Chapter Four: The Dance

It is 7:00 at night.

The dance had just begun.

Jason is standing near the punch bowl wearing a little blue shirt and blue jeans pants. He is keeping a eye on the door waiting for Neri to walk in.

"Neri must still be getting dress," Jason though eager for her to get here. "I can't wait to see what she looks like."

"Hey Jace, what are you looking at?" Brett asked noticing Jason staring at the door.

"ummm, nothing," said Jason not wanting Brett to know that he is waiting for Neri.

"Oh ok. Isn't Neri here yet?" asked Brett curious.

"No, not yet. She must still be getting dressed." Jason said.

"Yea, jezzz. It sure does take women a long time to get dress." Brett said rolling his eyes.

Cass comes over and slaps Brett's arm. "That is not nice. We like to look good and we have more to do than you guys," Cass said while standing between Jason and Brett.

Jason just starting laughing.

"Come on, Brett. I want to dance," said Cass.

Cass grabs Brett's arm and leads him to the dance floor.

They leave Jason still by the punch bowl and his head turns to the door once again.

All of a sudden, the door opens.

Neri and Dianne walks through the door.

A smile comes upon Jason's face.

"Neri sure looks beautiful tonight," Jason thought to himself and can't help looking at her.

Neri is wearing a light blue lacy dress that goes down to her feet. She has pretty blue high heel shoes on. Her wavy hair is up in a clip and her make-up is lightly on perfect.

"Well, I guess this is it. I need to tell her how I feel and tonight will be perfect," Jason thought still looking at Neri. "Well, here I go."

Jason leaves the table and walks over to where Neri is standing.

Jason is standing in front of Neri now.

"Wow Neri, you look so pretty," Jason said looking a little embarrassed.

"Thank, you look good too," said Neri.

"oh Jason," Dianne said walking away.

Leaving Jason and Neri there feeling awkward.

Jason looks at Neri.

"Umm, would you like to dance?" Jason asked.

Neri nods her head.

Jason grabs her hand and leads her to the dance floor.

On the dance floor.

Jason grabs one hand and puts the other hand around her.

They begin to slowly dance as the song played.

"I wonder if I should tell her how I feel now." Jason wondered.

As they danced slowly to the music. They did not say a world through the whole song.

Brett and Cass were dancing right beside them. They keep looking towards Jason and Neri.

"I don't understand it," Brett said.

"Understand what?" Cass asked Brett wondering what he is talking about.

"why won't they just finally admit how they feel about each other? I mean they both feel the same way. I wish they would just said it, so we can all move on from this." Brett said while dancing with Cass.

"I know what you mean. They do love it other and have been through so much together. Maybe they will one day." Cass said.

Brett starts to think and a big smile comes over his face.

"Brett, don't even think about it," Said Cass knowing what he is thinking. "Just stay out of it, this time. They don't need you butting into their busy, for once. This is their problem and need to deal with it themselves."

"Ok ok, I won't do anything," said Brett knowing Cass would beat his butt if he did.

Jason and Neri are finished dancing.

They are getting some punch.

Jason cant stop looking at Neri.

"Neri looks so beautiful tonight," Jason thought. "I don't think I can tell her how I feel."

Jason realizes that he don't think now is the time.

The dance has just ended.

Jason walked Neri to the door.

"I had good time," Neri said smiling.

"I did too. Well, I will see you tomorrow. Goodnight," Jason said before walking away.

Neri went inside.

"What a good time, I had." Neri thought before getting into bed.