails digging into his hands. Thankfully they were in his pocket and even more thankful was the fact that his claws didn't extend. He was aware of Erica giving him a warning look but he didn't heed it. On some level he also thought he saw some worry in her eyes.

He needed to find a way to get out of this.

With some dignity preferably.

"Yet." He snapped, "So how about we forget the Kanima."

He knew he had finally gone as far as he could go when Derek spun around his patience all spent. "We. Can't" He enunciated loudly.

And Isaac knew then that he was trapped.

And it would only be a matter of time before it was physically as well.