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1.- Agency: PMS-ing… like a boss


I flinched and slowly turned around, only to see Prez, stomping her way towards me. And from that very moment, I expected some serious physical, and probably emotional, damage.

She stopped a couple of feet away and glared at me with her fierce blue eyes.

"Did you make my props order already?" she asked in a firm but less angry voice.

"Y-yes prez"

"THEN WHY HAVEN'T THEY ARRIVED YET?!" Prez yelled throwing her arms in despair and turning around.

What I got myself into…

"I'm s-sure they'll arrive in a c-couple of minutes."

"Geez prez, calm down…" I muttered in a moment of both idiocy and boldness.

Feeling gutty, huh?

Well, those. Precisely those guts marked my doom.

She turned around, a wicked smile plastered on her face "Calm down?". As Prez started walking towards me, I started to back away from her horrified, and it would have probably worked… if it wasn't for that damned chair that made me fall.

White grabbed me by my shirt, our noses touched and our gazes met. I felt my cheeks heating as her intense glare bore into my very soul.


"I'll calm down when I get my new props, that's when I'll calm down!" she snarled as she shook me with all her might.

My head went back and forth, back and forth, left to right and right to left. Now I know what it feels to be a bubblehead toy, and let me tell you something: it ain't funny.

"Get. Me. Those. Props." Prez growled in a dangerously low voice.

And with that I was released, it took me a couple of seconds though to recover my senses. I probably looked like a sad beaten up rag doll on the floor, and she still wasn't leaving.

Her arms were crossed; she was pouting and tapping her feet uneasily. I could only brace myself, horrified at the idea that she still had another round in store for me. The tension in the air was unnerving.

"W-what?" I managed.

"WHY WON'T YOU TAKE ME ON A DATE?" she yelled flustered.

I felt myself blush like crazy. My train of thought derailing and crashing catastrophicaly.


Her eyes started watering, and she averted her gaze to the floor "It's because I'm not pretty, isn't it?"

"N-no! Y-you are very pretty prez" I replied standing up and rushing towards her.

"T-then take me on a date!" she demanded, her voice muffled by her hands covering her face.

"O-okay! Let's go to the park today!"

With that she stopped hiding her face and looked at me with her moistened blue eyes. A sweet smile crossed her lips and she cupped my cheek with her soft hand.

I felt my pulse race and blood rushing to my cheeks.

"Aww, Black, you are so sweet" she purred in a sweet voice. But in less than a second her expression reverted to her usual business-like facade.

"I can't though, I have lots of work."

And with that she stood up, opened the door and paused at the frame "I want those props by two p.m" after it she vanished behind it. I sat there dumbstruck.

What the…?

And then, when I thought everything was finally over… she peeked her head through the ajar door and beamed sweetly "See you at 7 at the Unova cafe!"

Yes, my suspicions were confirmed… it was that time of the month again.

2.- Frantic: You fail, you fail at love

I stopped at Sapphire's door and knocked.

"Coming!" beamed a happy, commpletely out of character, sweet voice. I waved it off and looked at the dress I was holding in my arms.

I wanted to save some money to buy a new super modern sewing kit. Sadly, the last of my money was spent on new costumes and special shampoos for my pokemon so now I had to 'earn it'. Can you believe it?

So I started making dresses to sell them to a boutique near the market, but first thing first, I needed a model… and now you know where I'm getting at don't you?

The door opened and Sapphire greeted me with a wide smile "RUBY!"

She plunged on me. PLUNGED ON ME. Do you know how much time I spent ironing this dress?

"Sapphire! Watch it, you are wrinkling the dress!"

She giggled and completely waved me off. The cute edge to her giggles made me shudder.

"What are ya doin' here?" she said hitting my arm 'playfully'.

"Well, I wanted to see you" I replied with my best contest smile.

She hit my arm again giggling "Oh, you!"

I awkwardly laughed along with her "Oh, me!"

She bursted into hysterical laughter, until it reached the point it looked bizarre. Then suddenly stopped and changed her expression into a straight face "No really, why are ya here" she said in a grim voice.

I freaked out and warily backed away.

"W-would you let me in?" I asked uneasily.

In a second her mood changed again and with a smile she beamed "Of course silly!"

As I entered I felt my mouth drop to the floor. Everything, and I seriously mean everything, was in complete and perfect order.

No clothes on the floor, no pizza in the dresser, no juice in the carpet, and OH MY GOD! SAPPHIRE HAS A CARPET! I crouched flabbergasted, and stroked the blue plushy material.

"So soft…" I mumbled amazed.

"Do ya like it?"

"Of course! What happened here?" I asked, both excited and amazed.

"I cleaned up my room" Sapphire said with pride puffing out her chest.

I turned around, both horrified and amazed.


"YUSH!" she beamed fist pumping in the air.

