Everlasting Hope and Love

By: WolfAngel97

Chapter 6: Mysterious Pain

It was late at night and everyone helped cleaned up. Soon everyone said good bye to each other and left for home. Bulma closed the door after the last of the guests left. "Phew what a night." Bulma said, leaning against the door.

Meanwhile Trunks and Ama helped with the dishes. "What a long day today was. Don't you agree?" Trunks asked Ama. "Yeah." Ama said and yawned. Trunks turn his head and smiled. "Boy you look like you're ready to fall asleep." Trunks joked. "Yeah right Trunks." Ama said and yawned again.

"See told ya." Trunks said, joking with her again. "I know." Ama said smiling and laied her head on his shoulder. Trunks chuckled and kiss her head and continued to wash the dishes. "Love you Trunks." Ama said tirdly. "Love you too Aina chan." Trunks said smiling at her.

Ama lifted her head and continued to wash the dishes with Trunks, who looked at her and smile. "There all done." Ama said when suddenly droplets of water was flunged at her. "Hey!" Ama said and turned to Trunks, who laughed and said "Gotcha!" "Oh really." Ama said mischeifly and flung water back at him.

"Hey!" Trunks said getting his face wet. "You started it!" Ama said. SPLAT! "Hey! Trunks I'm gonna getcha!" Ama chased after Trunks. "Hey get back here you!" Ama said and Trunks said "Nah nah!" Trunks teased Ama.

Ama tried to grab him but he was so fast, s he didn't catch him. "Dang it!" Ama pouted "Whoa!" Trunks picked her up and twirled her in the air while laughing. He put her down and Ama grin. "Gotcha!" She said but Trunks did an afterimage. "Dang it Trunks, that's not fair!" Ama protested "Wait a minute..."
Ama closed her eyes and concentrated on Trunks' energy. Then Ama turned to her left, where Trunks appeared and caught him. "Now I gotcha." Ama said wrapping her arms around him. "You sure did." Trunks said chuckeling.

"That wasn't fair Trunks you know that!" Ama said frowning at him. Trunks raised his arms up, in surrender, saying "I know I'm sorry.'' He looked at his beloved and smile. "Can you ever forgive me?" Ama giggled and smile. "Of course I can, Trunksie." Ama said and teased him, poking him on the nose. "Consider yourself lucky though." Trunks chuckled at her joke and embraced her close.

"Oh Ama..." Trunks sighed "I miss having you in my arms so much when I thought about you, wondering where you'll come home," Ama smile and was touched by those words. "and now..." Trunks continued and lean in close to her. "you're here again." "Oh Trunks...you're so sweet." Ama whispered and smile at him and blush alittle.

Trunks gave her a sweet, long kiss that told Ama, how much he loved her and missed her having her here. Ama embraced him and kiss him back, telling him she loved him too. Bulma saw the teens and peeked. "Looks like Trunks found the one, after all these years." She said to herself and smiled at the two Saiyan lovers.

"I sense Bulma near, spying on us, Trunks." Ama thought. "Who cares...right?" Trunks thought back to her. "Yeah..." Ama thought and giggled. "I love you.." "I love you too..." Trunks thought.

Trunks ran his fingers through Ama's hair and smooth her cheek. Ama ran her fingers through Trunks' long silky hair, and laied her hand on his cheek. Bulma went back to the living room with a smile on her face, happy for Trunks and Ama to be together at last. Trunks and Ama slowly pulled away and both of them blush red alittle. "Wanna watch a movie?" Trunks offered but then said "If you're not so tired, you don't have to...''

"Heh heh oh Trunks you concern me too much." Ama giggled "If you want to watch a movie, then sure lets watch it." "Are you sure?" Trunks asked, looking down at her. "Positive." Ama said and kiss him lightly.

"Ok." Trunks said as Ama pulled away and they walked towards the living room. Ama sat on the couch while Trunks looked through what movie to watch. "Lets see uh nope." Trunks said, while searching a movie. "Dang nothing good to watch." Trunks got up and sat with Ama.

"Don't feel bad Trunksie." Ama said and lean against his shoulder. She reach up and stroke his cheek. "We can find something else to watch ok?" Trunks closed his eyes and smile. "Ok." Then grabbed the remote and flipped through to watch a program.

He found a movie called "Legend of the Guardians, The Owls of Ga'Hoole." "This looks good." Ama said, interested in the movie. Trunks smile at Ama and wrapped an arm around her, bringing her close to him and watched the movie.

Soon in the middle of the movie, Ama began to yawn and her eyes began to droop heavy. Ama yawned again and moaned as she curled up against Trunks and draped an arm across him. Slowly she fell asleep, with a smile on her face. Trunks smile at Ama and smooth her hair while watching the movie.

