The Perfect Pony

Authors note –
I do not own all of the characters and events in this story, I have made my own version of the 'Pony Club Secretes' collection. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

I the field stood a gorgeous dark bay gelding, he had a pure black mane and tail and dark eyes. He looked up as a medium height teenage girl with silky red hair walked towards him. She was wearing dark pair of jodphurs, a pink striped t-shirt and a pair of black riding boots, her name was Lillie.

She had dark brown eyes that glistened in the light, long silky red hair that she always wore down, she was a pale young girl with loads of freckles on her cheeks and over her nose, when she smiled she had pearly white teeth and pink lips.

The horse gave a nicker as she got closer to him but still didn't move from where he stood, as she got to him he wined and greeted her with a nudge on the shoulder.

"Good boy Jasper" Lillie said as she put his dark green head collar over his head and buckled it up. She looked over to see her friend Izzy in the next field along and waved at her, Izzy had chocolate brown hair that always looked so soft, she had rosy red cheeks and bright green eyes, she always had a smile on her face that showed of her pure white teeth which were perfectly straight.

"Hello Lillie" Izzy called over to her as she put a head collar on her horse Mystic.

"Hi fancy coming along the cross country course in preparation for the contest next week ?" Lillie said to her as they met at the end of the field and walked down to the stables together. A huge smile appeared on Izzy's face as she nodded to Lillie.

As they groomed their horses they talked about their weekend, It had been a week since Lillie had been riding because her mum decided she had to go and visit her family in Scotland so she needed to practice for the cross country contest that awaited her in a week.

Lillie tacked up Jasper and took him over to the mounting block, as she stood Jasper in front of it and mounted up. She adjusted her reins, tightened up the girth and got her seat then asked Jasper to walk forward. Jasper walked forward and nickerd excitedly as he picked up the pace.

Before Lillie even had time to look back and check Izzy was following, she cantered up and over took Lillie. Asking Jasper to go into canter Lillie kicked him and they stared to catch up to Izzy and Mystic. Jasper had a fast canter which is why a lot of people found it hard to ride him, but Lillie thought he was perfect and would often canter him bare back though the fields.