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"Pabu! Pabu where are you?"

Running frantically down the street was a boy about the age of sixteen. He was slightly chubby, though much more fit than most people thought. His arms were muscular from years of boxing in school, which he prided himself in. It was one of the few things he considered himself to be good at.
What Bolin was doing at the moment however was not something he was good at, which was running. Panting heavily as sweat dripped down his face he called out again,

"PABU! God please where are you?!" The anxiety gnawing at his stomach grew stronger every second that his beloved dog was missing. Pabu was everything to him, he was all he had left besides his brother.

Running through the familiar forested area he continued yelling into the warm evening air. The sun was starting to set and he'd been out for over three hours searching. It just wasn't normal for Pabu to go missing this long, the only other time he got out Pabu had just gone on their normal walk. Through this exact same forest and back. However he had run this forest seven times now looking for him with no luck. Bolin didn't know how much more he had left in him to keep looking. Maybe Pabu would be there when he got home, just waiting for him to get back. Yeah that had to be it. Everything had to be okay. He kept telling himself that, trying to ease the anxiety.

Before turning around he stopped for a moment near a bench to catch his breath. Sitting down he ran his fingers through his black sweat drenched hair. It was a twilight dark by now and the trees had gone from a pleasant leafy beauty to morbidly dark shadows filled with who knows what. Not very excited about staying out much longer he stood turning in the direction home was. Before taking a single step however, a faint whimpering reached his ears. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and he turned. Oh please no.

A mangled creature stood behind him, blood soaked it's once grey, matted fur around the neck and hindquarters, it's right eye was missing and the same side of it's face was shredded to the point that Bolin could see part of it's skull.
It was Pabu. Oh god it was Pabu. His tail flicked to the side upon seeing his owner in a half-hearted tail wag; before the dog partially laid, partially fell, onto its side with a weak whine of pain.

Bolin couldn't take, his system physically rejected what he saw before him and he vomited before collapsing onto all fours next to his lifelong friend.

"P-Pabu, Pabu please no, no, no, no, NO! Please, I-it's okay. You're going to be okay. This isn't happening, this can't be happening." Pure horror was on his face as he slowly reached over to his dog. Pabu's tail remained still and no whimper escaped him as Bolin shakily placed his hand on his rust stained scruff.

He was dead. Pabu was dead.