It was towards the end and Trunks began to yawn loud. He looked at Ama and smile. His eyes began to droop and he laied his head ontop of Ama's head and slept peacefully. Bulma came down to check up on them and saw them sleeping peacefully and quietly. She smile at them and brought a blanket.

She walked towards them quietly, carefully not to wake them up and draped the blanket on them. Ama stirred alittle but continued to sleep. Bulma gently hugged them good night and went back to her room and slept. In the morning, Ama's parents, Hana and Bruke Kasai, woke up and got ready to work.

As they came down, Hana saw Ama and Trunks, sound asleep. She smile at them and turned to her husband. "Bruke hon look." Hana said, pointing at the teens. Bruke turned his head and smile.

"Shes growing up so fast." he said. "True but it happens." Hana said "Lets go before we're late." "Ok." Bruke said and quietly they left, closing the door quietly. Kumo came down in a hurry and saw Ama and Trunks. "Whoops." he said and queitly flew to Neko's house. Soon after 15 minutes, Trunks woke up to the smell of food.

Trunks strectched while he yawned. He looked down at Ama, who was still asleep peacefully. She moan and turned her head, continuing to sleep. Trunks blush at her beauty and stroke her hair gently as he smile. Ama smile and woke up slowly. She let out a big yawn and streched. "Good morning." Trunks said smiling.

"Good morning." Ama said and smiled back at Trunks. "Heh had a good sleep?" Trunks smiled. "Mm hm." Ama smiled brightly at him. They got up and went to have breakfast. "Mmm sure smells good." Trunks said, rubbing his stomach while thinking about what was for breakfast that smelled so good.

"Heh oh Trunks." Ama giggled "I just hope you'll save some for the rest of us instead of eating the whole table this time." Ama looked at Trunks, giving him a look, knowing how large his appetite was.

"What?" Trunks said, innocentally while blushing red. "Its not my fault that I eat so much." "Compared to Uncle Goku and Vegeta, Trunks, you eat as much as you do with your father and Uncle Goku combined." Ama said smiling at him, seeing how innocent he was while she teased him.

"Ama..." Trunks whined and looked at her, with cute puppy dog eyes. Ama laughed and ruffled his hair. "You look cute when you look innocent every time I tease you." "Really?" Trunks said and looked at her. "Yeah Trunks." Ama said and smiled at him.

"Heh." Trunks said and embraced Ama to him. "Come here you." Ama embraced him back and smile. Trunks chuckled and ruffled her hair as she tried to pull away, laughing. Then...GROWLLLL... their stomachs growled so loud that they heard and laugh.
"Come on Trunks!" Ama said excitedly and smile, anxious to eat.

"Coming!" Trunks said and went with Ama, towards the kitchen. Ama and Trunks sat down quickly as Bulma saw the hungry looks in their eyes, anxious to get something in their bellies. Bulma laughed and set down a platful of 20 pancakes for each of them, 3 plates of sausages and bacon. Ama and Trunks digged in...literally as Bulma sweatdropped at them, never getting tired of their Saiyan way of...eating.

Both Saiyans were full, relieved that they were satisfied with the meal, especially their stomachs. "Hah thanks Bulma." Ama smiled. "Yeah thanks mom that was good." Trunks said. "You're welcome you two." Bulma said and they went to help out with the dishes. Once they were done, Trunks turned to Ama.

"So what you want to do?" he asked. "Oh I don't know." Ama shrugged, looking at her love. "How about to the movies, and get lunch and what ever you want to do afterwords." Trunks suggested. "Sure." Ama's eyes lit up and hugged him. "Thanks Trunks, you're the best." "Heh anytime Aina chan." Trunks said returning the embrace. "I love you Ama." "I love you too." Ama smiled at him. Trunks smiled back and kiss her. Ama laied her hands on his shoulders and Trunks brought her close gently.

Slowly they pulled away. "Trunks..." Ama whispered. "Yeah?" Trunks said "I missed you so much." Ama said and embraced him close, laying her head against him. She sighed softly as she cling Trunks' jacket in her hand, afraid she'll lose him. "Hey there... I'm here Ama." Trunks said softly as he stroke her hair. "Its ok Ama...shh."

Ama tried to blink back tears, but some escaped, soaking his tanktop, but Trunks didn't mind. Trunks could feel her crying and looked down at his beloved. Her eyes soften as tears streaked down. Trunks wiped them gently and smiled. Ama smile alittle and said "Trunks...promise me you'll never leave me alone."

Trunks nodded his head. "I promise Ama." he said "I swear it." "Thanks." Ama smiled and laied her head under his neck, closing her eyes, feeling his warmth. Trunks nod his head and laied his head on hers, smiling.

