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Chapter two: the meetings

Chaos POV

I was watching my sons very being get crushed by those he had considered his friends and family when I decided that it was time for him to know whom he really is. Who am I talking of you might ask well Percy Jackson was my son. Years ago I had posed as a mortal woman named Sally Jackson and gained the attention of Poseidon god of the seas and the result was Percy. I didn't want him to be like my other children and grandchildren, obnoxious and self absorbed believing that they were better than any others because they were powerful so in order for him to learn the values of life I turned him into a demigod rather than being a full immortal god but this was an unexpected turn of events and could very easily become vengeful and hating or distrustful of everyone and everything. I couldn't have this so I decided to speed along his change from demigod to immortal sooner than I had liked."Well Percy I hope your ready for your new role, hang on where'd he go?"

Percy POV

"Dad what are you doing here?" I asked confused I had just been about to cross the Canadian alaskan border when he had shown up. "You and my other children have been banned from Olympus and you all have been given a one way ticket to Hades realm. So you need to go into hiding with my other children minus Josh the gods seem to accept him, if you don't count Artemis and a few others. But I must warn you Artemis and the hunters will be hunting you down while the campers will be dealing with the others." "Where could we possibly go that will be safe from the hunters and Artemis, I'll be in their territory." I told him worried. "We have to take the chance that they'll overlook you guys now grab my arm and I'll take you to the camp that they've set up." I grab his arm and we vanish with a flash of light we vanished into the night. Let me just say that teleporting is not an activity I like to take part in you feel like your being crushed and compacted into a grain of sand and then painfully stretched back out. Once we arrived several kids ran out brandishing weapons. They all looked to be at least 15-16 and looked completely untrained not holding any of their weapons correctly. The one on the far left had brown hair and dark green eyes, he was slightly tan and had a tall lanky build standing at about 5'11" and his name was Jeremy, the one on his immediate left had shaggy black hair and pale blue eyes he was on the short side looking to be around 5'2" and had a more muscular build than the first boy and he was extremely pale he introduced himself as klyde. To this boys right wads girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes with a tan complexion and was about 5' and was named april while the final boy was tall and muscular with dark brown eyes black hair and had dark skin after introducing me to them the first boy who was named Randy Collins stepped forward putting away his weapon and shook my hand saying "nice to meet you." the others soon followed suit the walking off when the last boy Colt I think his name was saying how it was an honor to meet me and started asking me about all my quests when I saw Apollo walking up to us and his kids doing random things throughout the camp "Apollo, what're you doing here?" I asked curiously. "oh me and my children are here cuz we were exiled too. I supported your father and it got us exiled and sentenced to death with you so now were all in this together." he said with a fake smile but I knew he was sad and upset with what happened. While we were talking there was a huge flash of light behind us and we turned to see a very beautiful woman but I was instantly creeped out when I noticed that she was wearing a sleeveless black dress ad that there were stars and galaxies on her skin and flaming white supernovas for eyes. Apollo gasped behind me and bowed saying "Lady Chao to what do we owe this pleasure?"

"I am here to name my my successor I have decided to become a mortal I have taken a liking to their lifestyle even if there are terrible walrus shaped thrift store managers she said cracking a smile and shifting to a form that looked exactly like my mother.

"Well percy are you going to give your mother a hug I truly am your mother I have been ploying as a mortal for centuries now but it's time for me to give up my powers and position to my true son and heir she said while showing me all the memories of her time as Sally Jackson proving what she said was true she then proceeded to blast me with a black beam of energy but instead of destroying me it was being absorbed into my body as if it was welcomed and as soon as she's finished she said

"I'll be in the apartment living put my life as a mortal if you need me Percy." then she turned to Apollo

"Apollo would you please teleport me to my apartment?" He nodded and did as she asked then I passed out but he caught me and I wouldn't wake up for several weeks.

The Greek from last chapter meant this "

I Zeus king of the gods hereby give Perseus Jackson power over my domains and adopt him as my son I give him my blessing.

I hades god of death and earthly riches lord of the underworld give Perseus Jackson my blessing. may he have power over my domains as I too adopt him as my own son let my power flow through his veins."

i perseus Jackson ask for the presence of Artemis goddess of the moon. may we talk this night and forget our troubles for as long as the moon is in the sky.