Really short postep for 'There's always a downside'

Title: Protector
Author: Cindy Ryan
Spoilers: season four especially for 'There's always a downside' and 'Personal effects'
summary: The one duty of a brother blood relative or not was to protect

There are few people in one's life that you have an instant connection with the moment you meet. For Steve Jinks one of those people was Claudia Donovan. Now after a long night of research on the metronome Steve stood outside of Claudia's room. The door had been left partially open and Steve leaned against the doorjam watching his friend sleep. Part of him still couldn't believe what Claudia had done. The lengths she'd gone to in order to bring Steve back. To give him a second chance at life. A gift Steve was grateful for.

However, standing in the quiet of the bed and breakfast things became clear to Steve. The bond created by the artifact was having a harmful affect on Claudia. She felt his pain and Steve was determined not to let that continue. He knew Claudia was beginning to put the pieces together even if she didn't want to admit it yet. Despite Myka's insistence Steve still hadn't talked to Claudia. He had wanted to learn more first before he scared Claudia. She may not be related to Steve by blood but Claudia was still family. Just about the only family he had left.

The cosmos or powers that be or fate hadn't thrown in their final card yet. Steve had a bad feeling he and Claudia would have to deal with the repercussions of using the metronome. As Artie said everything had a down side. Whatever happened Steve would make sure Claudia was safe and happy. She had a bright future ahead. Steve would do whatever he had to...make whatever deals with the devil he had to...his partner wouldn't suffer for bringing him back.

Shaking his head at the last thought Steve pushed himself away from the doorframe. His hand moved to the door handle and the young agent took one last look at the sleeping redhead. Partner, friend, sister, family all terms that defined Claudia Donovan. The one duty of a brother blood relative or not was to protect. Closing the door Steve vowed to uphold that duty no matter what the future threw at them.