Oh. Dear. Arceus. DON'T WAKE ME UP! I want this to last…

"Want me to model that for ya?" she asked pointing at the red dress that I left on the carpet… I left on the carpet! I freaked out and lifted the dress. Wait, the carpet is clean.

I relaxed and looked at Sapphire "Y-yes… actually yes! I want you to!" I beamed.

"Well, then give it to me"

"BUT SAPPHIRE PLEASE! I REALLY, REALLY NEED YOU TO—" I paused and realized her answer.

"Yeah" she replied nonchalant. My mouth dropped to the floor.

She grabbed the dress and entered the bathroom, expressed my gratitued yelling a "Thanks!". And almost immeadiately came the muffled "Ya are welcome!" from the other side of the door. Amazing...

It took her some minutes to exit the bathroom but the resul was absolutely stunning. The red of her dress clashed with her slightly tanned skin and blue eyes beautifully, the long skirt dropped to the floor in a dramatically smooth way.

"You look stunning Sapphire, absolutely beautiful" I breathed in awe.

"Really? Aww thank ya Ruby!" she replied with a big smile hitting me once again 'playfully' in the arm. It hurt, and almost knocked me over, but I just let it slide.

"I want to see myself in the mirror" she walked towards the full body surface on the wall, and as she stood before it, her smile was slowly replaced by a frown.

I looked at in expectancy, still smiling "Well? What do you think?" I asked her uneasily, if she hated it she would probably beat me senseless.

A couple of awkward moments of silence later, she twirled around but still stared at her reflection with a frown.

"I look fat in this" she muttered.

The statement itself threw me aback, Sapphire…fat? Okay, she may eat like a hungry hobo but she never gets fat, never!

"Sapphire, you look completely fabulous! After all, I made that dress" I assured.

"I hate it" she muttered glaring at her reflection.

"Sapphire come on! You are not fat, otherwise you wouldn't have fitted in. You are slim, perfect for this dress" I replied in an assuring tone.

Her gaze softened and it seemed that she had accepted what I said, that until she frowned even deeper and yelled at me "SO YA ARE SAYIN' I LOOK LIKE A TWIG?"

I stared at her flabbergasted.

You've got to be kidding me…

"Oh, thanks Ruby, that makes me feel even better!"

Throwing her arms in despair she turned around and walked towards her bed, where she sat, bringing her legs close to her chest. I rushed towards her in total mortification.

"Oh no, no, no… Sapphire" I said in a worried and caring tone "You are wrinkling my dress!"

I made her stand up and unwrinkled it carefully. I realized too little too late when I met her gaze that it probably wasn't the best I could do in a situation like that.

Way to go dumbass…

Sapphire was staring at me with an unbelieving expression, her mouth slightly agape and her eyebrows cocked.


She spun around and crossed her arms "MY DRESS, MY DRESS, MY STUPID FRIGGIN' DRESS!" she yelled waving her arms in the air. I slowly began to back away, but then, in less than a second she turned around, a furious and disappointed expression on her face.

She grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me violently.


"Ya don't remember anything! But ya do remember that I exist when ya need someone to model your stupid dresses!" she pushed me aside, making me fall to the floor. I was barely declaring retreat, crawling to the door when...

"AGH! I should just rip it off!"

That made me freeze.

R-rip it?

Then, much to my dismay, a sound of cloth being ripped apart was heard at the back. My heart clenched painfully.


When I turned around I saw my beautiful dress in freaking shreds on the floor. Sapphire in underwear, standing proudly on TOP OF IT. I wanted to scream but I had no voice, it was horrifying.

I rushed to the scene of the crime and pushed her away "OH DEAR ARCEUS!"

I took the pieces of cloth in my hands and just held them, trying to put the dress together back again. But it was no use, it was unfixable…

"This… this is no longer a dream, THIS IS A FREAKING NIGHTMARE!"

I heard Sapphire laughing maniacally at the back and lifted my gaze only to glare at her.


I stood on wobbly legs and tackled her as fast as my poor physical condition allowed me to, pinning her to the wall.


I glared into her startled eyes for a long stetching moment of awkward silence. I was panting from the sudden physical exertion, judging from how close we were she could probably feel my hot breaths of air hitting her face. Out of nowhere a blush crept to her cheeks and suddenly I was painfully aware of the closeness, the fact that I was pinning her tightly to the wall like some savage, annnnd... that she was solely in her underwear.


I released her and backed away as fast as I could and as if I hadn't been taunting death before, I couldn't help but think out loud in a slightly amused tone "Lacy blue matching underwear? Really?"


And then in the blink of an eye I was out of her room, beaten to a pulp, and with the dress stuffed in my mouth.

There was something really off about her that day that I couldn't quite place. What's more weird is that that kind of behavior repeats at least once every month. Like a pattern or something… I wonder what does that mean?


