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Summary: Tag to S2E7: Restraint. What was it like for Isaac Lahey during his second full moon, especially when he saw what was in the chest?

The night came and went although for Isaac it seemed to last forever. He was weary and full of heartache by the night's end. Derek continued to watch them all throughout the night helping them through their bloodlust, and strangely he never moved from his cross-legged position in front of Isaac. Nor did he try to talk anymore, which was good because Isaac didn't want to talk.

It might have been moot point anyway because the young beta spent the rest of his time dealing with his bloodlust and being weary of his outburst. Neither male continued the conversation anymore that night.

When the sun began to steadily climb up the highway of sky, Derek released Isaac first. Although heart sore, he resisted the urge to dart away from the column and the chains. He patted himself down to make sure he was still all there and stood up, wiping his face.

"Isaac. Get in the train. I'll be there in a moment."

Isaac spun around so fast it's a wonder he didn't trip over himself. Once again he thanked his werewolf agility. "What?"

"I did not stutter", Derek didn't glance up as he undid Erica's.

"I. Don't. Want. To. Talk.", Isaac bit out.

Derek imitated his speech, "I. Did. Not. Ask. You."

It made matters worse that Derek didn't even glance in his direction. He just expected him to obey. Isaac couldn't help but stomp over and into the train. He flopped down into a subway car and looked down at his hands. They were beginning to tremble.

Why wasn't he stronger than this?

He clenched his hands into fists, willing to stop but it only made matters worse as the thought over the last day.

It all fell to pieces. What went wrong? He made a total fool of himself as he feared he might.

He couldn't help but pull up his legs to hug them to his chest. He didn't like this feeling. He thought he was done with that. That's why he became a werewolf, to have a better life. So that it would better. So that he wouldn't live in fear.

But fear still ruled him.

It ruled him even as his whole body began to shake. He pressed his face into his knees, shutting his eyes.

And he feared it always would.

It seemed as long as it was short and as short as it was long, when he felt a familiar presence take a seat across from him, facing him.

"You don't trust me." It wasn't a question but a statement. He heard a soft sigh from Derek. "Your father was a menace. What he did to you wasn't right in any world or reality. You are not stupid and you are not weak."

Isaac couldn't help the snort.

"Look at me!" Derek barked and Isaac's head snapped and he involuntarily flinched, his eyes wide.

Derek raised an eyebrow, "You have never flinched when I raised my voice before. Why develop habits that weren't found before now? Do you think I'm going to strike you?"

Isaac slowly shook his head.

"And yet you fear me? Have I done something to make you fear me?"

Isaac shook his head with more conviction that time.

"Then why do you not trust me? Why didn't you come to me?"

Isaac hugged his legs to him tighter and like a child he laid his head on his knees still looking in Derek's direction though his eyes were lowered, "I don't know."

And he really didn't.

Why didn't he go to Derek? Did he think that Derek would laugh at him? He hoped that he could deal with it himself, but that was a complete and utter failure.

"You do know. Now stop beating around the brush and tell me."

Isaac's whole body twitched and he hugged himself tighter.


It was the gentleness that made the beta look at Derek who was waiting, dare he say it, patiently. Once again Derek knew, but typical of him, he would not let Isaac hide from the truth any longer.

Isaac swallowed and hated that his eyes got misty again. "I-I...didn't...want..." he trailed off. He half expected Derek to prod him on but he didn't. Said male just stared at him waiting.

So Isaac tried again, "I didn't...want..." his voice was soft and he cleared it trying hard to pull whatever frail and fragmented courage he had together. He managed to lift his head and look at Derek, "I didn't want you to think me weak."

Derek gave a genuine smile, "And why would I think that? If I thought you were not worthy of the bite I would not have offered it to you. The fact that you survived all these years is testament of some strength worthy of recognition."

Isaac blinked. He hadn't thought of it like that, because there had been many time he had some close to just ending it and being done with it. But he couldn't. He never knew why he couldn't.

But he couldn't.

He lifted his head higher.