Soon Ama and Trunks got ready to hang out and came down. "Ready Ama?" Trunks asked smiling at her. "Yup." Ama smiled at him, while linking arms with him. Trunks grin at her and head out. The sun smiled down at the two Saiyans, its rays glowing beautifully at them.

"Wow such a beautiful day isn't Trunks?" Ama asked. "Trunks?" Trunks suddenly stopped walking and stared out in space, unable to hear Ama. "Forget her..." a voice said "Forget that stupid Saiyan girl... we need your power...you must forget everyone you know...forget... forget..." A pain shot through Trunks' head, as he held his forehead.

"Argh." Trunks said in pain as he collasped down to his knees. "Trunks!" Ama said and bent down to him. "Trunks?" She saw that Trunks was in pain and laied a hand on his shoulder, healing him. Then Trunks snapped back to his normal self.

"Trunks?" Ama said in concern. "Are you ok?" "Huh?" Trunks said, turning to Ama. "You ok?" Ama asked. "I guess so." Trunks smiled at her. Ama embraced him to her. "You had me worried there." "Sorry." Trunks said, embracing her close.

"Heh its fine." Ama smiled brightly at him. Trunks smiled back and they continued to walk to the movies. They got inside and purchased the tickets to. Once they gotten inside, they seated down and watched the movie. Once it ended, Ama and Trunks head out to lunch.

They head into a diner and ordered ALOT of food. Soon after they ate, they decided to walk around. Both Saiyans smile at the beautiful sky. Ama smile brightly at Trunks, who smiled back at her. "You ok?" Trunks asked. "Um yeah just my legs are killing me from all that walking." Ama said.

Trunks picked her up and carried her on his back. "Better?" Trunks asked. "Yup." Ama said resting her head on his shoulder. Trunks blush alittle and turned his head. He smiled at her and continued to walk with Ama on his back.

2 hours pass and it was night time. "I know a special place where you can see the stars clearer." Trunks said "Do you want to go?" "Sure Trunks." Ama smiled and Trunks nod his head. "Hang on tight." Then he flew towards where the place he mentioned. It didn't take long for them to arrive at their destanation.

It was a cliff side near the ocean, where Gohan used to train Trunks, when he was 13 years old. "Wow." Ama said in amazenment. "Heh this is where Gohan used to train me." Trunks said. ''Its so beautiful Trunks." Ama smiled and hugged him. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Trunks hugged her back and smiled. "What was going on in my head from this morning? Who's telling me all that stupid stuff? I can't forget everyone and Ama...I love her. Boy, when I find out who called my angel stupid, I'll kill them in a snap." Trunks thought as he looked down at his love.

"Something weird happened to Trunks." Ama thought. "I wonder..." She looked at Trunks as both of them thought. "But who's behind it?" Ama and Trunks looked deeply into each other's eyes, seeing the expressions on each other's faces. Trunks smile at her.

"You ok?" Ama asked "Just in deep thought." Trunks gave her a warm smile. "Trunks what happened back there, at the park?" Ama asked. Trunks looked at her with worried eyes. "Well...while we were walking, something stopped me as if time froze, and I couldn't hear what you were saying," Trunks said "then a voice came in my head while I was in pain."

"What did it say?" Ama asked "It said forget you...we need your power... you must forget everyone and you...forget...forget..." Trunks repeated what the strange voice said. "But it called you stupid but when I find out who's behind it, I'll teach whoever said that a lesson." "Oh..." Ama said angerly at what that strange voice said about her.

"I'm sure it'll be alright..." Trunks reasured her. "But lets keep our guard up in case this strange voice comes again." "Ok..." Ama said sadly, thinking it might be an enemy that's after her.

Trunks stroke her hair as he said "Don't worry Ama...we'll protect you." Ama lean her head against him, closing her eyes. "I know..." she whispered. Trunks gently lift her chin and kiss her. Ama closed her eyes, as she laied her hands on his arms.

Trunks ran his fingers through her hair and held her head. "I love you...Ama..." Trunks thought. "I love you too...Trunks." Ama thought back to him. Slowly they pull away as Ama clinged to him again.

"I'm scared..." Ama said to Trunks. He laied a hand on her cheek and gently stroke it. "I'm here." Trunks said, almost in a whisper. Ama close her eyes, as Trunks stroke her cheek smiling, as she laied her head against him.

Trunks smile and looked up at the stars. "Whoever or whatever you are that's making me seperate from my aina chan, then I'll be ready to face you." He thought.

"Well see Saiyan..." a dark raspy voice relpied "We shall see..."