Yeah, it will pretty much remain a mystery.

3.- Oldrival: My feels






Ding. Ding.


"What." I spat clearly annoyed, swinging the door open.

In the exact same instant Blue -or at least I hoped it was Blue and not some fangirl- jumped on me, making me fall to the floor.

"What the?"

"OH GREEN! IT'S YOU!" she screamed in my ear, apparently sobbing.

Yeah, it was Blue. At 2 a.m in the morning.

Two. In the. freaking. Morning.

"Oh, really? Is it me? I didn't notice…"

"Green… how can you act like such a sarcastic jerk when I'm crying? Are you some kind of insensitive indifferent beast? I'M CRYING DAMMIT!"

Ok, weird. Like Red in underwear dancing 'Macarena' on a table with no music kind of weird… no, wait, that's disturbing. And, yes, it happened, but don't ask.

Please, don't.

"SAY SOMETHING!" Blue shouted as she shook me violently. My head hit the floor harshly and I could barely bear the forming headache. I took her wrists in my hands and got from under her.

For once I was glad I was too lazy to take my shirt off to sleep, if I didn't had it on all of this would be awkward. I sat in front of her and held his arms tightly.

"Woman…. why on earth are you in my house, crying, and yelling at me, at this ungodly hour? I asked in a stern voice, coldly glaring at her.

"And…" I sniffed her hair "Is that chocolate? Were you eating chocolate?"

She looked at me wide eyed, she did. I grumbled rubbing my face in my hands.

Her eyes started welling up again with tears and in an instant she started sobbing again.

"I DIDN'T EAT IT, I DRINKED IT…with coffee. And I really don't see the damage of it."

After some time of just staring she frowned and continued "Are you implying that I will get fat? Is that it?"

Perfect. Just perfect.

"No. I'm not, I just want to know why you are here Blue" I growled.

"I'm here because I missed you silly…" she whispered between sobs "IS THAT SO WRONG?"

I was taken aback by that, I seriously didn't know whether to be mad, confused or embarrassed. I went with the second.

"Why?" I blurted out frowning.

"You'll see, I was watching this boring documental of the Antarctic because I couldn't sleep, then saw a polar bear and thought 'Oh the Antartic is cold how can he bear it?' Then I thought 'Even worse, how can I bear this?' and changed the channel."

At this rate Blue wasn't crying anymore but looking at me with a blank face. I rubbed my temples and sighed.

"Blue, what does that has to do with anything?" I asked clearly annoyed.

"WAIT. I haven't finished…then I changed to the music channel and the 'Macarena' song was on so I remembered that time when we were all together and Red danced on the table to- "

"YEAH. YEAH, I remember. Please, just get to the point …"

"Well it reminded me of you, and Red, but mostly you, and how much I make your life awesome and all of that!" She replied smirking as if nothing was wrong, and as if she wasn't crying just seconds ago.

"Aren't you lucky to have me here? You will no longer be bored!" she beamed bouncing up and down, hugging me.


Maybe if I ignore her she'll go.

"Aren't you excited?"

Or disappear.


"Greenie…" she sang sweetly.

Abducted by magical rainbow Snorlax maybe?


Dear, god. I rolled my eyes and lazily glared at her.

It was two in the morning; therefore my ability 'glare' was at half its power. Dammit.

"Say something!" she demanded shaking me by the arms.


With that I stood up, took her by the hand and walked her to the door. I struggled with her as she sat down and started trying to get out of my grip.


"Hey, what are you doing? HEY, I'm talking to you! GREEN. Don't even dare kicking me out! That's rude and not gentleman-like!"

What did I do to deserve this?

"I'm not kicking you out, I'm patiently and politely dragging you out of here" I replied as I released her when we reached the doorframe. Her intense blue eyes sent daggers at me.

"So that's how you call it? Oh, please, don't give me that! Green Oak you don't even consider my feelings do you? What if I liked you and came all over here just to say it? HUH? You are such an insensible jerk, you seriously don't deserve anyone's love! Neither you deserve my friendship you, you jerk! I can't believe I bothered coming all the way here just to make sure you were okay and weren't bored"

WHY? Why would you do that god?

I facepalmed.

"Blue. You live two houses away."

"STILL! What if I got raped by some drunk idiot on the way here? Or, I tripped on some rock and broke my ankle, HUH? Just to see you! How can you ignore my feelings and just kick me out like some trash bag? That's not right, you know? Even if you do not, real people do have feelings. So don't be li-"

She was cut off, by me.

I couldn't bear it. I just couldn't. Hearing her nagging at me would be ten thousand times worse than any possible reaction to this. I couldn't just slam the door on her face as much as I wanted to, that would only make matters worse. Besides it was two in the morning, I was half asleep, I didn't think about it well.

So instead I cupped her face and kissed her.