Derek continued, "However, if you had come to me in the first place I would have told you this and you would have been spared all that pain you held in. Which by the way is suffocating."

Isaac blinked. He hated that Derek was aware of it this entire time. He hid nothing. "You knew?" He couldn't help but to accused.

"I'm neither blind nor deaf. I have good senses that go beyond the surface."

Isaac swallowed and looked away.

Derek gave a small sigh, "I'm going to bottom line all of this right here and right now."

This made Isaac looked up at the senior werewolf.

Derek held his gaze, "Your father did what he did for his own amusement. I don't care what guise he hid behind, but he had a deeper problem, that went beyond you. There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing at all. I'm not going to surmise why you father acted the way he did cause we could be here all day and we kind of on a time frame."

Isaac couldn't help the small wet laugh.

Derek continued, "I did what I did for your protection. Yours, Erica's and Boyd's. To protect you from the world and the world from you. Simple and direct. I would not have done it for no other reason. Based on this, which do you think owes your trust?"

There was a short pause as Derek leaned forward slightly, "I am your alpha. But contrary to popular opinion I don't read minds. If there is a problem, any problem you are to come to me and discuss it. We are a pack, we are stronger together, you know that. That doesn't just mean physically either. I can feel all of your feelings as you can feel mine if I allowed you to. I can check in with all of you at any given time to make sure all is well."

Isaac was a little surprised to hear this but he guessed it made sense. He knew that Derek wouldn't violate privacy unless he had a good reason to do so. Besides Derek wasn't the type to want to know the play by play of what a person was thinking or feeling.

"I already knew that you had a problem with this and was waiting for you to trust me enough to come to me. Do you understand that, Isaac?"

Said male didn't answer right away too busy trying to process all that. It was rare when Derek gave a monologue. He was jarred out of his thoughts when a hand reached over and shook him slightly giving a firm squeeze.

He looked up into the eyes of his alpha."Do you understand that?" He saw Derek's eyes scanning his, reading him, "I'm not doing this to punish you. I have no reason to punish you and even if I did I would not be that cruel. I would not have done this for my own twisted logical pleasure. If I didn't have to tie all of you up for you own safety, I would not have. Do you believe me? Can you trust that what I'm saying is the truth?"

Isaac couldn't help but drop his eyes, to listen to his alpha's heart, if only as physical proof. Part of him knew it. Intellectually he knew what Derek said was true. But he had been through way too much to take things at face value anymore.

He would have to learn how, he supposed.

Derek seemed to sense this and repeated slowly, "I didn't do any of that for an enjoyment of any kind. I didn't like doing it in the first place; it was a necessity nothing more. If I didn't have to I wouldn't have. This isn't punishment for you or the others. You didn't do anything wrong. Do you understand?"

Isaac heart no skips or anything of the kind. Just a steady thump-thump of truth. He looked into Derek's eyes that for once looked concern and almost pleading. "Yes", he said his voice steadier than it had been for the last hours, "I understand. I believe you. I trust you."

Derek held his gaze a moment longer before giving him a friendly shake and a fleeting smirk. He stood and looked down at Isaac who looked calmer than he has ever been. "Now, Erica and Boyd have went to school. Go get cleaned up or whatever you need to do. I think you'd benefit from some personal training that starts in half an hour."

The alpha proceeded to walk out of the subway car, the conversation finished for him.


Derek turned around to see Isaac looking at him from over the back of the subway seat. He seemed to get shy all of a sudden before looking back up at the older male. "Thank...you." he said if not knowing how Derek would take it.

Derek only smirked and inclined his head. He tapped the wall. "Tick tock, Isaac, tick tock."

Isaac watched him disappear out of the car and turned around. He need a moment to himself to get himself together again after so much having happened. It was weird for him to have that kind of acceptance.

He so much as faltered and his father punished him, calling him weak.

He falter here and Derek just picked him up, never thinking or feeling that he was weak. Just that he need guidance.

He never had that level of trust in a person before.

Isaac stood up and allowed his body to readjust. He felt stronger than he had ever been.

And it wasn't because of his werewolf abilities.


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