Emma's palms were sweaty as she reached for the mayor's door. She retracted her hand and wiped her hands on her jeans. She took in a deep breath and reached for the door once more.

Regina looked up and saw the blonde enter, as always without knocking first. She eyed her as she cautiously walked over to her and stood behind the chairs just in front of her desk.

"Can I talk to you?" Emma asked.

"Of course, Dear…" Regina knit her brows, "Is it Henry? Is he okay? Is it…?" She trailed off and looked down.

Emma couldn't help but smile. She walked around the desk, "Henry's fine… he's at school… And no… it's not you it's not us…" She looked off to the side, "It's kind of us, but not like… really anything to do with us except it does."

"Darling you're not making sense…"

"It's the beginning of June…"


"June is Pride month."

"And why are we proud?"

"No not like… 'have pride in yourself'… It's… well it is 'have pride in yourself all LGBTQ persons…'" Emma gauged the brunette's reaction, "Do you see where I'm going with this?"

"Not really…? Do you want a celebration in honor of us because we're in a lesbian relationship?"

"No… not like that…" She took a breath, "I want to have a Pride Parade… and yes, a celebration, but not in honor of us. I want people, students, even kids to be able to come out in this town and know that it's okay even if you're not the sheriff or the mayor of the town… I want this place to be non-judgmental and—"

"Non-Republican?" Regina laughed.

"I was going to go for bully free in the schools and workplace…" Emma said seriously, "I think it can start by bringing the town together to celebrate Pride."

Regina considered her words, "You want to have a Pride festival…" She was still in thought.


"A rated E pride festival?" She checked.

"Well… in the daylight hours…" Emma shrugged. "After curfew we'll bust out the rainbow Jell-O shots…"

Regina smirked, "Well… Pride, here we come…"