Yeah, I did. And I kind of wish I regretted it, but I didn't. She kissed back and even deepened the kiss, her arms instinctively snaking around my neck. We didn't part until we were out of air, it was like some kind of addicting thing. I had to restrain myself from doing it again because damn, against my better judgement I enjoyed it.

I averted my gaze as I put some distance between the both of us. It… it was way too awkward and confusing. I wasn't even sure if I feel that way about her. But somehow the intrusive thoughts about kissing her, and how red and soft her lips looked, merged with my overwhelming need to have her shut up for one moment.

But the long stretching awkward silence and the building tension between both of us was too much to bear. What could I say?

'Hey, nice kiss. I don't know if I like you that way, but how about another?' Too Gold-like.

'So, how about you get out of my house already? I don't love you, I just kissed you so you could shut up' Too jerk-like.

Yeah, I couldn't think of anything so instead I blurted out with a blank face "There. That's for bothering coming all the way here. Happy now?"

I didn't realized I had been slapped until the stinging pain in my left cheek made it painfully obvious.

"Insensitive pervert, don't play with my feelings like that!"

And with that she finally stormed off, disappearing out of my sight. I could only manage to close the door with a tired sigh, I rubbed my temples trying to soothe the upcoming headache and slouched on my living room sofa.

What the hell just happened?

After some time of pondering it I just ended up convincing myself that what happened was just a seriously sick dream. Not real. Never happened.

And neither did the 'Macarena' thing…



Just. Don't.

4.- Soulsilver: Fear my rage

It was a normal day, I was training in the dragon's den when suddenly…


I sighed and lazily turned around. I knew who it was, Kotone, though something was different with her this time. It seemed like she couldn't see me from where she was standing. The entrance was inclined and I was at the left, so some rocks hid me.


What could it possibly be?

"WHEN I FIND YOU, I WILL, ah… I will do something very, very awful to you!" Kotone yelled, trying to sound threatening, and failing at it.

I scoffed and yelled back slowly in a sarcastic tone "Oh no… what am I going to do? I made Kotone mad for something I DON'T EVEN KNOW."

I heard something landing in front of me and saw Kotone in a ridiculous ninja position. It was like two meters high from where she jumped, so no, I wasn't impressed.

"That's it! FEAR MY RAGE SILVER" Kotone beamed, more proud than she should have been. I facepalmed. She didn't get the sarcasm.

I heard her gasp and looked at her; squinting her eyes she muttered "Wait… that was sarcasm, wasn't it?"

I rolled my eyes "No shit Sherlock."

Kotone stuck out her tongue at me in a childish way "Fuck you Wattson."

"Whatever" I replied her in a monotone voice, walking away from her.

"Hey! Hey I'm talking to you Silver!"

I really, really shouldn't have wake up.

A little rock hit my back, but I shrugged it off and continued walking.

"SIIIIILVER" yelled Kotone, throwing me another rock, this time bigger and hiting me in the head.

I turned around and snarled at her "Damn woman, what the heck?"

"You promised we would meet at the park to go eat ice cream today." She replied pointing an accusing finger at me "But you never showed up!"

She threw her arms at her sides frustrated and whined "I waited for like two hours there Silver!"

I looked at her with a poker face not daring to say a word. There was a long tense silence of us staring at each other.

Kotone started growing impatient and growled "Say something!"

"I was busy, go with Ethan"

Then I turned around and started walking off.


My eyes widened in horror and as I turned around my gaze met the angered pokemon's one. The beast grabbed me with it's teeth by the collar of my jacket and returned me to an extremely pissed off Kotone.

"What the hell!"

I glared at her as she smirked like a maniac "Typhloson follow Silver and make sure he goes and buys me an ice cream"

My eyes widened as I fell at the floor with a loud and painful thud "What?"

Stupid woman. Stupid typhloson….

Stupid ice cream.

The white creamy sweet was dripping, making my hand feel sticky. Typhloson growled threateningly from behind me, indicating me to walk faster.

When I arrived at the Dragon's Den I saw Kotone patiently waiting under a tree at the entrance. I ran towards her and handed her the sticky, dripping thing. She grimaced and stared at the vanilla ice cream.

"There. Happy?" I mumbled.

She looked up and stared blankly at me.

"Actually not."

With that she let the ice cream fell to the floor, much to my dismay.

"What! You made me run to the ice cream shop for nothing?"

"I hate vanilla." She replied with a shrug.

Then an evil smirk crossed her lips, one that sent a chill down my spine. She was up to no good.

"Go and bring me another one." She ordered nonchalantly.

I looked at her in total disbelief; I was just about to refuse when I felt a rough push at my back. I turned around and looked at the growling pokemon.

I sighed and turned to Kotone "Choco chip or Wild Strawberry?"

A smug smirk crossed her lips "Surprise me."

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